KMS Cooks: Tuna Pesto Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

Oh-my-gulay! It’s been a long time since I cook! Boy oh boy, I can’t imagine life without this cooking errands! The last dish I cooked was gising-gising (read the recipe here) and that was one month ago! I was insanely busy (and lazy) these past few weeks! I know, I know lame excuses! But that’s true though. Anyhoo, last Monday I took a leave from work and was able to cook again after 48years! LOL! Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong “CHEF” na kaluluwa! PAK!

Before we begin cooking, let me tell you briefly on how did I come up with this dish. While I’m thinking what to cook, I checked our pantry and found a pesto sauce in the shelves. I bought that pesto sauce three weeks ago but I wasn’t able to cook it or even touch it. Geez! I hate to say this but that’s how lazy I am! Good thing we have century tuna in the shelves too. And so I decided to cook tuna pesto pasta. If you’re an avid reader (naks!) of this blog, for sure you know that I’m a sucker for pasta! I love pasta dishes so much not because of the carbs (of course!) but because it’s really yummy, healthy, and easy to prepare and to cook. It’s very minimalistic. Like what I’m always telling you.

Good thing, the husband was able to master how to cook pasta al dente already. Because hubby is always in charge of cooking the pasta while I’m in charge of cooking the sauce. Yes, we share our loads with each other, aside from eating, cooking is one of our bonding time too. I usually cook red pasta sauce and it was my first time to try something new, so I was kinda experimenting here.

Here’s watchunid, baby!

• Olive Oil
• Lenguine Pasta (not included in the photo)
• Tuna
• Onion (finely chopped)
• Garlic (finely chopped)
• Basil
• Pesto Sauce (I used Clara ‘Ole here)
• Rosemary herbs
• Parmesan Cheese

And here’s the super EZ-PZ steps, baby!
1. Saute garlic and onion in a pan.
2. Reduce to medium heat, add tuna and pesto sauce. Mix well. Let it simmer 5 minutes.
3. Sprinkle more basil and rosemary herbs for richer aroma and yummy taste. Add salt and pepper to taste.
4. Add pesto to cooked pasta. Toss to combine.
5. And tadaah! Serve with smile! Best serve with garlic bread and sprinkle some parmesan cheese!

Bonus Tip: When cooking pasta, always use a good quantity of water to prevent pasta from sticking. You can add pine nuts to your ingredients too. And if you have plenty of time you can use fresh basil leaves to your sauce. Just place it in blender or food processor. And also, you can use all purpose cream for more creamier and yummier sauce! Oh andaming tip ah! Next time may bayad na! Joke! :p

Ladies, gays, and gentlemen! I am proud to present my Tuna Pesto Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha!

(insert Gangnam Style song here!)


I know what you’re thinking.. bagsak nanaman sa plating! Please disregard the plating because it was really delish (peksman!) that my husband had this for his merienda, dinner, and midnight snack! And my sister, Isang had 3 servings of this! Good thing, I was able to keep a little for myself and brought some left-over pasta for my baon (lunch). Wew! My closest friends was able to taste it too (kahit tikim lang!) and they said it were really yummy kaso… bitin!

Need I say more? 🙂

Try it! For sure your family and friends will gonna love it too! You can cook this dish in no time! And it’s perfect for all types of occasion (even for staycation!) most especially this holiday season!

Happy cooking, baby! 🙂


10 thoughts on “KMS Cooks: Tuna Pesto Pasta Ala Kikay Mommy Sha

    • It is, Anney! It was my first time to try Clara Ole, in fairness masarap naman talaga.

      And btw, you’re one of my idol when it comes to cooking and even baking! I really admire your genuineness and creativity.

    • Oo nga! Sige cuz, I’ll cook some pasta sa family reunion natin.

      Wala pang sinasabi sina Daddy, mga busy pa din kasi. But definitely tuloy yun, that’s for sure. 🙂

      How about ang Christmas Party natin nila Maqui? What’s the plan? 🙂

  1. Napa-Gangnam Style kami ni A dito ah! She loves pasta and tuna! Will give this one a try. Thanks for sharing Sha! Will miss you mommies on Friday! Boo!

    • Hahaha! I can imagine you and A dancing to the tune of Gangnam Style! LOL! For sure A will gonna love this pasta dish!

      Oo nga, looking forward on meeting you pa naman. Dibale there’s still next time and make sure na makakasama kau! 🙂

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