Toddler Bloopers (Part 1)

The funniest kids are toddlers (agree Mommies?) because they’re old enough to be able to do something, but young enough to understand what they’re really doing or saying. They acts naturally as if they doesn’t care at all. At 18 months old, Cyler has some words and phrases which don’t sound quite as they should yet! He say the darndest things and acts really funny, although he doesn’t really mean it. I have lots of funny moment with my toddler and I wanted to share it with y’all!


The Tale of Uu

Me: Cyler, please don’t play the electric fan!

Cyler: Uu! Uuuuu!

Me: Huwaat?! What do you mean uu?! (Me thinks he’s pooping or something because he always say “uu” or “poopoo” every time he poops!)

Cyler: Yes! Yes! He looked back at me and shot me with “did you get my drift?” look.

Then he suddenly stopped playing the electric fan.

Me: Ahhh…. ok! Sorry, Mommy didn’t understand you.

At the back of my mind: Simple tagalog, I cannot understand. How did I pass my Filipino subject back then?! LOL!

At the end… ako pa ang mali at hindi makaintindi! *sigh*


Reverse Psychology

Me: Cyler, stop that! Stop! (with matching taas kilay!)

Cyler: Stop! Stop! Mommy! Stop!

Me: Ok… I kept my mouth shut and paused for awhile…. Hey, why are you stopping me?! You supposed to stop and listen to me, I’m your Mom!


The singer-slash-composer toddler

Cyler while singing the Alphabet song…

Cyler: A B C D E F G H I J K L…. M.. N..L…N…M..N…L..N..N…O P!

Me: Tongue twister ‘eh?Ang hirap nga naman kasi kantahin nung part na LMNOP!

Cyler: Q R S T U V… wawa you(W)… ehtz(X)… Y Z! Yay!

Me: Wawa you?! Ehtz?!

Oha! Singer na, song writer pa! He was seriously singing but we ended up laughing. Sorry, sweetie! He has video of this, I’ll upload it here one of these days.


The Resourceful Toddler

Me: Byee, Cyler! Mommy will going to work now. See you later! Love yoouuu! I Hugged and kissed him tightly!

He was clinging to my neck like a crazy monkey, so I don’t have any choice but to carry him.

Cyler: Papa! Papa! (calling his Daddy)

Cj: Yes, baby?

Cyler: Bye! Bye! See you!

Cj and I: Hmmm.. And where do you think your going?!

Toink! That’s what we called resourcefulness! May balak palang sumama ang bata! Para-paraan din! 😛


Bedtime Scenario

While I’m tucking Cyler in bed.

Me: Goodnight, baby!

Cyler: Night! Night! See you!

Me: Goodnight, let’s sleep now.

After 3seconds…

Cyler: Night! Night! See you!

Then he suddenly stood up, went down to the bed and left me at the bed. Anyare?! And I realized, he was the one who’s tucking me in bed! Aww! Baliktad pala!

Naku! Naku! Naku! Manang mana sa pinagmanahan!


The End

Actually, we have LOTS of funny moments with my toddler and I lost count already. And I don’t know if I will consider that as a milestones. I just am so happy that he knows how to communicate now… wag lang talaga mamimilosopo! I don’t know if I can take it most especially pag nag tandem na silang mag-ama! Wew!

Happy long weekend, everyone!

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