Celebrating the Birth of Jesus Christ

Red Velvet Cake- the new star of our Noche Buena!

Red Velvet Cuppies from yours truly, me! 🙂

Meet my family, the Cadiz clan!

Meet my cousins!

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Reunited with the Viva Hotdogz!

One thing I love about Christmas– reunion! It’s that time of the year once again for reunion with family, friends and loved ones. This is the only time where I can see my good old friends back in my hometown. After one year of not seeing my high-school friends finally last Christmas eve I got the chance to see them again! Oh how I miss them so badly!! If they only knew how I miss them! Gossh! Thank God for giving us the time to bond and laugh once again. It’s our ritual to have a Christmas get-together before Christmas eve, I think we’ve been doing this for over a decade now. We’ve been together since high-school, could you imagine how long is that?! They are more than my BFF’s, they’re my family! They say count your age by your true friends and not by number, and I guess I lost count already! I have LOTS of true friends, like them!

Meet The Viva Hotdogz (L to R: Reine, Kat, Lai, Cliff, Jessa, Jhell, Steph, and Me!)

You know what I really love about them? They’re the funniest and craziest person I know. They’re so TRUE. We’ve done all the craziest and silliest thing before and now we’re all grown ups! We’ve got our own separate lives now but still here we are. The friendship still remains no matter what happens. We’ve been through A LOT of things! But still we’re complete. And I guess that is what TRUE FRIEND is all about. 🙂

Side Kwento: Viva Hotdogz is the name of our group. Yung mga schoolmate namin ang unang tumawag samin nyan since then yan na yung tawag nila samin.

Here we are together with our kiddos!

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Christmas Gala Night

Our company Christmas Party was held last December 7, 2012 at SMDC Showroom near at Mall of Asia. The theme for this year is Christmas gala night so everyone is expected to come on their formal attire. It was indeed a night to remember because we all had a blast! Everyone was dressed up and excited to party. The program starts a bit late because the traffic was really heavy then but we didn’t care at all because there are lotsa of things to do there! The buffet was superb, the bar is also open, the venue was really nice and cozy, except that I felt really nervous because we’re going to perform that night.

The Venue


With my lovely ladies

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Last Minute Christmas Gift Ideas

Are you done with your Christmas shopping today?! Me, not yet! I’m still in need of last-minute gift ideas! Today is the start of my looong holiday vacay, btw. And why am I telling you this? Well, I just am so happy because I have more time for my bulilit.  And I am more happy because I did a lot of accomplishments today. I did the laundry, it’s my husband who usually does it but this time it’s my turn to do it. I cleaned our messy room, I gave Cyler a bath, I prepared his food, and while he’s taking a nap I made a cupcake! It was my first time to do it and I’m really happy with the result. I’m soooo excited to share it with you guys! Well, I made a red velvet cupcake today, yes I made it! It’s a no bake cupcake. So wait for my post about that. Those are my side kwento for today.  Anyhoo, going back to my topic I guess most of you are done with your Christmas shopping but I just wanna share some gift ideas for those people who are not yet done with their Christmas gifts. These are the gifts that I personally bought for my friends and family.

Gifts for kids:

Mickey Mouse coin bank (Php79)

I purchased this super cute mickey coin bank at Toys R Us, Greenbelt 5 but I believe these are available in all Toys R Us branches. By giving this coin bank you are teaching the kids the value of saving money, and it can be a toy too at the same time, depends on child’s imagination. 🙂

Cars School supply set (Php25)

I purchased this set at the Bazaar near our office. I’ll give it to my nephew who are already studying. I’m pretty sure that this will be a big hit to them! Most boys love cars, like my Cyler. 🙂

Polkadots dress (Php50)

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Where is the Love?

I was about to share the previous Christmas parties that I have attended to and the dance presentation that we did in our Christmas Party but I decided to forgo it because I know the world are still mourning about the Connecticut massacre that happened last week. So many lives have been taken most especially the young ones. I’ve been and still into a state of shock and was so devastated when I heard the news in the TV. Time had stopped when I first heard it, tears are flowing non-stop into my eyes and I couldn’t help but cry. I have my own child and I know how it feels when you see them hurting or when you’re longing for them. I couldn’t imagine the pain that the family of the victims are going through right now. They didn’t even have the chance to kiss them goodbye. It’s terrible, really terrible. How can a 20 year old young man do this? Where is the love? Why do some people feel the need to be so cruel, most especially to the innocent young ones? Why oh why? Those are the questions that was stuck in my mind.

My heart can’t contain the sadness that I felt that day, I feel like I was one of the parents of the victims. It breaks me into pieces. And until now I feel like crying every time I remember it. God is good to us because we’re still lucky that we can still cuddle, kiss, and hug our child by this time. We are the chosen and lucky one because our kids are still safe and sound. If only we can turn back time, maybe those victims will be able to celebrate the Christmas together with their family. Everybody’s happy and no one will feel the emptiness inside them. Right?

Here’s a short prayer that I made for the victims and for the family of the victims:


Heavenly Father,

Please help the family of the victims to cope up and stay positive despite of the tragedy that they are facing right now. Grant them peace of mind and let them feel that they’re not alone. Embrace them and fill them with so much love. Give them strength and hope to go on. Show them that there is always a rainbow after the rain. And bless the souls of the innocent victims, and welcome them to your throne. Pour out your love and fill their hearts with joy and gladness. Forgive the young man who did all of this for he do not know what he did. Grant him the right punishment and give justice for all the victims.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.



I may not feel the exact pain they’ve been going through right now, but one thing is for sure– my prayer, your prayer, our prayers are with them. I do hope that this will be the last time this will happen. Let there be peace and let there be love. After all God created life for us to live and love, and not to take someone’s life.

Not Your Ordinary Haircut

Just a couple of weeks ago, my little bundle of joy, Cyler had his new do at Cuts 4 Tots (as usual)! The excitement that we felt that day was similar to his first haircut. He was so relaxed yet still playful then, but thank goodness those razors and hands running through his head didn’t bother him..that much. He’s handful but I guess he’s fine (and we’re lucky) as long as there’s  bubbles,toys, and TV! Oh thanks to those brainy people who invented these kind of stuffs, it helps our children to behave….even just for a minute. Agree mommies and daddies?! Oh that’s a big help for us, parents and toddlers. 🙂

It was just so amazing how this simple moments turned into an unforgettable and special moment for us. I know it’s just a haircut and I sound so OA (call me OA or cray-cray, I don’t care!), but hey this kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday especially to a working parent, like me. And seeing my son sitting on that high chair on his own makes me teary and feel proud because I know that he is now independent in his own way.  And I know this is just one of his many achievements in life and nothing can make the parents more proud and joyous than this. Oh now I feel goosebumps. Hay. I feel selfless when I’m with him. I just love every moment with my son– every haircut, bath time, feeding time, play time, singing and dancing (oh yeah, he loves to sing and dance like his Mom) time, nap time, many-first-time, and so on and so forth!  Oh I’d  love to do those things over and over again together with him and I won’t get tired of doing it. No, I wont. Not even a little bit. 

Now here’s his new do– clean and tidy hairstyle for a little man like him!

And here he is doing the harlem dance move! Oh yeah!  

 And there he goes.

Every minute and every seconds that I spend with him is undeniably and truly priceless.

How about you? How do you turn the ordinary day into an extra special day for you and your kids? Share it with me, I’d love to hear it! 🙂

Kikay Finds: The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil

Hello everyone! My goodness, I haven’t updated this blog since last week. A lot of things have made me busy lately– Christmas parties, project deadlines (work!work!work!), family(as always and forever!), dance rehearsal for the Christmas presentation, household chores, and A LOT more! Oh and did I mention that I haven’t started buying Christmas gifts?! Shocks! Could you imagine what’s the date today?! Oh-My-Gulay to the highest and maximum level talaga! Nakakaloka!!! Gusto kong mag-cartwheel! Mas busy pa ata ako sa busy bee! Tee hee! I need to do a lot of catch up here, ladies and gentlemen so please bear with me! There are thousands of things that I wanted to share with you but I have so little time to share it. Alright, so I guess a beauty review is a nice starter and (hopefully) will bring me back into the blogging world.


I soo love this season and I bet you too! But there’s one thing I hate about the Christmas season– it’s my driest skin season eveerrr! As in! Just two weeks ago, I’ve been battling with my dry skin especially on my face (it’s disgusting, I tell ya), I’ve tried lotsa moisturizer but nothings working! I felt so bad because my face looked like I had an-an, as in! Super nagbabalat talaga siya, kulang nalang peeler kumpleto na! But of course kawawa naman ang peslak ko kung gagamitan ko ng peeler diba?! So there.. my battle begun. I’ve recently been loving the Moringa scent and so the beautifying oil I chose was in Moringa. The beautifying oils are dry oils which can be used on face, body, and hair which are meant to moisturise, smooth, and illuminate. I usually use this oil on my hair and body, I tried using it on my face before but my face got irritated so I stopped using it. However just a few weeks ago, I felt that I had no choice and so I gave it another shot, surprisingly it works! In less than a week it it brings back the moisture of my super-duper-uber-mega-dry-face! I used to apply it every night before bed time and viola! I wake up in the morning with a supple, smooth, and moisturised face in the morning! It was fantastic because in less than one week I saw the effect in my face! It’s not advisable for those who have oily skin because it will make your skin more oily since it’s an oil based.

The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil

If you’re not into this particular scent there’s a ton of other scent to choose from such as Olive, Coconut, Shea, Strawberry, Mango and many more! So there is definitely a scent for everyone! I soo love the smell of moringa, for me it smells divine! My sister loves the smell too! It’s a really, really nice body oil – easy to massage in, light-textured, and beautifully scented. It works marvellously all over my body not to mention on my face! It’s a fantastic all-rounder for beauty nerds (like me!) and people on the go. Oh how I love using it on my hair too! It moisturize my dry and damage hair naturally. And it leaves a lovely scent to my hair! If you also want to apply this on your face I suggest that you try it first because that’s the most sensitive part of our skin and we have different skin types too so you better be careful on using it! Remember, not all beautifying products will work on your skin especially when you have a very sensitive skin type like mine. If it doesn’t suit to your skin then stop using it, alright?! But I just am glad and happy (actually giddy) because finally I was able to solve my skin problem! Woo hoo! So next time when the dry skin season comes around again, I know I’m ready for the battle! And I am trusting nothing but The body shop Moringa beautifying oil. 🙂

How about you?! Have you tried any of The Body Shop’s beautifying oil?!

A Fantabulous Christmas Get-Together!

One of the most awaited moment of my life has finally happened — to meet my fellow mom bloggers in person! Naman! November 30,2012 is one of the highlight of my 2012 because we had an early Christmas get-together with my fellow gorgeous mom bloggers Maqui of Familia Kiki, Maggie of Mommy Maggie’s Musings, and Aimee of iamaimeediego. Sad to say the other mom bloggers weren’t able to come, but the good thing is…. we are planning for another playdate sometime in January. Yay! So I hope by that time everyone could come! It was an amazing day for all of us because it was our first time to meet one another, well technically I met Maqui already and I knew Ate Maggie (naman!) because she’s my cousin-in-law, so it was my first time to meet Aimee talaga. And it was nice meeting you in person, Aimee! Sorry, pero ang konti ng pictures namin dahil sa sobrang busy kaka….chika! Tee hee!


Meet Aimee, Maqui, Me, and Maggie

Alright, so here’s the kwento!

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Mommy Finds: Ceres and Tipco 100% Fruit and Veggie Juices

Finding ways to healthify our kid’s meal is one of our biggest challenge as a mom, especially in this modern age.  So when it comes to my son’s food I make sure that I always give him the best food, and when I say the best food it means it should be nutritious (of course!) because I want Cyler to get proper nutrition. Awa ng Diyos, di pa naman sya anti-veggie like his Dad. Amen to that! Anyhoo, there are lots of fruit juices in the market who claimed to be nutritious (well I guess they are), but Tipco and Ceres fruit and veggie juices are the chosen one who passed my criteria. Aside from the refreshing and yummy taste, I also am sure that it is 100% made from fresh fruits and veggies! These healthy and yummy juices are pack with nutrients! High in fiber and vitamin C!  Cyler and I loves these juices so much! Ceres Cranberry and Tipco Broccoli are absolutely our favorites!

Tipco and Ceres 100% Fruit and Veggie Juice

Tipco and Ceres 100% Fruit and Veggie Juice


How did I discovered these healthy juices?! Well, I discovered Ceres at some random food magazine. When we had our weekly grocery I only purchased two Ceres juices (in case the little one didn’t like it) and when Cyler tasted it…. surprisingly he did liked it! He surely did! Since then Ceres juice is always staple in our grocery list. As in hindi pwedeng mawala, kundi magwawala ang bagets! 🙂



Then I discovered Tipco veggie juices to Em. When I posted the above picture of Cyler on IG, she asked me if I tried Tipco already and I said not yet. So she highly recommended this juice to me. I didn’t think twice, of course that’s Em, a fellow mom who is also concerned when it comes to child’s nutrition. We both know what’s the best for our kids, so when she told me about this I followed my mommy senses and bought this Tipco juices right away! Madali naman akong kausap at masunurin pa! So walang keme-keme, bili agad! I like to add variety by buying a couple of other flavors each week. And in fairness, we all like it so much! Well, I’m still working on the Daddy kasi marinig pa lang nya ung word na veggie hinihimatay na! Kalerks diba?! Nawawalan daw sya ng gana pag nakakakita siya ng gulay, josme! So can you imagine all the challenges (and burden) I am encountering in our everyday meal?!


It’s the first liquid that he drinks every morning!

And you know what’s the best part of buying these healthy juices? It’s not so pricey unlike the other juices in the market! So swak na swak sa budget ng mga Mommies! Tipco juices only costs Php24.00 to Php28.00 per pack, the price varies on the veggies. While Ceres juice costs Php21.oo petot only, now how good is that?! Really good! These juices has no flavoring, no preservatives, no coloring and no sugar added! Bonggels! And I love the fact that the sweetness comes naturally in the fruit! And you know what?! I recently found out that Tipco is the number 1 juice brand in Thailand! O diba bonggels na bonggels?! Special thanks to Em for introducing Tipco juices to us! We love the Broccoli juice so much, you’re right super yummy nga! 🙂

So what are you waiting for?! Buy na! Tipco and Ceres 100% Juices are available in all leading groceries and supermarket!