Mommy Finds: Ceres and Tipco 100% Fruit and Veggie Juices

Finding ways to healthify our kid’s meal is one of our biggest challenge as a mom, especially in this modern age.  So when it comes to my son’s food I make sure that I always give him the best food, and when I say the best food it means it should be nutritious (of course!) because I want Cyler to get proper nutrition. Awa ng Diyos, di pa naman sya anti-veggie like his Dad. Amen to that! Anyhoo, there are lots of fruit juices in the market who claimed to be nutritious (well I guess they are), but Tipco and Ceres fruit and veggie juices are the chosen one who passed my criteria. Aside from the refreshing and yummy taste, I also am sure that it is 100% made from fresh fruits and veggies! These healthy and yummy juices are pack with nutrients! High in fiber and vitamin C!  Cyler and I loves these juices so much! Ceres Cranberry and Tipco Broccoli are absolutely our favorites!

Tipco and Ceres 100% Fruit and Veggie Juice

Tipco and Ceres 100% Fruit and Veggie Juice

How did I discovered these healthy juices?! Well, I discovered Ceres at some random food magazine. When we had our weekly grocery I only purchased two Ceres juices (in case the little one didn’t like it) and when Cyler tasted it…. surprisingly he did liked it! He surely did! Since then Ceres juice is always staple in our grocery list. As in hindi pwedeng mawala, kundi magwawala ang bagets! 🙂


Then I discovered Tipco veggie juices to Em. When I posted the above picture of Cyler on IG, she asked me if I tried Tipco already and I said not yet. So she highly recommended this juice to me. I didn’t think twice, of course that’s Em, a fellow mom who is also concerned when it comes to child’s nutrition. We both know what’s the best for our kids, so when she told me about this I followed my mommy senses and bought this Tipco juices right away! Madali naman akong kausap at masunurin pa! So walang keme-keme, bili agad! I like to add variety by buying a couple of other flavors each week. And in fairness, we all like it so much! Well, I’m still working on the Daddy kasi marinig pa lang nya ung word na veggie hinihimatay na! Kalerks diba?! Nawawalan daw sya ng gana pag nakakakita siya ng gulay, josme! So can you imagine all the challenges (and burden) I am encountering in our everyday meal?!

It’s the first liquid that he drinks every morning!

And you know what’s the best part of buying these healthy juices? It’s not so pricey unlike the other juices in the market! So swak na swak sa budget ng mga Mommies! Tipco juices only costs Php24.00 to Php28.00 per pack, the price varies on the veggies. While Ceres juice costs Php21.oo petot only, now how good is that?! Really good! These juices has no flavoring, no preservatives, no coloring and no sugar added! Bonggels! And I love the fact that the sweetness comes naturally in the fruit! And you know what?! I recently found out that Tipco is the number 1 juice brand in Thailand! O diba bonggels na bonggels?! Special thanks to Em for introducing Tipco juices to us! We love the Broccoli juice so much, you’re right super yummy nga! 🙂

So what are you waiting for?! Buy na! Tipco and Ceres 100% Juices are available in all leading groceries and supermarket!


12 thoughts on “Mommy Finds: Ceres and Tipco 100% Fruit and Veggie Juices

      • I’m sure Lucas would love it, Maggie! yun din ang favorite nmin ni Akira eh. 🙂
        your welcome, Sha! I’m sure magcclick tayo lalo na pagdating sa food. Ang difference lng, ikaw sexy padin. Ako lang ang tataba 😐

      • Naku basta food wala akong aatrasan! LOL! Naku, Em anong sexy sakin? ang laki laki nga ng braso ko at ng belly ko nadadaan lang sa sikip pants at damit! Haha! Tapos konting angle! Hahaha!

  1. Naku di ako sure kung pumasok yung comment ko sa get together post mo. Pag click ko bigla nag maintenance. haha! I refresh ko daw after 5 mins. Anyway, yung sister ko binigyan ng Tipco ng sang katerbang Tipco juice lahat ng flavors nila pati Tipco superkids. Yung orange ang nagustuhan ko! O diba walang ka challenge challenge ang taste buds ko! hehe!

    • Pumasok naman yung comment mo, baka napag tripan ka lang ng wordpress! Chos! Haha!

      Uy kainggit naman your sister buti pa sya binibigyan lng ng tipco! Sabihin mo penge kami! Haha! Try mo ung broccoli masarap sya tlga! As in! 🙂

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