A Fantabulous Christmas Get-Together!

One of the most awaited moment of my life has finally happened — to meet my fellow mom bloggers in person! Naman! November 30,2012 is one of the highlight of my 2012 because we had an early Christmas get-together with my fellow gorgeous mom bloggers Maqui of Familia Kiki, Maggie of Mommy Maggie’s Musings, and Aimee of iamaimeediego. Sad to say the other mom bloggers weren’t able to come, but the good thing is…. we are planning for another playdate sometime in January. Yay! So I hope by that time everyone could come! It was an amazing day for all of us because it was our first time to meet one another, well technically I met Maqui already and I knew Ate Maggie (naman!) because she’s my cousin-in-law, so it was my first time to meet Aimee talaga. And it was nice meeting you in person, Aimee! Sorry, pero ang konti ng pictures namin dahil sa sobrang busy kaka….chika! Tee hee!


Meet Aimee, Maqui, Me, and Maggie

Alright, so here’s the kwento!

Ate Maggie and I met up at Glorietta then sabay-sabaw na kaming nagpunta lahat sa Ayala Triangle. We arrived at 4pm-ish, while we’re waiting for the others, Cyler and Lucas explored the park. They we’re both running like there’s no tomorrow! I guess, Ayala Triangle is the perfect place for playdates because they have ample space for the kids and resto’s for the mommies and daddies!


Kanya-kanyang trip walang basagan (ika nga ni Em)! 😛

The two handsome toddlers in their award winning pose!


Kanya kanyang pose, again walang basagan ng trip! 😛


My boys playing hide-and-seek!

While we’re busy capturing photos of the kiddos, Aimee approached us. Ate Maggie and I we’re really surprised! So ayun, we started introducing ourselves and our family members to one another. Then we decided to go to Kanin Club restaurant para maka-chika na kami ng bonggang bongga! The kids stayed outside while we, mudrabels are busy catching up inside the resto. Of course, bawal ang shy type! I guess the reason why we jive is because (aside from being a stage momma) we share the same thing, which of course motherhood! Aimee is so approachable and easy to talk to! And I love your hair, Aimee! Welcome to the curly-hair-club! Her husband was the joker in the group at that time, I must say he has a great sense of humor.Talaga namang bentang benta lahat ng jokes nya saming lahat! While my hubby, Cj was so busy being a nanny with Cyler. But thanks to Ate Weng (Lucas’ Yaya) for looking after Cyler when we are eating. Sabi sayo sa sobrang hiya ni Cj kay Ate Weng gusto na niyang subuan ng pagkain si yaya! LOL!

When it’s time to eat, ayan na nagkalabasan na ng mga weapon! You know toddler’s can be easily bored, so these gadgets comes to the rescue! Cyler was the first one na bumagsak, eh kasi naman nag call center mode ang bagets the night before that day and he has only 2 hours of sleep. So kamusta naman diba?! After singing the alphabet song to everyone, ayun waley na… bagsak! He fell asleep with Ate Weng (thanks again Ate Weng) and he woke up right after the light show. O diba bonggels?! LOL! While Lucas and Tala are all up until the light show. Madaming energy ang mga bagets! Nag uumapaw!


I guess, you’re wondering where is Aki and Maqui. Ladies and gentlemen, here is the baby uod, Aki!


Hello there!

Aki was so energetic and bibo the entire time! They we’re the last one who arrived. He was hooked by Ate Maggie’s yummy cake pops! So you know what’s next?! Sugar rush! LOL! So when Maqui arrived, we had a quick group shot then back to chismisan while eating. Aki kept on offering chicharon to Tala, while Tala got really shy to Aki. Super cheesy ng Aki!


Aki narinig mo naman sabi ng Daddy ni Tala, pumunta ka daw muna sa bahay nila! LOL!


From L-to-R: Diego (Aimee’s hubby), Ate (Tala’s yaya), Aimee, Tala and Aki (who we’re so busy playing in the mirror), Maqui, Cj, Me, Maggie, Lucas, and Kuya Mike


And another group shot!

Thanks to the staff who took this photo, in fairness hindi blurred! LOL! Aimee and Ate Maggie found out that they we’re schoolmates back in highschool, while me and Ate Maggie we’re CIL, o diba small world talaga?! And who would have thought that I’ll be meeting these gorgeous and wonder woman in person?! Now I believe in the song, it’s a small world after all. Before we’re just strangers to one another and now we’re all friends and sharing the joy of motherhood! Now blogging makes more sense to me. 🙂

Now these are the mommies before the epic exchange gift, matino pa kami dyan. LOL!


After our sumptuous dinner, the kids and the daddies went outside to watch the light show. The mommies we’re left inside the resto for the exchange gift (and bills. LOL!). Grabeeee! The exchange gift was indeed epic! We had bunutan! Since it’s just the four of us there is a big chance na mabubunot namin yung mga sarili namin! So it happened nga, it took us 10 times until we decided na kung sinong gumaya sa kamay ni Ate Maggie, siyang ka-exchange gift nya. Parang mataya-taya lang ang peg! Hahahaha! Akala ko nga mag babato-bato pick pa kami eh! Haha! We’re liked kids na naglalaro sa loob ng resto. Mukha kaming ewan but we doesn’t really care at all basta kami masaya! LOL! So ang ending, Aimee got Ate Maggie’s gift, while Maqui got my gift. Finally, after 15 minutes natapos din ang exchange gift naming apat! When we went outside the first light show was ended already, so we waited for the next show instead. Buti nalang until 9pm ang show!

Thanks Maqui for this gift! Nabuksan ko na sobrang excited ko, di na sya umabot ng pasko! LOL!


The gift that I got from the EPIC exchange gift

And of course, hindi mawawala ang oh-so-yummy cakepops by yours truly, Mommy Maggie! She already opened her door to everyone, so you can now buy her yummy cake pops! Kindly check their Facebook Page here! 🙂

Cakepops by Maggie!

Cakepops by Maggie!

While we we’re waiting for the next light show, the kiddos played outside together with Tito Diego (Aimee’s hubby). Cyler was still sleeping then!


And here’s another cheesy moment of Aki and Tala! (Sorry Aimee! LOL!)

Aking making pasikat to Tala, yiheee!

Aki nagpapa impress kay Tala, yiheee!

Pasado naba Daddy Diego si Aki?! 😛


Uy kay Daddy naman nagpapa-impress si Aki… Hihihi

Everyone was mesmerized by the light show, even the mommies and daddies! When the light show begun, nagkawalaan na po kaming lahat!


See Cyler was sleeping the entire time!


After the light show, we took the chance to have another group photo! This time it was just the four of us. Ay may kasama palang 2 bagets!


Mommy Maggie, Aimee, Sha (with sleepy Cyler), and Maqui (with Aki)

This time we wave goodbye’s to one another, but definitely this won’t be the last, I’m pretty sure this is just the start of our many many playdates or mommy dates!

Playdate Realization: Being a working mom doesn’t mean that you’re not a full time mom with your kids, in fact you are. We may not be with them 24/7 but one thing is for sure– we are doing anything and everything that we can to be the best mom that we can be. I guess one of the best thing that we are doing as a mom is organizing playdates for our kids. It doesn’t only help them to gain friends but it also helps them to learn the value of friendship, acceptance, and companionship. And I guess that’s the greatest value that we can pass on to our child. And I hope we can pass on this tradition to the next generation of our family. 🙂

Hay grabe! It was a super fun day, yes indeed! It was really tiring because of the chasing and running but definitely worth it! We all had a very merry Christmas Party! Thank you ladies for sharing this wonderful moment with us, it was nice bumping in to you and your family! Till our next playdate! I guess meeting my fellow mom bloggers is one of the best thing in the (online) world, I must say! And nothing really beats that! Advance Merry Christmas everyone!

P.S. To all mom bloggers out there, please (make sure!) join us in our next playdate! The more, the merrier! 🙂

22 thoughts on “A Fantabulous Christmas Get-Together!

  1. It was great meeting you and your family Sha! I had so much fun! I look forward to hanging out with you ladies again! Hopefully we can keep this going and get to meet more fab moms! 😀 advance Merry Christmas!

  2. I am sooo inggit! 😦
    wag lng tatapat sa birthday ni Khan ang next playdate on January.. or else.. un ang imu-move namin. hahaha.
    Jeeze! you met Mr. PTA President?! swerte! hehehe. sana ako din!
    Ang kyooot ng mga bagets! im sure enjoy na enjoy sila sa lightshow 🙂

  3. Nakaka intriga na yang story behind the exchange gifts ha! You have to make that kwento ha! =) Fun! Hope we can join the next play date! =)

    • Hello there Khaye! Oh yes, we wish that too! Sana talaga next time mas madami para mas bongga! Don’t worry there’s still more playdate, so I do hope that time makasama lahat!

      Thanks for dropping by, Khaye! 🙂

  4. Ang gaganda naman ng mga mommies na ito! Natawa naman ako sa exchange gift nyo at ang daming beses nyo nagbunutan! E sana nga nag bato bato pick na lang kayo ng di inabot ng 15 mins. hehe!

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