Kikay Finds: The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil

Hello everyone! My goodness, I haven’t updated this blog since last week. A lot of things have made me busy lately– Christmas parties, project deadlines (work!work!work!), family(as always and forever!), dance rehearsal for the Christmas presentation, household chores, and A LOT more! Oh and did I mention that I haven’t started buying Christmas gifts?! Shocks! Could you imagine what’s the date today?! Oh-My-Gulay to the highest and maximum level talaga! Nakakaloka!!! Gusto kong mag-cartwheel! Mas busy pa ata ako sa busy bee! Tee hee! I need to do a lot of catch up here, ladies and gentlemen so please bear with me! There are thousands of things that I wanted to share with you but I have so little time to share it. Alright, so I guess a beauty review is a nice starter and (hopefully) will bring me back into the blogging world.


I soo love this season and I bet you too! But there’s one thing I hate about the Christmas season– it’s my driest skin season eveerrr! As in! Just two weeks ago, I’ve been battling with my dry skin especially on my face (it’s disgusting, I tell ya), I’ve tried lotsa moisturizer but nothings working! I felt so bad because my face looked like I had an-an, as in! Super nagbabalat talaga siya, kulang nalang peeler kumpleto na! But of course kawawa naman ang peslak ko kung gagamitan ko ng peeler diba?! So there.. my battle begun. I’ve recently been loving the Moringa scent and so the beautifying oil I chose was in Moringa. The beautifying oils are dry oils which can be used on face, body, and hair which are meant to moisturise, smooth, and illuminate. I usually use this oil on my hair and body, I tried using it on my face before but my face got irritated so I stopped using it. However just a few weeks ago, I felt that I had no choice and so I gave it another shot, surprisingly it works! In less than a week it it brings back the moisture of my super-duper-uber-mega-dry-face! I used to apply it every night before bed time and viola! I wake up in the morning with a supple, smooth, and moisturised face in the morning! It was fantastic because in less than one week I saw the effect in my face! It’s not advisable for those who have oily skin because it will make your skin more oily since it’s an oil based.

The Body Shop Moringa Beautifying Oil

If you’re not into this particular scent there’s a ton of other scent to choose from such as Olive, Coconut, Shea, Strawberry, Mango and many more! So there is definitely a scent for everyone! I soo love the smell of moringa, for me it smells divine! My sister loves the smell too! It’s a really, really nice body oil – easy to massage in, light-textured, and beautifully scented. It works marvellously all over my body not to mention on my face! It’s a fantastic all-rounder for beauty nerds (like me!) and people on the go. Oh how I love using it on my hair too! It moisturize my dry and damage hair naturally. And it leaves a lovely scent to my hair! If you also want to apply this on your face I suggest that you try it first because that’s the most sensitive part of our skin and we have different skin types too so you better be careful on using it! Remember, not all beautifying products will work on your skin especially when you have a very sensitive skin type like mine. If it doesn’t suit to your skin then stop using it, alright?! But I just am glad and happy (actually giddy) because finally I was able to solve my skin problem! Woo hoo! So next time when the dry skin season comes around again, I know I’m ready for the battle! And I am trusting nothing but The body shop Moringa beautifying oil. 🙂

How about you?! Have you tried any of The Body Shop’s beautifying oil?!


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