Not Your Ordinary Haircut

Just a couple of weeks ago, my little bundle of joy, Cyler had his new do at Cuts 4 Tots (as usual)! The excitement that we felt that day was similar to his first haircut. He was so relaxed yet still playful then, but thank goodness those razors and hands running through his head didn’t bother him..that much. He’s handful but I guess he’s fine (and we’re lucky) as long as there’s  bubbles,toys, and TV! Oh thanks to those brainy people who invented these kind of stuffs, it helps our children to behave….even just for a minute. Agree mommies and daddies?! Oh that’s a big help for us, parents and toddlers. 🙂

It was just so amazing how this simple moments turned into an unforgettable and special moment for us. I know it’s just a haircut and I sound so OA (call me OA or cray-cray, I don’t care!), but hey this kind of thing doesn’t happen everyday especially to a working parent, like me. And seeing my son sitting on that high chair on his own makes me teary and feel proud because I know that he is now independent in his own way.  And I know this is just one of his many achievements in life and nothing can make the parents more proud and joyous than this. Oh now I feel goosebumps. Hay. I feel selfless when I’m with him. I just love every moment with my son– every haircut, bath time, feeding time, play time, singing and dancing (oh yeah, he loves to sing and dance like his Mom) time, nap time, many-first-time, and so on and so forth!  Oh I’d  love to do those things over and over again together with him and I won’t get tired of doing it. No, I wont. Not even a little bit. 

Now here’s his new do– clean and tidy hairstyle for a little man like him!

And here he is doing the harlem dance move! Oh yeah!  

 And there he goes.

Every minute and every seconds that I spend with him is undeniably and truly priceless.

How about you? How do you turn the ordinary day into an extra special day for you and your kids? Share it with me, I’d love to hear it! 🙂

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