Where is the Love?

I was about to share the previous Christmas parties that I have attended to and the dance presentation that we did in our Christmas Party but I decided to forgo it because I know the world are still mourning about the Connecticut massacre that happened last week. So many lives have been taken most especially the young ones. I’ve been and still into a state of shock and was so devastated when I heard the news in the TV. Time had stopped when I first heard it, tears are flowing non-stop into my eyes and I couldn’t help but cry. I have my own child and I know how it feels when you see them hurting or when you’re longing for them. I couldn’t imagine the pain that the family of the victims are going through right now. They didn’t even have the chance to kiss them goodbye. It’s terrible, really terrible. How can a 20 year old young man do this? Where is the love? Why do some people feel the need to be so cruel, most especially to the innocent young ones? Why oh why? Those are the questions that was stuck in my mind.

My heart can’t contain the sadness that I felt that day, I feel like I was one of the parents of the victims. It breaks me into pieces. And until now I feel like crying every time I remember it. God is good to us because we’re still lucky that we can still cuddle, kiss, and hug our child by this time. We are the chosen and lucky one because our kids are still safe and sound. If only we can turn back time, maybe those victims will be able to celebrate the Christmas together with their family. Everybody’s happy and no one will feel the emptiness inside them. Right?

Here’s a short prayer that I made for the victims and for the family of the victims:


Heavenly Father,

Please help the family of the victims to cope up and stay positive despite of the tragedy that they are facing right now. Grant them peace of mind and let them feel that they’re not alone. Embrace them and fill them with so much love. Give them strength and hope to go on. Show them that there is always a rainbow after the rain. And bless the souls of the innocent victims, and welcome them to your throne. Pour out your love and fill their hearts with joy and gladness. Forgive the young man who did all of this for he do not know what he did. Grant him the right punishment and give justice for all the victims.

We ask this through Christ, our Lord.



I may not feel the exact pain they’ve been going through right now, but one thing is for sure– my prayer, your prayer, our prayers are with them. I do hope that this will be the last time this will happen. Let there be peace and let there be love. After all God created life for us to live and love, and not to take someone’s life.


2 thoughts on “Where is the Love?

  1. Nakakalungkot talaga yung nangyari. Ang dami pa sana nila dapat ma experience sa mundo sa isang iglap nawala lahat. My heart goes out to all the victims of the CT massacre. Yung s’more maker nga pala sa ebay ko nabili. Yung Crosswinds naman lagpas ng picnic grove. Kung kasya nga lang sayo ang mga boots naipahiram ko na. hehe! Ako nga inggit kasi naka sinelas lang ako nun. lol!

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