Christmas Gala Night

Our company Christmas Party was held last December 7, 2012 at SMDC Showroom near at Mall of Asia. The theme for this year is Christmas gala night so everyone is expected to come on their formal attire. It was indeed a night to remember because we all had a blast! Everyone was dressed up and excited to party. The program starts a bit late because the traffic was really heavy then but we didn’t care at all because there are lotsa of things to do there! The buffet was superb, the bar is also open, the venue was really nice and cozy, except that I felt really nervous because we’re going to perform that night.

The Venue


With my lovely ladies

United colors of.. Orly!

And here am I with my silver and black cocktail dress from F&H.

Side Kwento: I purchased this cocktail dress last year pa, but it was my first time to wear it. I just don’t feel like wearing it, ngayon ko lang talaga na-feel na suotin yan. You know, kikay problem. That always happen.

Hair and make up from my office mate’s make-up artist. I was death tired that day from working and non-stop dance practice so I decided to hire my office mate’s make-up artist even if I can really do it myself. Oh and speaking of make-up, I am planning to write a make-up 101 segment here in my blog because everybody was asking for make-up advice from me. So girls, watch out for that!

We had a talent show contest for all departments and I didn’t know why I joined. Hahaha! Everyone is welcome to showcase their talent. Some did sing and dance while our group are brave enough to dance. There are four groups competing, and surprisingly we got the 1st place! Just to clarify, we’re not the champion huh. Just the 1st place, which is not bad! The Champion got twenty thousand pesosesoses and our team got ten thousand pesosesoses!

Oh here’s my team mates after the competition!

P.S. Ang susunod na mga litrato ay RATED PG, patnubay ng elders ay super need! 😛

ADC Dance S-crew.. Driver!

Rated PG

If you’re wondering about the costume– actually it was my idea! Hahahaha! I was thinking of sexy but funny costume kasi, so we ended up with these! Hahaha! Muntik na silang magpatiwakal after our performance! Hahaha!

With my girls (feeling hot, hot, hot) 😛

Short shorts kung short shorts at boots kung boots talaga ang mga peg! Pagbigyan nio na kami…. Pasko naman eh! 😛

And there, that’s my cray-cray group! I’ll try to upload our dance video so that you can watch it. Feel free to laugh and go cray-cray about it! But for now, i-reserve nio nalang muna yan wala pa yung video eh. LOL!

After the contest, they raffle two iPad4! Yes, iPad 4! Could you imagine how lucky are the winners?! My gooodness! Wala pa nyan sa Pinas! Anyhoo, I’m happy for them… achuchuchu! After the raffle, they opened the dance floor and it’s time to partey-partey! We dance together with our big boss, walang boss boss that time! Everyone has the right to enjoy that night! Bawal ang KJ that night!

We all enjoyed the night like it’s the end of the world! 🙂


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