Reunited with the Viva Hotdogz!

One thing I love about Christmas– reunion! It’s that time of the year once again for reunion with family, friends and loved ones. This is the only time where I can see my good old friends back in my hometown. After one year of not seeing my high-school friends finally last Christmas eve I got the chance to see them again! Oh how I miss them so badly!! If they only knew how I miss them! Gossh! Thank God for giving us the time to bond and laugh once again. It’s our ritual to have a Christmas get-together before Christmas eve, I think we’ve been doing this for over a decade now. We’ve been together since high-school, could you imagine how long is that?! They are more than my BFF’s, they’re my family! They say count your age by your true friends and not by number, and I guess I lost count already! I have LOTS of true friends, like them!

Meet The Viva Hotdogz (L to R: Reine, Kat, Lai, Cliff, Jessa, Jhell, Steph, and Me!)

You know what I really love about them? They’re the funniest and craziest person I know. They’re so TRUE. We’ve done all the craziest and silliest thing before and now we’re all grown ups! We’ve got our own separate lives now but still here we are. The friendship still remains no matter what happens. We’ve been through A LOT of things! But still we’re complete. And I guess that is what TRUE FRIEND is all about. 🙂

Side Kwento: Viva Hotdogz is the name of our group. Yung mga schoolmate namin ang unang tumawag samin nyan since then yan na yung tawag nila samin.

Here we are together with our kiddos!

Most of us have kids already, o diba hindi halata?! Aminin ninyo! Sige na! Dali! Namilit eh noh?! Hahaha!

Sad to say we’re not complete that night, our friend Chocky was in GY shift that night while our other friend Kristine is already in California. She went back in the US after we graduated from
HS.How sad noh?! Oh how I miss them so badly.

Catching up!

Daldal dito, daldal doon!


Meet Steph’s daughter, the adorable Mimi-tot!

Calling all talent scout out there, if you’re looking for a pretty model I HIGHLY recommend this little girl to you! She’s good in so many things- modelling, singing, dancing, talking, name it get it! She’s the real definition of BIBO KID! Oh and she really got the charm! Right, Mommy Steph? 🙂

BBQ, Baked Mac, Pizza, Rellenong Bangus, and my very own red velvet cupcake

We always have potluck every time we have this kind of get-together. So what do we have that night? I brought my very own red velvet cupcake, while Jessa brought the BBQ, Baked Mac from Reine (our host of that day), Pizza from Jhell, and Rellenong bangus from Steph. And it’s time for Christmas presents after our simple dinner! It’s the most awaited time of the kids!

Here’s Daddy Cj (a.k.a hubby), the nanny of the day!

He realized how hard it is to manage three kids! Not just little kids but TODDLERS! You know how handful they are! But he enjoyed it! Diba Hon?! That’s part of your parenting training! LOL!

Oh, we all had a crazy but fun night together! As usual I had gas pain after seeing them due to intense laughter. I tell you, they’re really funny not to mention cray-cray! And I think I got my funny side from them. Eh yan ba naman makasama mo sa loob ng sampung taon eh! Hehe

How I wish everyday is Christmas so that I can be with them most of the time! Thank you guys for being part of my entire life and for making my life more meaningful, I guess wala nakong kawala sa inio! Haha! Looking forward on seeing you again! And like what I said “Tagalan natin next time! We should have a family outing! Yung walang uwian!”. LOL! Special thanks to Reine for opening her new home for this year’s Christmas reunion! In fairness, hindi kami naligaw papunta dyan! Si Kei Chan lang! HAHAHA!

You know that you can always have me, just call me in viber and I’ll be there! LOL!

But more than the Christmas reunion, the friendship, the moments, the laughter, and spending time together are memories I will cherish the most. I love you guys so much!


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