Silly Moments with my Toddler (II)

Here’s a dose of my silly moments with my toddler that will surely make you cray-cray!

One morning, I told Cyler to smile in front of the camera and he gave me this gooey-silly-smile with POUTY LIPS!

Can you spot the baby?!

Can you guess where he is?!

There he’s hiding….under the tree! Gusto na niyang ibagsak yung Christmas tree literally, tapos na daw kasi ang Pasko!

Can you guess what’s this or who’s this?

Well, obviously that’s my super-duper kulit son, Cyler!

I guess, he thinks he’s a vampire as he tries to scare everybody using this towel. Edward Cullen lang ang peg!

He’s still sleepy and doesn’t want to get up… but still he was able to managed to play his toy car kahit antok na antok pa sya! Kapag favorite toy, walang antok-antok??! Tsk!

What do you think he’s doing here? Taking a nap or doing yoga?

I leave it to your imagination. :p

Another thing is, when he cries he used to recite the Alphabet. As in may masabi lang talaga sya at may madaldal lang while crying. Could you imagine how funny it is to hear a toddler crying while reciting the alphabet?! NKKLK! That’s why most of the time we ended up..laughing! 🙂

And he used to call banana as MANGO! No matter how we try to tell him that it’s banana he would still insists to call it MANGO! Anong laban ko sa batang makulit diba?! Walang basagan ng trip!

These are just few of my silliest and weirdest moment with Cyler but I know as time goes by dadami pa yan ng bongga bongga! So I need to get ready para hindi maloka. Thank you by the way to those people who always manage to drop by at this blog despite of my absence and lack of post. Thank you so much, I do appreciate it.

Hope this images and scenario’s put smile on your face and brigthen up your day! Happy weekdays ahead! 🙂


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