…Rukawa! Rukawa!


Kidding aside, I am actually referring to Valentine’s day not Slam Dunk. Forgive my non-sense joke. Haha! If you’re a fan of Slam Dunk for sure you’ll get my joke! I’m feeling a bit (a bit palang yan ha) cray-cray right now, so please forgive my craziness. And please bear with me. Alright, moving on to the REAL topic which of course L-O-V-E! This post has been sitting on my drafts since the 2nd week of February, I’m so sorry for the delayed post about Valentine’s, I know I know it’s the end of the month already. Blame my super insane schedule (and my katamaran!)! Oh well they say it’s better to be late than never so here’s my pahabol post for the love month.

How’s your V-day celebration? Did you receive any special gift from your loved ones? Did you like it?! Ako kasi walang natanggap eh ni-isa eh, so ampalaya mode ako that day. Chos! I actually recieved lotsa chocolates from my beloved friends, they’re the sweetest! And my V-day was quite different, it was insane and it’s one of the busiest day of my life! Ever! And when I say ever it means it was a super-duper-uber-mega to the highest level stressful day for me! LOL! But I’m such a happy Momma that day, I must say. Valentine is a day of love and lots of kilig moments to everyone else out there especially to all the girls! Aminin natin yan ladies (or ako lang talaga ang assuming pag Valentine’s?)! May jowa man or wala for sure masaya pa din ang Valentine because they spent it with the most important people in their life like parents, siblings, friends, relatives, co-workers, and of course together with their one true love. This year’s Valentine is one of the most tiring yet happiest Valentine’s ever for me because aside from the fact that I celebrated it to my one and only, I also had the chanced to celebrate this special occasion with my friends and myself. And it’s thrilling to see how our cupcakes have become part of this very special occasion. I feel like a super woman last February 14, wanna know why? Are you sure?

Alright, here’s the reason why:

The night before Valentine’s day I baked more than 200 cupcakes, it was insane and really tiring! But who I am to complain?! I only had 3hrs of sleep then, so can you imagine how bangag I am? I packed all the cupcakes that needs to be deliver by morning. It took me 1 1/2 hour to finish the whole packaging. It wasn’t easy but it was so much fun! The hardest part was the delivery, I had to make sure that the frosting will not melt or else it will look like a melted -ugly-snowman. Oh the travails of cupcake business! But you know what makes me really happy? It’s the compliment that I got from all our satisfied customers! It’s priceless, it’s worth every puyat, eye-bags, and pawis!

Thank goodness despite of my hectic morning and lack of sleep still I was able to fixed myself. Medyo Haggardo Versoza nga lang ang lola ninyo pero keribels pa rin!

While on my way to work. Hindi naman halatang haggardness diba? Slight lang.. 🙂

And yeah, I was super-duper-uber-mega late when I arrived at the office. My working area looked like a mini-cupcakery in an instant due to the huge boxes and cooler filled with cupcakes. My only regret that day is that I didn’t bring extra cupcakes, everyone was asking if I brought extra cupcakes because they wanted to order more. Sayang talaga, sayang ang kita! I guess every homemaker can relate to me. Hehe

During lunch time me and my officemates had a Valentine’s lunch date. We celebrated the Valentine’s day together. We dine at Rue Borboun, it was one kembot away from our office. Yes, isang kembot lang from our office and we’re already there. When we arrived we felt so lucky because we we’re able to get a table immediately. The only problem is that it took 45 minutes before we got our orders, oh well what do I expect? It’s Valentine.

Meet my pretty dates!

From L-to-R: Rachelle, Katey, Me, Irene , and Anna

My phone was dead batt already so this is the only food na nakuhaan ko. My bad! Sorry!

Rue Nachos

This mouth-watering nachos is one the most crowd pleaser here in Rue Borboun. As a matter of fact it’s one of our favorite appetizer too! Hindi yan nawawala sa order namin whenever we dine here. You can’t never go wrong with their nachos, I tell yah! You know what I love about this nacho? Well aside from the crisps and colorful nachos I so love their salsa and the ground pork itself! It is a sinful but delectable delish dish, it taste perfect for me! So far that’s the best nacho that I’ve ever tasted. Pinky swear!

On top of the nachos, we also ordered their famous Borboun barbeque ribs. It’s to die for! The meat was oh-so-tender and the honeyglazed barbeque sauce was so delish! We paired our ribs with jambalaya rice instead of mashed potato. Pang construction worker lang ang kain namin, daming gutom eh! We also ordered pizza and pasta. We we’re so full and satisfied so I guess the 45minutes we spent in waiting was worth it! And you know what I like about this resto bar? The friendly and very polite staff. Kasi while we’re waiting for the food they kept on apologizing for the delay. Ang nice diba? At least di sila nagpapa-asa ng customer. 🙂

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Great Images by Studio 2716

Hi everyone, how’s your weekend?! I hope you all have a fantastic and great weekend! Mine was quite tiring but soo fantastic! My toddler is currently taking a nap and the hubby is watching Basketball (as usual) so I sneak in front of the computer to visit this small space of mine. 🙂

Anyhoo, remember when I blogged about the teaser of our mini-photoshoot in our recent play-date (read it here)? Happy (actually giddy) to tell that Studio 2716 uploaded the official photos already! My gulay! Tumulo ang laway ko mga teh! Ang gooondoooh! I swear! Wanna see it? Again, make sure you have your tissue with you… ang mga lewey… alam ninyo na. chos!

Here’s the great photos captured by Studio 2716:

Dew, Pepper, Aimee, Erl, Faye, Me, Maqui, Aki, Maggie, and Em (with Akira)

Patikim palang yan!

Eto naman appetizer palang to! 🙂

Ayan, I really need a tissue! My little baby is baby no more! Again, for the Nth time– time flies so fast! *goosebumps*

Pakihabol nga pleaseeee!

But wait there’s more!

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The Very Hungry Caterpillar and the Little Bookworm

Photo grabbed from Google

The Very Hungry Caterpillar is a children’s picture book designed, illustrated and written by Eric Carle. This book stands firmly on position 6 in the Top 100 Classical Children’s Book Of All Time.This is my little bookworm’s current favorite book. He loves reading this book every now and then. And whenever he hears me or his Daddy saying some lines from the book he would rush towards us and he automatically sits on our lap. He even memorized every pages by heart, that’s how he love the book.

This book contains a little bit of biology and it’s pretty straightforward– a caterpillar eats whatever comes across until he become a fat caterpillar and soon it’s time to cocoon and become a beautiful and colorful butterfly. That’s how the story goes, see I memorized the book by heart as well! It’s has a very simple story with a little bit of biology.

He loves to read the book all by himself!

And here’s a video of my little bookworm while reading his favorite book. Enjoy listening! Medyo tatabingi lang ng konti ang mga face ninyo at mapapa-chinese nga lang kayo ng konti! :p

So how is it? Did you understand what he’s saying? If not, here’s the translation– he says red, red, red, yeyow (yellow), yeyow, yeyow, byu(blue), byu, byu, byawn (brown), byawn, byawn! Blah-blah-blah! Hehe

And because he loves caterpillar, he instantly fell in-love with this caterpillar toy that he saw at Doc Vienne’s clinic. Good thing, it isn’t a real caterpillar (remember I’m afraid of crawling creatures) because if it’s real…. boy oh boy! I don’t know what to do! *faint*

Cj and I are pondering if we will give him a Caterpillar Themed birthday party for his 2nd birthday. A car themed party is cool, my little boy will surely like it (he surely does!) but a caterpillar themed birthday party is more unique and I guess it rocks! Lalo na kung madaming caterpillars all over the venue! Of course, I’m just kidding! Baka nasa hospital nako bago pa mag-start ang party dahil sa heart-attack! But one thing is for sure, it will be so much fun! 🙂

Btw, do you know any store where we can buy this caterpillar push-and-pull thingy? If yes, please do tell us! Cyler go gaga over this toy!

Laugh Trip!

Define laugh trip…

For me, it’s when my toddler laugh-out-loud JUST because he see himself in front of the screen. Weird, right? But yeah, it’s normal to all toddlers and that’s one of the weirdest thing they do. Agree, Mommies?!  Just like the saying goes… “walang basagan ng trip!”

Happy Wednesday everyone! Spread good vibes, laugh your problems away! 🙂

How about you? What’s your own definition of laugh trip?!

Patience is a Virtue

…in Baking and in Business.

These are the things that I learned from the book that I’m currently reading. Today, I posted the photo below in our Facebook Page and in my personal account, I wanted to share it to everyone else because I believe patience is so important to everyone else’s life. Not only in business or in baking, but also in our daily lives.  See, I’m taking my hobby (aka baking) seriously, it’s not just a simple hobby anymore. It’s my passion and my love. And I want to nurture this and share it to everybody.

Baking is like a long-lost-love for me. I used to bake before (hindi lang talaga halata), yes you read it right. But when I started working I stopped baking due to lack of time and because I moved here in Manila. My Tita(Aunt) Nanin was my mentor in baking, I owe all my baking skills and knowledge to her. Well, actually I owe her everything. I won’t be successful in my career without her help. She took care of me and my siblings when our parents got separated, she supported our studies, and she’s always there for us. She never leave us. Oh I’m starting to get teary, sorry for the drama folks. Anyhoo, going back to the topic… I love to cook, BUT baking means a lot to me. Sometimes, it’s really hard to figure out what you really like to do. When I started baking again  I never thought that this skills would help me A LOT in finding what I really love. It’s a kind of thing that I wanted to do everyday, it’s like taking good care of my family. And it feels so good and relaxing whenever I bake.

I never thought that my love in baking will be my key to success. Well, I know I’m just starting and I’m not claiming to be the next Cupcake Queen like Cupcakes by Sonja or Vanilla Cupcakery… I’m faaaaar beyond that! But I do believe that NOTHING IS IMPOSSIBLE WITH A DREAMER, right? Yes or yes?! Yessss! Amen to that! When I started baking cupcakes it never came across my mind that I want to open up a business. I just want to be reunited with my old love. That’s it! I just want to bake for my family. But when my office-mate’s, neighbors, friends, and even my boss tasted the cupcakes they told me that I should start selling it. Being a newbie in cupcake, I didn’t take it seriously. Not until they started bugging me about it. Everyday, they would call me or ask me if I’m selling my cupcakes already. So one day, I talked to my husband and the rest of my family and friends, I asked them if I really had the guts to start-up a business. And they all said “YES!” with four thumbs-up(including the feet’s thumb). So with all the encouragement and kind words I started my small business. I started selling it with my friends and as time goes by my friend’s friend ordered more cupcakes from me. From red-velvet cupcakes, I started experimenting with new flavors like chocolate and vanilla. And when I started receiving tons of order we decided to put up an online shop for our small business. Now that’s the birth of Sweet Treat’s. We opened our online cupcake-shop last February 1, so far so good. We’ve got more orders now. As a matter of fact, last Valentine’s day we baked 200++ cupcakes for that special occasion. I was dead tired but I’m not complaining. After working at the office, I was rushing to go home because there are bunch of cupcakes that needs to get bake! Thank goodness my sister was there to helped me out. I owe her A LOT! I finished baking at around 1AM, it was really tiring but fulfilling. Thank God for those wonderful blessing!

Personalized Valentine’s Cupcake

And it’s thrilling to see how our cupcakes have become part of the story of so many relationships.

Here’s some of the cupcakes that I baked for our customers:

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The Most Awaited Meet Up

is the mom bloggers get-together!

Yes, that’s one of my most awaited meet ups, I must say. I don’t know, but it always thrilling for me to meet my fellow mom bloggers and their kiddos in person. This morning Studio 2716 (our official photographer that day) uploaded the teaser photos of our Fun Sun-date! It was awesome and so I got really excited to make a blog post about our play-date! It drives me to start writing this post. Thank you so much Studio 2716 for the encouragement, utang ko sa inyo ang kasipagan ko today! LOL! Another thing is I’m free today, no so much errand (you know baking stuffs and everything!) to do, so bago magka-labo labo nanaman ang sched ko I’d better write this post. This is actually my 2nd playdate together with these mommas already, read our first playdate experienced here. Alright so before I start about what happened lemme just introduce all the mom bloggers behind this fun and awesome playdate.

From L to R: Pepper, Em, Maqui, Aimee, Erl, Faye, Me, and Mommy Fleur (minus Dew and Ate Maggie)

We have Dew of MomsterTeacher, Pepper of Days in Wagon, Maggie of Mommy Maggie, Musings, Maqui of Familia Kiki, Erl of Glamma Momma, Em of Akira and Everything Nice, Fleur, yes the famous Mommy Fleur, Aimee of iamaimeediego, and Faye of Chronicles of Maia. Sad to say some of the mommie’s like Mars, Peachy, Khaye, Lanie, Rachel, Badet, Cai, and Sieggy weren’t able to come. I do hope next time everybody could join!Don’t you worry there’s still more play-date to come!

From L to R: Pepper, Dew, Aimee, Me, Fafa Khan (the one who’s hiding behind Em), Em, Faye, and Erl (Photo grabbed from Em)

Alright without further ado, here’s the kwento behind the fun play-date that we had!

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Silly Moment with my Toddler (Part 3)

Good morning, guys! It’s two minutes before 1AM as I write this post, I just had my super-duper-uber-mega-late-dinner-slash-midnight snack, I just finished baking 200++ cupcakes for Valentine’s day. I’ve got tons of cupcake order! My gulay! I’m dead tiiiireeed! But who am I to complain, right? I know it’s a blessing. At habang nagpapa-baba ng kinain I decided to make a blog entry. It’s been awhile since I write a descent post. Well technically, this isn’t a formal post though. I just want to think happy thoughts right now, and that happy thoughts includes my thousands silly moment with my toddler. I was super busy with so many things, you know. It’s really hard to balance my work, family, my small business, household, being a mom and a wife, etc etc. I feel like umiikot na ang tumbong ko sa sobrang dami ng ginagawa at dapat ko pang gawin! As in! But thank goodness by God’s grace I was able to do everything.

Anyhoo, last month while I was crying (due to my Lola’s loss) my toddler approached me and hugged me. It was heartfelt to see my toddler doing those things to me. I really thought it was real until… I felt something weird on my head.

When I checked it using my phone’s camera, well this is what I saw.

And there, I didn’t know that my head became an instant road to my toddler. Geez! Oh those silly cars and my toddler! They never fail to make me happy.

P.S. Happy Hearts Day! Enjoy your day with your loved ones!

Sweet Treats By Yours Truly!

Hello! Hello! Finally, I’m back after two weeks of hibernating from the cyber world. The past two weeks was really tough (but that was the past, I’m tougher now), I must say we’ve been on our lowest low but hey I survived! Thank goodness because I have a big God. I was able to conquer everything! Now I can say…. I am a survivor! The best thing I learned from the past two weeks is that never say “God, I have a problem”, just say “Hey problem, I have a big GOD!” instead. It made me strong and it helped me cope from the loss of my Lola. It was the saddest moment of my life.

Oh well, they say there’s always a rainbow after the storm, this week was quite different. I had a good and refreshing start of the week. And I feel like we were immensely blessed after all the trials that we’ve been through. I’ve got a lot of cupcake orders last week and this week, so I baked lotsa cupcakes the entire weekend. I had 10 dozen of orders last weekend and today I delivered 4 dozen cupcakes in the office. And I’ve got a lot of orders for the Valentines day! I feel so overwhelmed, grateful and very blessed. The blessings are overflowing and my heart can’t contain it. It was quite tiring but I’m not complaining because I am enjoying what I’m doing. Everything is going well and I wanted to share the good news and blessings to all of you. Last Sunday, we officially launched our official Facebook Page (a.k.a online shop) for our small business due to public demand. You know how I love to bake cupcakes and how addicted I am with those sweet treats. Now I am officially sharing it to everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am (sooo) proud to present our newest online shop, “Sweet Treats” by yours truly. 🙂

If you have free time feel free to visit our Official Facebook Page, click here and check out all the sweet treats we have waiting for you! I assure you that all sweet treats that we make is made with nothing but pure LOVE! Try our best seller luscious red velvet cupcakes and other flavor that’s perfect for any type of occasion not to mention this love month!

For those who want to order here’s some of our rules and regulation:

Place your order 2 weeks prior to the delivery date. We accept minimum order of at least 12 mini-cupcakes or 1 dozen. For custom design cupcakes, we accept at least 2 dozen cupcakes. We also do meet ups and delivery. There is additional charge for delivery and we only do meet ups around Metro Manila.

We are also requesting for a 50% down payment of your order. For inquiries please contact us at 442-5038 or 0917-585-7992 and look for Sharon (that’s me!) or Cj (the husband). You may also email us at sweettreatsph@gmail.com.

And that’s it pansit! Please support me and my family to our new venture. And don’t forget to spread the word! Thanks in advance! *tsup*

Till We Meet Again

I’ve been crying my lungs out since last week due to the loss of my beloved lola (grandma). The past few days was really tough for me and my family. It WAS hard, really really hard but I have to accept the fact that she’s really gone now. My heart was saddened by her loss but I couldn’t wish her back, especially when I saw her sleeping and free from pain, I know she’s in good hands now with Jesus. Last Wednesday was her burial and I can’t cry hard enough. The word goodbye is the easiest word to say but the hardest thing to do. I grew up with my Lola, so can you feel how hard it is for me to let go? IT IS REALLY HARD!

But yeah, I guess the word goodbye is not the right thing to say, goodnight it is. I know in God’s time we will meet again. I miss you a lot, we miss you here. But don’t worry we’ll be fine… sooner or later. I know you didn’t deserve what you went through, you deserve to take a rest. God’s garden is the perfect place for you. Thanks for the wonderful memories, and thank you for sharing your 85 years with us. It is too much. I know you and Daddy are very happy now. And I couldn’t be any happier than that. Till we meet again, Mommy and Daddy.

And I would like to take this opportunity to say thank you to all our friends and relatives who shared their sympathy and generosity during this difficult time. On behalf of my family, I would like to share our most sincere thanks for the time, kindness, encouragement, and for the contribution you sent in memory of my late grandmother, Roqueza Cadiz. Thank you for honoring her memory with your meaningful tribute. We are deeply grateful to all of you. And allow me to offer our most sincere gratitude and love. Thank you all for your loving support. God bless you all.

P.S. And thank you to all my readers who give their time visiting this site even for my lack of posts. Thank you for understanding me. Don’t worry I’ll be back hopefully by next week.