Sweet Treats By Yours Truly!

Hello! Hello! Finally, I’m back after two weeks of hibernating from the cyber world. The past two weeks was really tough (but that was the past, I’m tougher now), I must say we’ve been on our lowest low but hey I survived! Thank goodness because I have a big God. I was able to conquer everything! Now I can say…. I am a survivor! The best thing I learned from the past two weeks is that never say “God, I have a problem”, just say “Hey problem, I have a big GOD!” instead. It made me strong and it helped me cope from the loss of my Lola. It was the saddest moment of my life.

Oh well, they say there’s always a rainbow after the storm, this week was quite different. I had a good and refreshing start of the week. And I feel like we were immensely blessed after all the trials that we’ve been through. I’ve got a lot of cupcake orders last week and this week, so I baked lotsa cupcakes the entire weekend. I had 10 dozen of orders last weekend and today I delivered 4 dozen cupcakes in the office. And I’ve got a lot of orders for the Valentines day! I feel so overwhelmed, grateful and very blessed. The blessings are overflowing and my heart can’t contain it. It was quite tiring but I’m not complaining because I am enjoying what I’m doing. Everything is going well and I wanted to share the good news and blessings to all of you. Last Sunday, we officially launched our official Facebook Page (a.k.a online shop) for our small business due to public demand. You know how I love to bake cupcakes and how addicted I am with those sweet treats. Now I am officially sharing it to everyone.

Ladies and gentlemen, I am (sooo) proud to present our newest online shop, “Sweet Treats” by yours truly. 🙂

If you have free time feel free to visit our Official Facebook Page, click here and check out all the sweet treats we have waiting for you! I assure you that all sweet treats that we make is made with nothing but pure LOVE! Try our best seller luscious red velvet cupcakes and other flavor that’s perfect for any type of occasion not to mention this love month!

For those who want to order here’s some of our rules and regulation:

Place your order 2 weeks prior to the delivery date. We accept minimum order of at least 12 mini-cupcakes or 1 dozen. For custom design cupcakes, we accept at least 2 dozen cupcakes. We also do meet ups and delivery. There is additional charge for delivery and we only do meet ups around Metro Manila.

We are also requesting for a 50% down payment of your order. For inquiries please contact us at 442-5038 or 0917-585-7992 and look for Sharon (that’s me!) or Cj (the husband). You may also email us at sweettreatsph@gmail.com.

And that’s it pansit! Please support me and my family to our new venture. And don’t forget to spread the word! Thanks in advance! *tsup*

8 thoughts on “Sweet Treats By Yours Truly!

  1. Congrats for the good news and blessings 🙂 I actually saw your cupcakes from way before post and it’s mouth-watering 🙂 I just want to ask would you still have a link or where can i see kaya to buy the cupcake maker that you bought (bec that’s awesome ) Thanks much- Pie

    • Hi Pie, thank you so much! I am actually planning to buy the real oven now, I’ve got a lot of orders ndi na kaya ng power ng cupcake maker! Hehe Anyhoo, I purchased the cupcake maker through an online store. It was only a deal and sad to say it was ended already. I got this last November pa. Thanks for dropping by, btw. 🙂

    • Thanks, Dew! I guess it runs in the blood! Well, technically sila talaga ang mag pinsan ni hubby pero mas close kami kesa sknila! Hehe

      And I think I’m also lucky for having a very supportive and QA (a.k.a taste tester) hubby!

  2. Thanks Sha 🙂 will try to look pa din as I know it’s a happy moment talaga when you bake. I’ll keep your number so should I have orders will text you. 🙂 will follow you too at IG 🙂 (mommyofweegee) Enjoy the new venture!

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