Silly Moment with my Toddler (Part 3)

Good morning, guys! It’s two minutes before 1AM as I write this post, I just had my super-duper-uber-mega-late-dinner-slash-midnight snack, I just finished baking 200++ cupcakes for Valentine’s day. I’ve got tons of cupcake order! My gulay! I’m dead tiiiireeed! But who am I to complain, right? I know it’s a blessing. At habang nagpapa-baba ng kinain I decided to make a blog entry. It’s been awhile since I write a descent post. Well technically, this isn’t a formal post though. I just want to think happy thoughts right now, and that happy thoughts includes my thousands silly moment with my toddler. I was super busy with so many things, you know. It’s really hard to balance my work, family, my small business, household, being a mom and a wife, etc etc. I feel like umiikot na ang tumbong ko sa sobrang dami ng ginagawa at dapat ko pang gawin! As in! But thank goodness by God’s grace I was able to do everything.

Anyhoo, last month while I was crying (due to my Lola’s loss) my toddler approached me and hugged me. It was heartfelt to see my toddler doing those things to me. I really thought it was real until… I felt something weird on my head.

When I checked it using my phone’s camera, well this is what I saw.

And there, I didn’t know that my head became an instant road to my toddler. Geez! Oh those silly cars and my toddler! They never fail to make me happy.

P.S. Happy Hearts Day! Enjoy your day with your loved ones!

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