The Most Awaited Meet Up

is the mom bloggers get-together!

Yes, that’s one of my most awaited meet ups, I must say. I don’t know, but it always thrilling for me to meet my fellow mom bloggers and their kiddos in person. This morning Studio 2716 (our official photographer that day) uploaded the teaser photos of our Fun Sun-date! It was awesome and so I got really excited to make a blog post about our play-date! It drives me to start writing this post. Thank you so much Studio 2716 for the encouragement, utang ko sa inyo ang kasipagan ko today! LOL! Another thing is I’m free today, no so much errand (you know baking stuffs and everything!) to do, so bago magka-labo labo nanaman ang sched ko I’d better write this post. This is actually my 2nd playdate together with these mommas already, read our first playdate experienced here. Alright so before I start about what happened lemme just introduce all the mom bloggers behind this fun and awesome playdate.

From L to R: Pepper, Em, Maqui, Aimee, Erl, Faye, Me, and Mommy Fleur (minus Dew and Ate Maggie)

We have Dew of MomsterTeacher, Pepper of Days in Wagon, Maggie of Mommy Maggie, Musings, Maqui of Familia Kiki, Erl of Glamma Momma, Em of Akira and Everything Nice, Fleur, yes the famous Mommy Fleur, Aimee of iamaimeediego, and Faye of Chronicles of Maia. Sad to say some of the mommie’s like Mars, Peachy, Khaye, Lanie, Rachel, Badet, Cai, and Sieggy weren’t able to come. I do hope next time everybody could join!Don’t you worry there’s still more play-date to come!

From L to R: Pepper, Dew, Aimee, Me, Fafa Khan (the one who’s hiding behind Em), Em, Faye, and Erl (Photo grabbed from Em)

Alright without further ado, here’s the kwento behind the fun play-date that we had!

Em, Maqui, Maggie, and Aimee was already at Ayala Triangle when we arrived at around 3:30pm. The kiddos we’re playing already at the open field. I was thrilled when I saw them because it was my first time to meet most of them in person. And isa lang ang masasabi ko…. ang ta-tangkad nila!!! Kayo na talaga! I felt like I’m the smallest momma on earth at that time! Hahaha! And there’s one comment that I got from all of them… “ang liit ko daw sa totoong buhay”. Hahaha! Sabi naman sa inyo kasing laki ko lang si Akira (ni Em) in person. LOL!

Before we dine we waited for the other mommies to arrived. Next to us, its Faye and Erl who arrived at the venue. Followed by Pepper and Fleur. We we’re so delighted when we saw Mommy Fleur in person. Sad thing is kulang ang time to chika! The kids and Daddies we’re running and playing like there’s no tomorrow at the field while the mommies are having a non-stop chikahan! Chikahan is one thing I enjoyed the most in playdates, pag-pasensyahan nio na but I’m really a HUGE talker in person. Haha! Aminado naman ako mga mother! Hehe

P.S. All photos grabbed from Em! Thanks Em and Fafa Khan for the wonderful photos! Well, technically we have our camera with us but I wasn’t able to use it– busy kasi kaka-chika! Sorry naman! 😛

The future “Azkals Team” ika nga ni Em! I agree with that! 😛

There’s Cyler and Aki playing foot ball. While Lucas is running towards them.

Lucas: Sali akooo!

Ate Akira (together with her Tita Cat’s) and Lucas

Nagmo-moment ang mag ama ko!

Here’s Cyler trying to hide the ball from everybody! LOL! Good thing he was on the mood to play then.

And here’s me while playing with Aki and Cyler

I was asking Aki here what’s the color of the ball while Cyler doing his own thing– playing the twigs! Aki loves to play with Cyler.

Nature Lover…. boy!

Yes, my son loves twigs, tree’s, leaves, grass, flowers, and anything significant to nature. That includes soil! He’s indeed a nature lover…boy. Wag lang sana mga earth worms… my gulay! Di ko kakayanin! I have Entomophobia kasi– fear on crawling creatures!

Akira and Cyler both love nature, btw. So playing at Ayala Triangle was a big hit to both of them.

And one of the million things that we enjoyed in this playdate was the free photoshoot by Studio 2716. They uploaded the teaser already so mas lalo akong na-excite to see all the final photos! Here’s the teaser, ladies and gentlemen. Make sure you have your tissue with you baka tumulo ang mga laway ninyo… chos! Ang ganda kasi eh.. super! Wala lang. 😛

The Sombrero Family (Mommy Fleur, Anika, and Wowa minus Mr. Sombrero)

The Familia Kiki (Maqui, Aki, and Fafa Franco)

Erl and her daughter, Kelsea.

The Agustin Family (Maggie, Lucas, Mike)

The Tiquio Family (Em, Akira, and Fafa/Chef Khan)

The Ladaga Family (Fafa Randy, Dew, and Raviv)

Mommy Aimee and Tala

The Entrata Family (Pepper, Fafa Mark, and Adriana)

And last but not the least…

The Ricafort Family (Fafa Cj, Cyler, and Meeee!)

Seeee! The photos was awesome, right?! Thank you so much Studio 2716 for the wonderful family photos! We will surely get your service again in our coming family photoshoot! For more info about Studio 2716 kindly visit their Facebook page here.

I would also like to thank Em for the gifts you gave to Cyler…

I soo love this crafty thingy of yours, Em!

and for the headbands you made for me!

See I wore it!

I feel like a baby wearing this kikay headband!

And also thanks to Faye for the piyaya (ang yummmy!), Ate Maggie for the yummy cakepops, Dew for the mouth-watering chocolate cake, and for all the mommies and daddies for making this day more special and memorable!

This playdate was really fun and bitin at the same time! It was nice meeting all of you in person, mudrabels! See you on our next playdate! All the running, playing, photoshoot, tantrums, chikahan, eating was all worth it! Like what Maqui said “di kumpleto ang playdate without tantrums” . Well, yeah that’s really true. But more than the reunion, the friendship, the moments, the laughter, and spending time together are memories I will cherish the most. 🙂

I hope everyone could come on our next playdate! To those mommies who wanted to join, please feel free to join us. We’d love to hear from you!

10 thoughts on “The Most Awaited Meet Up

  1. I died of inggit! 🙂 clean inggit naman yan ha… grabe one of the things I often wish I am in Pinas. I’m so glad though you all had a fun playdate… and tunay ka jan, tumulo ang laway ko sa ganda ng photoshoot! And it’s nice to know Mommy Aimee’s daughter has the same name as our Little Spanish Pinay 😀

    Maybe one day, one day… ma-meet ko rin kayo lahat in person. Besos from Spain!

    • Don’t worry, there’s still more playdate! Just give us a heads up kung kailan kayo uuwi dito sa Pinas so we could set another playdate. Madami pang playdate na mangyayare! Promise!

      Oh and wait, may tissue kb ng tumulo ang laway mo? Chos! Hahaha!

      We love to meet all of you in person!

    • Oo nga noh, member tau lahat ng Doc Vienne’s Club! Haha! Infairness nga this time mas playful ang mga kiddos! We should continue the playdate hanggang sa maging super friends na silang lahat! 🙂

  2. Sha! Grabbing one photo ha? 🙂 Inggit much ako sa mga family pics! Sana nag solo na ako kasi yung na sana opportunity ko mag feeling model-modelan. Di pa sana mahahalatang kasing laki ko na halos anak ko kasi nag iisa lang ako. Wahaha. It was really nice meeting all of you. Nakakatuwa talaga how we all seem to have known each other for a loooong time na ano? 🙂 Again, salamat kay Maqui naligaw ako sa mga blogs nyo!

    • Oh sure no worries, Faye! Basta kayo nanginginig pa! Oo nga sana talaga nag solo picture kana lang it’s your time to shine na sana! I told you naman kasi ayaw mo lang. Hahaha!

      Anyhoo, I feel so glad because I was able to meet all the wonderful mom bloggers like you. We should set more playdates! More playdates, more FUN! For both parents and kiddos! 🙂

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