Great Images by Studio 2716

Hi everyone, how’s your weekend?! I hope you all have a fantastic and great weekend! Mine was quite tiring but soo fantastic! My toddler is currently taking a nap and the hubby is watching Basketball (as usual) so I sneak in front of the computer to visit this small space of mine. 🙂

Anyhoo, remember when I blogged about the teaser of our mini-photoshoot in our recent play-date (read it here)? Happy (actually giddy) to tell that Studio 2716 uploaded the official photos already! My gulay! Tumulo ang laway ko mga teh! Ang gooondoooh! I swear! Wanna see it? Again, make sure you have your tissue with you… ang mga lewey… alam ninyo na. chos!

Here’s the great photos captured by Studio 2716:

Dew, Pepper, Aimee, Erl, Faye, Me, Maqui, Aki, Maggie, and Em (with Akira)

Patikim palang yan!

Eto naman appetizer palang to! 🙂

Ayan, I really need a tissue! My little baby is baby no more! Again, for the Nth time– time flies so fast! *goosebumps*

Pakihabol nga pleaseeee!

But wait there’s more!

O-ha! Anong sinabi ng skirt ko?! Kasama sa eksena! LOL!

I realized, maganda pala ang mag ganyang skirt sa mga photoshoot. 🙂

We we’re just actually playing and goofing around, which I like the most!

Mother and Son

Emoterang Frog Mode: ON

Hay! Omegad! Anak, ang laki mo na! Can someone stop the clock?! I just wanna steal this moment with my son.


Oh nooo! Tissue! I need some tissue please! I’m literally crying right now! I thought laway lang ang tutulo, bakit pati luha?! 😦

Growing in a broken family I never thought that God will gave me a not-so-perfect but HAPPY and COMPLETE family. They fill the emptiness in my heart. *sob*

Anyway, I have some kwento about the last photo:

Me talking to Cj

Me: Hon, tingnan mo yung picture mo dito wala kang tyan dito oh! Naks naman! Parang tunay!

Cj: Wala naman talaga akong tyan ah! Heller?!

Me: Neknek mo! Sinong niloko mo?! Ambisyosa!

Cj: Tse! Echoserang palaka!

And there! Need I say more?! If you’re looking for a good photographer I highly recommend Studio 2716 to all of you! I tell you, they will surely turn your family photos into fabulous family portrait! Visit their FACEBOOK PAGE (click here) for more info!


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