…Rukawa! Rukawa!


Kidding aside, I am actually referring to Valentine’s day not Slam Dunk. Forgive my non-sense joke. Haha! If you’re a fan of Slam Dunk for sure you’ll get my joke! I’m feeling a bit (a bit palang yan ha) cray-cray right now, so please forgive my craziness. And please bear with me. Alright, moving on to the REAL topic which of course L-O-V-E! This post has been sitting on my drafts since the 2nd week of February, I’m so sorry for the delayed post about Valentine’s, I know I know it’s the end of the month already. Blame my super insane schedule (and my katamaran!)! Oh well they say it’s better to be late than never so here’s my pahabol post for the love month.

How’s your V-day celebration? Did you receive any special gift from your loved ones? Did you like it?! Ako kasi walang natanggap eh ni-isa eh, so ampalaya mode ako that day. Chos! I actually recieved lotsa chocolates from my beloved friends, they’re the sweetest! And my V-day was quite different, it was insane and it’s one of the busiest day of my life! Ever! And when I say ever it means it was a super-duper-uber-mega to the highest level stressful day for me! LOL! But I’m such a happy Momma that day, I must say. Valentine is a day of love and lots of kilig moments to everyone else out there especially to all the girls! Aminin natin yan ladies (or ako lang talaga ang assuming pag Valentine’s?)! May jowa man or wala for sure masaya pa din ang Valentine because they spent it with the most important people in their life like parents, siblings, friends, relatives, co-workers, and of course together with their one true love. This year’s Valentine is one of the most tiring yet happiest Valentine’s ever for me because aside from the fact that I celebrated it to my one and only, I also had the chanced to celebrate this special occasion with my friends and myself. And it’s thrilling to see how our cupcakes have become part of this very special occasion. I feel like a super woman last February 14, wanna know why? Are you sure?

Alright, here’s the reason why:

The night before Valentine’s day I baked more than 200 cupcakes, it was insane and really tiring! But who I am to complain?! I only had 3hrs of sleep then, so can you imagine how bangag I am? I packed all the cupcakes that needs to be deliver by morning. It took me 1 1/2 hour to finish the whole packaging. It wasn’t easy but it was so much fun! The hardest part was the delivery, I had to make sure that the frosting will not melt or else it will look like a melted -ugly-snowman. Oh the travails of cupcake business! But you know what makes me really happy? It’s the compliment that I got from all our satisfied customers! It’s priceless, it’s worth every puyat, eye-bags, and pawis!

Thank goodness despite of my hectic morning and lack of sleep still I was able to fixed myself. Medyo Haggardo Versoza nga lang ang lola ninyo pero keribels pa rin!

While on my way to work. Hindi naman halatang haggardness diba? Slight lang.. 🙂

And yeah, I was super-duper-uber-mega late when I arrived at the office. My working area looked like a mini-cupcakery in an instant due to the huge boxes and cooler filled with cupcakes. My only regret that day is that I didn’t bring extra cupcakes, everyone was asking if I brought extra cupcakes because they wanted to order more. Sayang talaga, sayang ang kita! I guess every homemaker can relate to me. Hehe

During lunch time me and my officemates had a Valentine’s lunch date. We celebrated the Valentine’s day together. We dine at Rue Borboun, it was one kembot away from our office. Yes, isang kembot lang from our office and we’re already there. When we arrived we felt so lucky because we we’re able to get a table immediately. The only problem is that it took 45 minutes before we got our orders, oh well what do I expect? It’s Valentine.

Meet my pretty dates!

From L-to-R: Rachelle, Katey, Me, Irene , and Anna

My phone was dead batt already so this is the only food na nakuhaan ko. My bad! Sorry!

Rue Nachos

This mouth-watering nachos is one the most crowd pleaser here in Rue Borboun. As a matter of fact it’s one of our favorite appetizer too! Hindi yan nawawala sa order namin whenever we dine here. You can’t never go wrong with their nachos, I tell yah! You know what I love about this nacho? Well aside from the crisps and colorful nachos I so love their salsa and the ground pork itself! It is a sinful but delectable delish dish, it taste perfect for me! So far that’s the best nacho that I’ve ever tasted. Pinky swear!

On top of the nachos, we also ordered their famous Borboun barbeque ribs. It’s to die for! The meat was oh-so-tender and the honeyglazed barbeque sauce was so delish! We paired our ribs with jambalaya rice instead of mashed potato. Pang construction worker lang ang kain namin, daming gutom eh! We also ordered pizza and pasta. We we’re so full and satisfied so I guess the 45minutes we spent in waiting was worth it! And you know what I like about this resto bar? The friendly and very polite staff. Kasi while we’re waiting for the food they kept on apologizing for the delay. Ang nice diba? At least di sila nagpapa-asa ng customer. 🙂

After office hours, I had a real quick Mom-me time! I went to my favorite facial spa at Glorietta and pampered myself ng bonggang-bongga. Feeling ko kasi I’m sooo stressed that day and I need this! I guess I deserved a little treat after a looong and tiring day of work. I had mani-pedi and facial then.

Before the delivery..chos! Feeling ko talaga nasa operating room ako pag suot-suot ko yang cap na yan eh. It reminds me of my experience when I gave birth to Cyler. Promise!

Feeling Halloween lang, I usually use collagen mask for my face. Feeling ko kasi aging na ang skin ko so I go for anti-aging mask. 🙂

I bet you’re wondering where’s my date, am I right or left?! Well he’s actually waiting for me outside the spa. Hehe After that quick Mom-me time, finally my most awaited moment happened– a date with the husband! Ayiiii! Lakas maka-highschool ng feeling!

Here’s what I wore that day. Pa-girl ang outfit sympre may date eh! 🙂

And here’s my bigotilyong date– of course my one and only true loooove… Pacman! Este Cj pala. Magka-muka na kasi sila ni Pacman dahil sa kapal ng bigote. Ugggh!

Side Kwento: I keep on nagging Cj na tanggalin na nya yang bigote nya kaso matigas ang ulo… ayaw talaga! And you know what’s his reason?! Magmu-muka daw kasi syang binata without the mustache. Feelingerong palaka noh?

Anyhoo, we dine at Old Spaghetti House in Valero st. Makati. That’s one cart-wheel away from my office. As in likod lang ng building namin yan. Glorietta was closed already when I finished my facial treatment so we had no choice but to find another resto na within Makati lang. Good thing most of the resto extended their closing time since it’s Valentine. Good thing the resto wasn’t jam-packed anymore when we arrived.

We ordered Seafood marinara…

And barbeque ribs since hindi ako maka-get over sa Rue Barbeque ribs. Their ribs taste good but I prefer Rue Barbeque ribs pa rin.

It was a quiet moment for both of us. We talked about everything under the sun, just like the usual. We spent our time laughing, cuddling each other, and of course hindi mawawala ang asaran! At the end ako nanaman ang pikon! Ugh! But we had an intimate time than the usual. It’s really different when it’s just the two of you coz you appreciate each other more . We talked about our plans for the family, Cyler’s milestones, funny moments with our son, and about baby #2… chos! Isang malaking chos! He’s not a chocolate-and-rose type of man, so he didn’t gave anything to me. Hindi talaga sya mahilig mag regalo but he always makes me feel that I’m the most important (and gorgeous) girl in the whole-wide-universe and that he loves me to the moon and back. And I guess no material thing can ever replace that. Paki-tabi nga yung hair ko dyan baka maapakan ninyo na. Haha!

Oh wait! He actually gave me a new phone. Technically, I have my iPhone5 already I bought it last December kaso t’was color black and I really want the white one. Maarte eh ayaw agad ng black kahit kakabili lang. You know kikay problem.. Hehe To make the long story short– he bought the white one and we swapped, he got my old black iPhone and I got her new color white iPhone. Lugi! Lugi! Yan nalang ang nasabi ng asawa ko after namin mag-swap ng phone. Haha! Oh well just like the saying goes,– “ang iyo ay akin ang akin ay akin”. 😛

Going back to our V-date.. nevertheless, it was a very tiring but another kilig nd memorable Valentine’s day for me and my husband. It was a simple celebration though, what matters most is that at the end of the day I celebrated this special occasion with my one true love. And that’s all that matters to me.


You are my heart, my soul, and my inspiration just like the old love song goes. I love you to the moon and back!


I hope you’re Valentines are filled with so much L-O-V-E!

8 thoughts on “L-O-V-E

  1. Haha i can just imagine CJ being explicitly romantic. Not like him nga. Baka si Tenten pa. Haha. Ganda talaga ng cousin ko! And i cant remember the last time i went to have a facial spa. Our vday was very busy though. Ohwell 🙂

  2. Congratulations pala sa iyong budding cupcake business! Parang kailan lang, I was reading about your cupcake experimentation, tapos now may business ka na 🙂 so, how do I order?

    • Thank you so much, Alias! I know it’s crazy parang kailan lang I’m just experimenting and now I have my own biz! It really is crazy though. Haha!

      Oh and as for the order you can visit our Facebook Page for more info, its Sweet Treats by Mommy Sha. And there, thanks again!

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