KikayMommySha’s 1st Blogversary Giveaway!

Hellllooooo everyone! This is it! This iz really, iz it iz it! I know you’ve been waiting for this post, sorry if it’s a bit delay because we just got back from our staycation in my hometown. Anyhoo, to tell you honestly I’m actually not prepared. Hahaha! Cramming is my forte, you know! And while I’m doing this post may bata pang makulit na naka-upo sa lap ko, namely Cyler. My gulay! I am actually using my right hand for typing and my other hand for my toddler who kept on pulling me out of the computer. You know the travails of being a MOM! So forgive me if I sound crazy or annoying in this post, ngaragers na ang lola ninyo! HAHA! Masyado akong nag-enjoy sa long weekend that I almost forgot about the giveaway. My bad! Churi! Churi! Anyhoo, I already finalized the prizes and good news– we’ve got more prizes for the giveaway. My fellow mom blogger and momprenuer friend Erlaine of Shopping Spells will be giving away a passport holder and a glamma momma shirt! Bonggels, diba?! Don’t you love the prizes?! I definitely love it!

Alright, tama na ang chika, let’s go to the contest proper. I’m pretty sure you are all excited kasi excited na din ako! Here it is!


Baby Mum-mum and Snackin Fruit Heart from Ygo’s Organic, Handmade craft felt gift set (consist of 1 Mini Tissue Holder, 1 Pen Holder (for 3 pens) and 8 pieces gift cards. Artwork on Gift Card: Gratitude Tree by Amadea Carrillo) from The Wagon Shop, Cycles liquid and powder laundry detergent, and Cycles Pretreater Pen from MomCenter Philippines


3 handmade classic hairpieces from M+K=a, Cycles liquid and powder laundry detergent, and Cycles Pretreater Pen from MomCenter Philippines and Fab Glamma Momma’s shirt from Shopping Spells


2pcs Cradle Baby bottle & nipple cleanser and Cradle Toy & Surface cleaner from MomCenter Philippines, 3 Dozen Mini-Cupcakes from Sweet Treats (you can choose any flavor! Your choice), Stylish Passport Holder from Shopping Spells, SeriAsia Slendering Package (contains therma oil, mineral crystal, purifying treatment oil, slendering treatment oil, and e-action cream)


1. Submit your entries and follow the instructions/steps by clicking this link to rafflecopter. You can earn bonus entries by sharing the giveaway on Twitter and Facebook! You can actually do it everyday! The more entries, the more chances of winning! So share lang ng share!

2. This giveaway is valid for readers with a valid Philippine address only. The raffle starts today and will close on April 20,2013 at exactly 12AM.

3. I will be choosing three winners, the announcement will be on April 21, 2012 (on my birthday, yes that’s my birthday!). I will contact the winners through email. So stay tuned on April 21, 2013!

3. Items from The Wagon Shop, M+K= a, and Ygo’s organic will deliver the prizes to the winners. Please take note that I won’t be shipping some of the items(like cupcakes from Sweet Treats due to food and quality control and because some of the items are fragile) so the winner must be willing to meet up within Metro Manila.

4. And lastly, please follow the instructions thoroughly because we will validate all your entries and we don’t want you to waste your time and effort. Okidokie?! 🙂

And there you go! So easy to join, right? So join now and share the good news to your friends and family!

Special thanks to all our sponsors MomCenter Philippines, The Wagon Shop, M+K=a, Shopping Spells, Sweet Treats, and Ygo’s Organic for giving away all these items!


Guys, I’m seeing some invalid entries, you liked the pages but you didn’t follow the 1st instruction. Please don’t forget to leave your Full Name, Email Address, Facebook Accnt, or Twitter in the comment box that’s the first instructions in the rafflecopter. Please follow instructions so we can validate your entries faster and I don’t want your efforts to get wasted. Thanks!


Happy Easter and goodluck to all of you! XoXo


KikayMommySha Turns 1

Exactly one year ago, KikayMommySha’s blog was born in this cyber space called blogging world. Yeah, it’s been awhile since I created this blog and I am forever grateful because of the people I meet all throughout the year. My awesome readers and my fellow bloggers especially mom bloggers are one of my inspirations why this blog is still existing.

Photo taken from Google

For my readers, thank you so much for all the letters you sent me thru email, you don’t know how much I appreciate it. T’was really heartfelt. You guys are such an inspiration. I don’t want to name names, you know who you are. And special thanks to all my readers in the other side of this planet, thank you so much for taking time on visiting this blog and for loving me and my family. I do appreciate it, I really do. From the bottom of my heart, thank you for all the efforts and for giving time. I know how precious is time but still you manage to give time on visiting my blog. Thanks a bunch!

And to my fellow bloggers Je, Maqui, Ate Maggie, Em, Mars, Aimee, Muther Fleur, Faye, Pepper, Erlaine, Kaye, Dew, Badet, and many more for being such an inspiration. Special thanks to all my mom blogger friends for sharing all your Mommy wisdom, it help me a lot! And thanks for the gift of friendship, it is something that I will keep forever. You don’t know how glad and happy I am for having all of you in my life. Again, thank you so much!

I hope I can keep this blog until Cyler gets older, so I have something to show him when the time comes that he can read and understand well. An online diary of my family. I just want to take this opportunity to say thank you to my husband, Cj. I have said this to you gazillion times but let me tell it once again how lucky I am to have you in my life. Thank you for all the patience and for helping me out when I’m in need and for constantly reminding me to be good (I know I’m silly most of the time). Thank you for taking good care of me and Cyler! And please lang bawas bawasan ang pagpupuyat, malakas maka-pangit yan! LOL! Thanks for washing our clothes all the time! Tigasing tunay kasi ‘tong asawa ko eh kaya naman elibs na elibs at love na love ko talaga ‘to! Thank you for the laughter and tears, Hon. Sorry if I keep nagging you pag matigas ang ulo mo, it’s for your own good. I love you to the moon and back! And to my unico hijo, Cyler be good always. I know you are, so keep it up. We will never leave you nor forsake you, and that’s a promise, anak. We will always be proud of you. And please wala munang chicks, baka biglang lumabas ang pagka-bitchy ni Mommy! LOL! You can court a girl when you’re old enough… maybe when you’re 40 years old, ayan pwde ka ng magka-GF! LOL! Wala nakong mahihiling pa kundi ang maging masaya ka parati. And keep your faith in God. I love you from infinity and beyond, anak!

Thank you so much guys for making this blog more meaningful! Thanks a lot! I love you all! *Cyber hugs and kisses*

Oh and before I forgot we’ve got more prizes for my 1st Blogversary! Em of Akira and Everything Nice just opened her online shop and she will be giving away three head bands for kids and pwde din sa kids at heart!

The name of her shop is M+K=a , they used to sell handmade classic hairpieces and felt character bands for your little girl. You can visit their FB page here. Oh well what can I say? I’ve got all the generous friends in this planet! Thanks Em for being one of my sponsor! Like what I told you in Viber, pinasaya mo ko ng bonggang bongga! Alam mo yan! Thanks a bunch sis!

Tomorrow is the start of my 1st blogversary giveaway, so stay tuned for more info! And please join, join, join! The more, the merrier! Again, stay tuned at KikayMommySha tomorrow!

Saturday Malling With My Boys

Our Saturday started with chasing and running, and we love it! Daddy left the house in the morning for his Basketball Tournament, so it’s just me and my toddler again.Cyler ate pancake, mangoes, and banana for breakfast. After feeding him, I gave him a bath. In this usual routine, Cyler’s favorite part is taking a bath. He used to say “Shower! Shower!” while we were in the shower! And he loves soaking in the pail full of water. He loves water so much that is why I am having a hard time getting him out of the bathroom, once he dip into the water he doesn’t want to go out anymore!

Goofing around while eating! Mommy’s bad! churi! Churi! 😛

Finally, after many attempts to get him out, he finally gave in to Mommy. Sa wakas nauto ko din! What’s the trick?! Well, I showed his favorite toy car to him. Hehe While waiting for Daddy, we tried playing this “ga-la-sses” (that’s how he pronounce glasses). He used to call eye and sun glasses as glasses. He enjoyed wearing it but after a few minutes he gets bored wearing it. Oh well what do I expect from a toddler? Hehe

In the afternoon, after his Daddy came back from his Basketball Tournament, off we went to the nearest mall in our place, SM San Lazaro. Tamang pasyal lang ng bagets.

Strolling kung strolling ang bagets!

When we passed by at the movie house, Cyer was mesmerized by the moving led lights. He got really curious and stood (and stare!) in front of it for about 15minutes. He was so curious and was so giddy everytime he see the led lights moving. He was jumping and giggling the entire time. He looks so cute while watching the lights moving and he used to follow the direction of the lights. Silly and curious little boy, that is.

After watching the magnificent light show (for Cyler), we went at the arcade and we allowed our little boy to ride in the toy car and he enjoyed it A LOT! Well, it’s not a surprise because one of his current obsession is the car. This place is the best place for my two boys.

Too Fast, too Curious!

Broom! Broom!!

We went to Booksale (our favorite place!), we stayed there for about thirty minutes and I was able to purchased four books..only. Sob. These are some of our book loots, Where Are Baby’s Easter Eggs by Karen Katz and Because You Are My Baby by Henry North. I’ll make another post for the book. These two books are my favorite!

After that, we went at the supermarket to buy some diapers and food for Cyler. I’m so happy because finally Cyler appreciates yoghurt, Dutch Mill yoghurt drink that is. I guess he is no longer a picky eater! Woohooo! And because of that we gave him reward– lotsa hugs and kisses from Mommy and Daddy! YEAH! 🙂

And there, that’s how my Saturday goes with my boys. Simple, cool, chillaxin’, and fun filled Saturday. 🙂


KMS Cooks: Jazz Up Your Pancake

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend? I hope everybody had a blast like I did! Did you notice that it’s Holy week already, ang bilis ng panahon noh? Hindi pa nga ako nakaka-move on sa Christmas at New Year eh. I swear! Did anyone of you (especially those reader in the other side of this planet) know that here in our country Holy Week is the most important holiday because majority of population is devout Catholics (that includes me!). Well, I’m actually Born-Again Christian but when I got married and transferred here in Manila I started attending mass in Catholic Church. It’s not a big deal though because I only believe in God– the one up there of course.

Anyhoo, going back to the main topic. Last Saturday, I cooked pancake(again and again) for brekky but this time I made it extra special. I added special twist in our pancakes. Pancake is one of my favorite breakfast that’s why I never get tired of eating it! That’s how I love it. And one of the things I love about cooking pancakes is the fact that you can put anything on it. I always try not to use the usual pancake syrup because it gives me the umay factor. So I checked what’s available in our pantry and I saw a bottle of nutella and ripe mangoes so I had this light bulb moment and decided to add nutella (yum!) and mangoes(my ultimate favorite fruit!) in my pancake, for Cyler I only added mango.

And this is how it turned out!

(insert ShaLaLa song here please!)

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All Things Made with TLC At The Wagon Shop

You know what, one of my frustrations in life is being creative. Lahat ng kaartehan sa mundo sinalo ko except for one thing– being creative. Tulog ata ako nun or nagtutulog-tulugan lang ako ng nagsabog si Lord ng creative juices. I’ve always wanted to be someone who was able to do craft because I’m not really good in it. I’m trying kaso parating FAIL! Epic fail that is. Cj would always laugh at me whenever I try to sew my clothes, ganun ako ka-fail sa bagay na yan. Most especially when I try making hand crafts dyan ako super sablay I tell you. I’d rather buy ready made than doing it all by myself. Tamad na wala pang creativity– that’s me when it comes to craft. That’s why I really admire those people who are really good in making crafts.

One of the people that I really admire the most when it comes to handmade craft is Pepper, she and her sister are really good in it! Pepper is the mom behind the blog “Days in a Wagon” like me she also shares her momventures thru her blog. Also, she is the brain and beauty behind “The Wagon Shop“. I really admire this lady because she already wear so many hats but still on top of that, still she was able to manage her business and her family at the same time. She is definitely a super Mom! Kung pwede lang sabitan ng crown si Pepper, ginawa ko na! And did I mention that aside from being talented she’s also very pretty?! She really is! I was star struck at her when I saw her last February in our grand playdate. I told her that she’s really beautiful but she’s very humble and still deny the fact that she’s pretty. She is such a very down to earth person.

The Wagon Shop

We did had a little Q&A portion and I am so honored to share it with y’all.

1.) What inspired you to start your business?

“Our passion and big love for handmade things inspired me and my big sister to come up with an online shop where all things are carefully hand crafted. Handmade things have so much character in them and are usually one of a kind.”

2.) Encouraging words for the readers who would like to start or improve their business.

“Utilize each and every talent that you have. Success will not happen overnight that’s a fact. It will take time and you have to believe in your product — improve what has to be improved and give it your all. Not everyone is a fan of handmade things or crafts but there are people out there who “nerd” about the same things as you do — And they are your niche. Use every tool you have to help spread the word about your business. The internet is a big help but the good ol’ fashioned “word of mouth” is still the most powerful tool so make sure you give your clients good, quality, well crafted items and your off to a good start.”

These are some of my favorites products from The Wagon Shop that really caught my attention, such an eye-candy!

(All photos and description was taken from The Wagon Shop)

Craft Felt Silverware Utensil Holder

Make your plate setting perfect with this charmingly handmade, handcrafted, hand stitched craft felt Silverware Utensil Holder.

Mini Owl Loot Pouch

This pouch is perfect for Harry Potter themed birthday party or just plain owl themed party.

handmade toopsie dolls

This handmade toopsie doll are adorable, unique, and most especially non-toxic, perfect for every little girl!

Send a little note to your loveone with these beautiful and unique handmade owl greeting cards!

These handmade confetti owl photo holder is definitely my favorite! It reminds me of my childhood memories. Perfect wall decor at your home!

My real doodle are kids fun, artsy, and carefree drawings rendered in cloth making them three dimensional and — HUGGABLE!

And there goes my favorite! Actually, I love all their handmade crafts! It’s cool and most especially unique! There are lots of handmade crafts waiting for you at The Wagon Shop, feel free to visit their site and check out all their items! I’m pretty sure you will love it too just like I do! And let us not forget what Pepper says to us “Utilize each and every talent that you have“, it’s God’s gift to us so cherish and nourish it. And don’t forget to share your talent and blessings with other people! Thanks again, Pepper for sponsoring one of the prizes for my upcoming giveaway! I really appreciate it, I really really do! Thanks again! Oh and special thanks to Erl for giving me the ideas on sponsoring! Thank you so much ladies!

Oh and if you haven’t seen the prizes for my upcoming giveaway you can check it here! And I have a good news to share! There are still more prizes coming in our way, I’ll post it these coming days! So stay tuned!

Visit The Wagon Shop:



The Revelation of Prizes!

Hello there! This is it pansit! The revelation of prizes for my upcoming blogversary giveaway on March 30! Oh well, please don’t expect too much wala pong house and lot na included sa prizes, just uhmmmm… a brand new car…. mini toy car that is. Of course I’m kidding! I just want to excite you more! 😛

You know what? I feel so blessed because of my sponsors, I actually can’t believe na may sponsors talaga ako. Nakakaloka kung iisipin, but I feel so overwhelmed because these people trusted me and they give all their items/products wholeheartedly without asking anything in return. I don’t even know how will I thank each of them, I swear! You guys are such a blessing! I guess no words can say how much I appreciate all of you, thank you for being so generous to me.

Alright, let us proceed with the prizes! I’m pretty sure you are all excited! Yes or yes?! Raise your feet together with your eyebrows if you are excited!

I’ve blogged about MomCenter Philippines before (you can read it here) when joined in. I guess that’s one of the best thing I did for this blog and for myself as well. They become my parenting partner. I used to visit their site almost everyday, I’ve got most of my Mommy wisdom from their site and I’ve got everything I need! MomCenter Phils is a free online community and go to for all mommies and expectant moms who are looking for parenting tips and information including expert parenting . They also have baby, pregnancy, and child care information. They’ve got everything you need about parenting! They’re here to guide all Mommies especially newbie Moms like me. Oh and did I mention that they already featured my blog on their site? Yes they did, not just once but twice. They used to help all mom bloggers to promote their site and share our articles on their site, which I like the most. MomCenter is so generous to me ever since I become a member. When I asked them if they can be my sponsor for my first blogversary giveaway, they didn’t think twice and they granted my request immediately.

Here are the items that are up for grabs!


Cradle bottle & nipple cleanser and Cradle Toy & Surface Cleaner

Cycles mild laundry detergent set (powder and liquid) and stain pretreater pen

We’ve been using Cycles and Cradles ever since Cyler was born! And I’d never try anything other than these two products. This is really good especially for babies with delicate skin (like Cyler!). Cycles and Cradles offers only SAFE and EFFECTIVE cleaning products to use on your baby’s clothes, toys, and any surface. You can never go wrong in using these two products! This is the best for me and my baby! 🙂

And of course MomCenter has something for Mommies too!

Photo taken from Ensogo.Ph

SeriAsia Slendering Package (contains therma oil, mineral crystal, purifying treatment oil, slendering treatment oil, and e-action cream)

The SeriAsia Slendering Package is a specialized treatment that aids in detoxifying the body, burning excess fat, and improving skin’s elasticity. It works for localized fatty deposits and stubborn cellulites by combining three actions: DETOXIFY, SLIMMING, FIRMING. If you want to improve your skin’s elasticity, this one is perfect for you! SeriAsia has SPA too! You can check out their site (click here) and check the nearest branch to your place. I’ve read a lot of rave reviews about their SPA so I guess I should check it one of these days. 🙂

The next prize was sponsored by Ygo’s Organics. My number one online shop for organic baby foods. They’ll be giving away Baby Mum-Mum Organic rice rusks and Earth’s Best Snackin’ Fruit Hearts! ! I blogged about Ygo’s Organic before(read it here) when we got the go signal from Dra. Vienne that we can introduce solid foods to Cyler. Ygo’s Organic used to sell organic baby foods at a much, much lower price! Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits are perfect for introducing solid food to a baby! Made especially for teething babies, Baby Mum-Mum Rice Biscuits are baby biscuits that dissolve easily in your child’s mouth, with no mess! While the Earth’s Best Snackin’ Fruit Heart is a healthy finger food made from real blueberries and an excellent source of iron, zinc and six B vitamins USDA organic.

And of course Sweet Treats will be giving away not just one, not even two, but three dozens mini-cupcake to the lucky winner! The winner can customized the cupcakes, they can choose the flavor(redvelvet, chocolate, vanilla, carrot) and designs they wanted! Plus a chance of seeing me in person! Chos! LOL! Of course I’m the one who will deliver the cupcakes to the winner so you don’t have any choice but to see me. HAHA!

Do you think that’s all?! Uh-uh! I think you got it wrong!

Just you wait because there’s still more! Yes, there’s more!

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KikayMommySha’s 1st Blogversary/Birthday Sneak Peek!

O-M-G! I can’t believe that this little space of mine will be turning 1 in one week time! Yes, one year na hindi lang talaga halata. I know I’ve said this gazillion times but let me just repeat this once again— time flies so fast! Grabe! NKKLK to the highest level but I am super kaduper excited about it, as in mas excited pako sa excited! Did you know that this blog helps me a lot in so many ways? I actually didn’t know that until I realized that through this blog I gained a bunch of Mommy wisdom from my fellow Mom bloggers and readers as well. And not only that, through this blog I also found not only wisdom but real and true friendship from other bloggers and readers too. I guess this is one of the best thing about blogging– gaining friends and more parenting wisdom at the same time. I feel so overwhelmed and grateful with all those blessing that comes in my way. You (yes, you) have become part of my life already and without you (yes, ikaw nga!) I wouldn’t be here. I know I’m just starting in this battle called motherhood but I do believe that as long as I have all of you I can make it, no matter how hard or painful it is. I was super mahiyain before but this blog helped me a lot in building my confidence. I may not be a good writer but I know through my simple words I somehow inspire someone like you.

So please allow me to take this opportunity to thank all of you especially my readers (even though lilima lang kayo or pito. LOL!) for supporting and loving my family all throughout the year! Thank you for all the kind words, encouragement, wisdom, and sympathy you have given me. My family and all of you are the reason’s why KikayMommySha’s blog was born (and still here), yes it’s all because of you! So blame yourselves! LOL! Kidding aside.

Anyhoo, in gratitude to your kindness I will be holding a giveaway in my blog on March 31, 2013!

Here’s the sneak peek of my sponsors!

Mom Center PH

Mom Center Philippines is a fast-growing, free online community with over 70,000 members. It’s an online parenting site and forum for all expectant Mums, new Mums and Mums with infants and young children. It’s not only a forum for parents; it is also a buying guide where products and services related to child-rearing are periodically reviewed and featured. They feature everything that a every parent needs– from toys, baby clothes, baby stuffs, gadgets, and even skin care products for mommies because they believe every mom is a woman that deserves a treat. They also features courses and events relevant to mother and kids too.

Ygo’s Organic

Quality organic food products need not be unattainable for your precious baby. Cost and accessibility should not be a problem.We offer blended food, snacks and other yummy items from tested organic brands at a lower price. We know you want the best for your baby, as we want the same for our very own Ygo!

-Mommy Karen of Ygo’s Organic

And of course, your’s truly!

And also I would like to say thank you to Mom Center Philippines and Ygo’s Organic for sponsoring my first ever giveaway. Oh and special thanks to Erl of Glamma Momma for helping me out and giving me idea on how to manage a giveaway. Thanks a lot, Erl!

I will be posting the actual prizes on weekend, so make sure to stay tuned at KikayMommySha! The giveaway will starts on March 31 (that’s Easter Sunday) and will run until April 20! The announcement of winners will be on April 21 (on my birthday!) here of course in my blog. More eggziting prizes are waiting for all of you! So tell your friends and family to join too! More entry, more chances of winning! Again, stay tuned!

Again, from the bottom of my heart…. Thank You So Muuuuuch! *cyber hugs and kisses*

For more info:

Visit and like their Facebook Page: Ygo’s Organic
Phone: 0917 826 8994

Visit MomCenter Philippines

Sunday Recap

Weekend, weekend, weekend why I love you so? How come Monday is so close to Sunday yet so far from Saturday?! Can somebody explain why? Weekend is so precious for us, especially for us working parents because that’s the only time where we can spend our whole day with our child. The feeling is weird when it’s weekend it feels like I’m always celebrating my 1st Birthday! The excitement, giddiness, and happiness is different– in short wagas ang feeling pag weekend! Siksik, liglig, at umaapaw ang kaligayahan!

We love staying at home every Sunday, it’s the time when we do our household chores and just bum around the whole day! We love waking up late on weekends too (we’re not a morning peepz you know) and we love staying in our tiny little room and just play there the entire day. Last Sunday was quite different though. While my toddler is still sleeping, I took the chance to prepare his brekky (even though I’m still sleepy). I cooked pancakes in the morning and he liked it! He kept on saying “yum!” while he’s eating. Oh those precious words from my picky eater I seldom hear that! I bet he really liked it. Yay! 🙂

Come afternoon, off we went to S&R, The Fort together with my in-laws. I can’t remember when was the last time we went out together (that was ages ago I think). Our toddler was really happy to be with his Lola and Lolo as well his Tito Francis and Tita Ninang. We went to S&R, The Fort since they’re on sale. We actually don’t have any plans on going there because I don’t want to waste my time falling in line just to get buy1 take1 and great discounts, of course I’m kidding who doesn’t like buy1 take1 and great discounts?! My gulay! That sent chills to my spine! It’s my SIL who requested for it, so gorabels na din kami! Sale eh! Sayang! Choosy pa ba kami?! LOL!

Here’s our little driver who kept on shouting the whole ride!He kept on saying bee-bee(beep-beep) and stop while riding in the push cart! He’s shouting not because of tantrums but because he felt like he’s driving a real car. Pero kalmado na siya that time, napagod eh!

Don’t you just love Nutella?! OH-EM-GEEEE! And look at the price!

Almost everything was on sale and buy1 take1 (kaya nga sale eh!), well some products are not especially diapers. SOB. We made sure that we purchased everything we need especially ung mga naka-wholesale… talked about you know… hoarding. Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong shoppingerang kaluluwa! Kaloka!

Lumaglag ang panga namin (literally) nung bayaran na, guess how much our bill…5k? Nope! 6k? Nope! 7k or 8k?! Definitely…not! Oh siya siret na… it’s 11,000++ pesosesoses! My goodness! I guess good for six months or more na yung pinamili namin. Akala ko pang bahay lang bibilhin namin, hindi naman nila ko sinabihan na magtatayo na kami ng sari-sari store agad agad! My gosh! Wala ng bilihan uli ‘to. PROMISE! PEKSMAN! Itaga natin yan…uhmmmm…sa papel?! Tapos punitin natin ung papel! LOL!

After paying the bill I bought some ice-cream…. pangpa-kalma! Hingang malalim! Wew!

White caramel chuvaness flavored ice-cream, it cost Php69 petot only. Pwde na pang-kalma. Hehe

Did I mention that this is so delish?! It is! The white caramel really goes well with the chocolate bits. The chocolate taste exactly like reese, my favorite! O baka naman reese nga sya?! Not sure wala nako sa ulirat nyan eh. Haha! Oh basta yummy sya! I swear! Try it!

New kicks on the block!

Look at Cyler’s new kicks! It absolutely rocks! I so love it! Pwede ko na nga actually hiramin sakanya muka namang magka-size lang kami ng paa ng anak ko. 🙂

After that wala-na-bang-bukas shopping, Cyler played and enjoyed the little grasses at the sidewalk. I told yah, he really loves nature!

He kept on saying “Mommy, gwin (green) grass!”. No, sweetie it’s yellow. Chos! After hoarding, off we went home. Wala ng datung! Chos! Nag drive-thru nalang kami after since it’s getting dark already.

These are some of our grocery shopping, I know puro pampabata! Hehe

Here’s me and my son off to Zzzzz land.

We we’re about to sleep when hubs entered the room and suddenly Cyler got so giddy and..

…they started playing the iPad. Akala ko it’s bedtime na…anyare?

And there, that’s how our weekend goes! Sana weekend na ulit! 🙂

What is Real Happiness?

For me, it’s when I make funny faces in front of my toddler just to make him laugh and I don’t really care how will I look like. Baliw na kung baliw, be it. But that’s real happiness for me and my toddler.

Just like the saying goes, money can’t buy you happiness.

How about you, what’s your definition of real happiness? 🙂

Ultimate Fri-DATE!

My family seldom go out during Friday, well technically Cj and I used to go out on a Friday night, sometimes we tag along our friends. But this time we tagged along Cyler and Isang (my sibling) with us. It’s Cyler’s monthly check-up with Doc Vienne, it supposed to be on Saturday but since we have orders and delivery on Saturday (coz my orders usually falls on weekends) we moved it on Friday. I took a half-day leave at work since Cyler’s check-up is at 3pm. They fetched me in my office at Paseo, then off we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic at Paseo de Magallanes. Docky doesn’t have clinic at St. Lukes, Global during Friday btw. We arrived very early at Paseo de Magallanes so Cj and Isang decided to dine at Brother’s Burger first. And they we’re so lucky because Brother’s big burger was on 50% then! Brothers Burger is one of our favorite whenever we crave for burgers. Have you tried their hot bites? I tell yah it’s the best, it’s an uber-crispy chicken with teriyaki sauce, the chicken is uber crispy in the outside but really tender in the inside not to mention the yummy teriyaki sauce. It is actually a perfect combi and definitely a must try baby!

After eating, off we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic. Cyler was playing (like there’s no tomorrow) while waiting for Docky, he surely miss the play area inside the clinic. I can’t remember when was the last time we went here, we usually go to St. Lukes, Global for his monthly check-up kasi.

He was the most talkative kid inside the clinic, he kept on singing, humming, and talking while playing. Finally after few minutes of waiting Dra. Vienne arrived. Cyler was so giddy when he saw his favorite pedia in the whole-wide-world! Everything went out very well. He gained weight especially height, his height now is 2 ft. and 10 inches. Naku sana talaga hindi nya manahin ang height ng nanay nya! LOL! Anyhoo, he made pasikat to Docky the entire time. He kept on talking and singing to Docky and was very cooperative. He didn’t even cry when Doc Vienne gave his vaccine shot, what a brave little guy says Dra. He says “Oh no!” when he saw the injection but he didn’t cry at all. Docky suggested that we should enroll Cyler in Kindermusik to enhance his passion and skills in music because he heard Cyler singing and humming the entire time. She says that Cyler is a very smart and active little guy especially on his age. Cj and I were so glad about it.

Spot the kalbo! Ay si MamyPoko din pala kalbo! LOL!

After his check-up we went back to Makati, we went to Glorietta for his haircut and meet our friends. He had his haircut at Cuts for Tots(as usual), well actually I am eyeing a new toddler salon for Cyler t’was recommended by Je but since atat na atat na ang Tatay nya na pagupitan ang bagets we decided to brought him at Cuts for Tots instead. He was behave the whole session, most of the kids were crying their lungs out inside the salon, Cyler is the only one who didn’t cry at all. He just kept on pulling out the razor from the barbero because he was bothered by the sound. And did I mention that Cyler is kalbo already? Yes, he is now kalbo, not really kalbo just semi-kalbo (tumawad pa eh noh?). His father insisted it, so don’t give me a why-did-you-do-that look. Hehe It looks good on him, he looks like a errrrr…newborn baby (?) on his new haircut! 🙂

Side kwento: There was a brat little boy inside the toddler salon and he kept on pushing Cyler. He kept on saying “No!” to Cyler because he doesn’t want to share the toy with Cyler, so Cyler got this kawawa look. The parents we’re there pero NR, they we’re sitting right behind the brat kid. I got pissed off so I poked the kid, no just kidding I didn’t do that, I told the kid “you should share the toys with other kids”, nilakasan ko para marinig nung mga magulang nung bata. But to my surprised (my gulay!) NR pa din ang parents ng bagets! So kinuha ko nalang si Cyler at nilayo dun sa bata. Hay. How in the world is that?! And how could the parents take that?! My goodness! They left the salon like there’s nothing rude happen. Hay. Hay. Hay.

Anyhoo, after the haircut we waited for our friends and we had dinner together. We ate at Red Kimono in Glorietta. One of our friend, Biboy just came back from Japan and we forgot that he’s already sick and tired of eating Japanese food. Hahaha! Eh naman kasi di naman nagsasalita, pag upo namin bigla nalang bumanat “namiss ko Japanese food ah!” and we were all laughing at him! Sorry naman, bawi bawi nalang next time teh! Oh and he gave us pasalubong from Japan! Thank you, BHEboy (that’s how we spell his name, pang asar lang namin sakanya. Hehe)!

From L-to-R: Mich, BHEboy, Jim, Isang, Me, and Cyler’s head. Cj took the photo so he’s not included in the photo

Our night was filled with nothing but laughter and joy! Oh how I miss these guys so much! I guess this is one of the best Fri-Date ever! I had my friends and family altogether! And I couldn’t be any happier than that. 🙂

How about you, how do you spend your Friday? 🙂

Weekend with my Toddler

Hi friends, how’s your week?! Mine was really stressful, talked about you know…work. I feel like I already abandon this little place of mine. Thank God it’s weekend already! Don’t you just love weekends?! WE sooo love weekend! Kung pwde lang everyday is weekend eh noh. So while baking (yes I am currently baking now), let me just share a quick weekend recap with my toddler.

Last weekend, Cyler and I were left in the house, Cj was on a Company outing. So it’s just me and my toddler, Cyler is a very hyper-active-toddler so I had to make sure that he won’t get bored or else… probably know what’s next.

In the morning, I had an order and baked cupcakes for Christening. My BIL, Kuya Francis delivered it to our clients.

Purple and pink themed cupcakes with 3D shoes topper

Thank goodness Mama was still in the house so I was able to baked in the morning. He left the house in the afternoon and so this time kami nalang talaga ng bagets. So what did we do? We eat, sleep, play, eat, play, eat, play.

And we did lotsa photo op! My toddler is like a sponge, he absorbs everything– he imitates whatever I say or do! Even my facial expression in front of the camera.

See, he’s really my copycat. He knows now how to do silly pose in front of the camera (just like his cray-cray mom), which I find really funny. We spent our weekend with lots of laughter! He is the reason why I so love weekends. Oh how I wish it’s always weekend, pwede bang palit nalang ang weekdays at weekends?! Kung pwede lang sana noh.

Here’s a little note I made for you, sweetie.


Dearest Cyler,

You’re no longer an infant now and you want to do things on your own, my little Mr. Independent. You don’t know how much you make Mommy and Daddy happy with the littlest thing you do. You, Daddy, and God are my #1 stress reliever! You don’t know how happy I am when I’m with you, if only I could stop the time and be with you always. I will never get tired of taking good care of you, chasing you, feeding you, giving you a bath, cuddling you, brushing your teeth, and teaching you. I will always be you’re number 1 fan! I love you to the moon and back!

– Mommy



Wala ng tatalo pa kapag kasama ko ang taong pinaka-mamahal ko! 🙂

Brown Bear, Brown Bear, What Do You See?

Hello girls and boys! How’s your weekend? Mine was great, I spent it with my toddler! Cj was on a company outing last weekend so it’s just me and Cyler who’s left in the house. I super kaduper love weeekends talaga! As in! I share our home alone experience in another post. But for now lemme just share another children’s book review to start off our hot-hot-hot Monday.

Here’s another book from (our bookshelf? LOL! I know, I know such a Delamar-Level-Joke early in the morning) Top 100 Classical Children’s Book Of All Time, and it stands firmly in position 14. This book is a children’s picture book designed, illustrated and written by Eric Carle too. Remember the previous book that I posted before The Very Hungry Caterpillar? He is the author of both book. We so love Eric Carle! Cyler is so into these books nowadays. I also purchased this book at BookSale for Php85 petot only, it really is a good find, right? This book helps toddlers to associate colors and meanings to objects, I guess it really does because it helps my toddler to distinguish more objects and colors.

See he really loves the book! He can now distinguish the following:
• pitcher (teacher)
• bwown(brown) bear
• pepel(purple) cat
• byu hos (blue horse)
• byak (black) sheep
• yellow fish or sometimes he calls it
orange fish. I guess medyo confusing nga naman ang color gold in the eyes of toddler (gold fish)
• chidren(children)
• wed bird (red bird)
• yeyow duck (yellow duck)
• and white dog (finally he pronounce it right!)

And there! Hooray for his new vocabulary! I’m so loving his buyoy(bulol) phase, it sounds so cute!!!!!

The Voice

Cyler loves to sing A LOT. I guess he got my passion to music, when I was younger I was a former member of our school and church music ministry. I love to sing in front of many people… but that was before… ngayon kasi hanggang banyo nalang ako kumakanta.

Anyhoo, Cyler’s current favorite song is “Sit Down”. I sang this song to him last Saturday and to my surprise he immediately memorized the song. He get the rhythm right although he has his own lyrics(as usual) but I still find it cute though! I guess I’m having a singer/composer son in the future! LOL!

Here’s his own version of “Sit Down”, medyo remix nga lang. Haha!

For better understanding, here’s the translation of his own lyrics:
Sit down, Sit Down
Sit down, sit down
Sit down, sit down
Is a bo-boat(you’re rocking the boat)
Owkeeeeiiiiiiiiiii! (This is the birit part)

Kailangan talaga bumirit sa dulo pang finale para PAK na PAK!

Anyare anak? Bakit biglang naging Josh Groban sa dulo? Ay remix nga pala. Churi! Churi! :p

P. S.
Mars, mukang pwdeng mag duet si Cyler at Liapot. Watchuthink?! 🙂

Learning the Art of Trantums

Cyler is not a cry baby, he rarely cry and when he does it’s for the strangest reason. I can still remember the day when he was born, he didn’t cry at all. The pedia and other nurse’s inside the operating room tried to make him cry but he didn’t, oh he cried just a little and that’s it! We always have a quiet and peaceful night with him because he never cry, although we still suffer from those sleepless night. Cj and I feel grateful because we never experience those hundred decibels shriek from our baby. So when he cries we just let him cry because it seldom happens and besides it’s good for his lungs too.

Until one day, our toddler discovered the art of tantrums. I know he’s about to enter the terrible two’s but hey does it really have to be like that? I mean those tantrums, is it really a part of growing up just like the saying goes? Yes, I think so because it’s happening now and then. I am actually not prepared, at first I really don’t know how to handle it because I’m not used to those drama, for 18 months of not experiencing it do you think I’m ready?! Of course I must, that’s part of motherhood! But I must admit that I am having a hard time dealing with it although it seldom happens. It only happens when he’s really tired and he couldn’t sleep or when someone borrows his toy.

Last night when I was asking(surfing) my very reliable source namely Mr. Google I’ve read at some random parenting site that we(parents) should always calm down(even if it’s hard) when times are stressful so that your toddler will do the same. This one really works for us because every time he throw tantrums I let him cry to his heart’s content and when he’s done crying I always say “sorry, sweetie” then I kiss and hug him after, the best part of it– he used to say sorry too. I guess that’s the best part of our drama. Sometimes we just have to weather the storm until he calm down. And when we couldn’t stop him from wailing we let him play his iPad or sing a song to distract him and viola! He’s back to his normal self. I guess tantrums is their way of showing their emotion to us so let us respect their feelings. As much as possible, we avoid harsh discipline– like shouting especially saying “No” because it only make tantrums worse. Cyler hates the word “No”, he really hates it! When he hear that word he automatically sit on the floor and started wailing. That’s why as much as possible we try to avoid that word.

We’re still on the process of teaching him the value of sharing. He still cries when someone borrows his toy especially his iPad. But we keep on telling him that it’s good to share things with other kids. Maybe for now he couldn’t understand those things but I do believe that sooner or later he’ll get the hang of it. Just one baby step at a time. These things are really new to me and I believe that I’m just learning the art of tantrums too. I know I’m not alone in this journey because every child throw tantrums at some point. Agree mommies?

How about you? How do you handle this kind of situation? Any parenting advice, Mommies and Daddies?

Toddler’s Speech and Developmental Milestones

Our favorite pedia, Dra. Vienne Saulog says that Cyler has a good and bright memory considering that he’s not even two years old. At this point of his life he already knew so many things like numbers (he can count now from 1-30!),human body parts, alphabets, objects, and animal sounds. He can now construct two to three words like “open the door” although he’s still on bulol phase. And his still sociable just like before, wag mo nga lang patatawanin kasi mabibigo ka lang. He rarely smile to strangers although sumasama naman siya. Madali nga daw makidnap especially when he hears the magic word “bye!” because he loves going outside the house. Kung may Dora the Explorer, si Cyler ata ung nawawalang kapatid nya. LOL! Certified lakwatsero ang bagets! Oh well kanino pa ba magmamana? Hihi We told Docky that Cyler is musically inclined too. We always hear him singing or humming even without the music. Doc Vienne didn’t require Cyler to go on a toddler school since he’s developmental milestones are really fast. But she suggested that if we want Cyler to develop more his music skills then we can enroll him to a toddler music class when he reach two. So we are planning to enroll him in either Gymboree or Kindermusic maybe after his 2nd Birthday, we are still undecided though. Both toddler school are really really good (based on my fellow moms review) that’s why it’s kinda hard for us to decide. But we’ll see.

Who knew that something so simple could be so much fun for the little ones? My little Mr. Curious guy get so amazed and giddy everytime he hears the sounds of the animals. Last month, he learned how to mimic the sounds of the animals. His favorite among all the animal sounds? The growling sound of the Bear– RAWR!

Doc Vienne kept on telling to us that we are on the right track because despite of our hectic schedule still we we’re able to teach our toddler. Well technically, it’s not only us who taught him those things. Like the alphabets he learned that from watching Brainy Baby, he learned counting from watching Charlie and the Numbers, he learned the animal sounds from a particular app which I don’t remember the name already, BUT we constantly teaching him how to say those words over and over again until he get it right. See it’s not only us who influence’s our child, TV and gadgets can really influence your child too. Nowadays, modern technology becomes your parenting partner (agree mommies?), whether we like it or not, children of today are going to be involved with technology. Gadget aims to help entertain our toddlers especially while you’re doing household chores or work, and it also helps your child’s developmental milestones but I’m not saying that Television and gadgets are a good source of learning, still everything has to be on moderation. Too much use of gadgets can isolate your child from the real world. I’m no expert in parenting but I’m saying this based on my own and real experience. I bet every parents can relate to me.

Our pedia always tell us that the more we talk to our child, the more they learn. So for those mommies who keep on asking me what’s secret and how did my toddler learn those things? My answer– constant communication with your child is the number one key to your childs milestones. And also make learning a fun time for your toddler. So make it a habit, talk to your child even though he/she is not yet talking. Just say anything and be constant, you’ll be surprise one day your baby is mimicking what you’re saying. Remember, parents are the first and most enduring educators of their children. 🙂

He Painted The Town Red!

You know you have a very curious toddler when suddenly everything turns into red.. when I say red it literally means color red.

Last week, when we we’re sleeping we didn’t notice that our little mr. curious sneak out of the bed and played Mommy’s bag (without Mommy’s consent). So he removed and played all the things on Mommy’s bag until he found this color red lipstick, which he thinks a color and he started coloring the following:

Pillow- check!

Daddy’s longsleeve- check na check!

Floor and puzzle mats- check!

Daddy’s “fenk” Blanket- check!

But wait there’s more!

He even colored himself! As in from head to toe! Even his jammies was full of red lipstick! My gulay, anak?! How in the world is that?! Oh well, I guess you are just being so curious to everything. I was so shocked when I saw him that night that I even forgot to take any photos of him with full of lipstick all over his body! Maiisip ko pa ba yun?! Kalerks! It was too late when I realized that I should capture that moment. Sayang! Eh kasi naman it happened around 2AM, so bangagers pa ang lola ninyo that time! Ang gandang pang blackmail pa naman sana nung picture na yun pag binata na sya. Haha! I know, I’m such a bad Momma! I don’t know but Cj and I thinks that Cyler looks so cute with those red lippy all over his body. And take note proud pa ang bagets sa ginawa nya, he kept on saying ” Daddy, look ish(it’s) red, ish(it’s) red!”

Lesson learned: I’ll say this again for the nth time, never leave your toddler unattended… even when you’re sleeping! Zzzzzzz…

Goodnight, everyone!

What If

…. you see a celebrity standing or sitting in front of you? What if he’s a super duper sikat celebrity? As in bigatin like….

Manny “Pacman”… Pakyaw!

Pakyaw! Pakyaw! Pakyaw!

Ahh basta ako, walang keme-keme I’ll take a photo of him or magpapa-picture ako katabi nya! Hihihi

Who would’ve thought na artistahin pala ang asawa ko?! Edi siya.. ung asawa ko mismo! Haha!

Peace, Hon! Wag mo kong kakalimutan pag sikat kana ah! Wahahaha!

The Cha-Cha Fevah!

Are you familiar with the song Cha-Cha Dabarkads by Eat Bulaga? If you’re a certified Dabarkads, I bet you are! This song is phenomal here in the Philippines, it’s like Gangnam Style you can here it everywhere! People go gaga over this song especially the kids! It’s crazy, I tell yah! Even my family love this dance song! It is the latest dance craze here in our country and would you believe that this song was popularized by just a little kid? Yes it’s true, believe it or not this song was popularized by the uber-cute-chubby-cheek little girl named Ryzza. She’s the cutest when she dance! And she’s so adorable and smart! If you’re not familiar with her you better watch her video’s on youtube to find out what I’m saying, google it now!

And just today I realized that my little mister is now a certified member of Cha-Cha Dabarkads.

Lo and behold here’s Cyler’s video while dancing to the tune of Cha-Cha! (Pardon our messy little room. Hehe)

Are you ready to do the Cha-Cha?! Alright, let’s do the Cha-cha baby!

You think he can dance?!

Happy Cha-Cha Friday, everyone! 🙂