He Painted The Town Red!

You know you have a very curious toddler when suddenly everything turns into red.. when I say red it literally means color red.

Last week, when we we’re sleeping we didn’t notice that our little mr. curious sneak out of the bed and played Mommy’s bag (without Mommy’s consent). So he removed and played all the things on Mommy’s bag until he found this color red lipstick, which he thinks a color and he started coloring the following:

Pillow- check!

Daddy’s longsleeve- check na check!

Floor and puzzle mats- check!

Daddy’s “fenk” Blanket- check!

But wait there’s more!

He even colored himself! As in from head to toe! Even his jammies was full of red lipstick! My gulay, anak?! How in the world is that?! Oh well, I guess you are just being so curious to everything. I was so shocked when I saw him that night that I even forgot to take any photos of him with full of lipstick all over his body! Maiisip ko pa ba yun?! Kalerks! It was too late when I realized that I should capture that moment. Sayang! Eh kasi naman it happened around 2AM, so bangagers pa ang lola ninyo that time! Ang gandang pang blackmail pa naman sana nung picture na yun pag binata na sya. Haha! I know, I’m such a bad Momma! I don’t know but Cj and I thinks that Cyler looks so cute with those red lippy all over his body. And take note proud pa ang bagets sa ginawa nya, he kept on saying ” Daddy, look ish(it’s) red, ish(it’s) red!”

Lesson learned: I’ll say this again for the nth time, never leave your toddler unattended… even when you’re sleeping! Zzzzzzz…

Goodnight, everyone!


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