Toddler’s Speech and Developmental Milestones

Our favorite pedia, Dra. Vienne Saulog says that Cyler has a good and bright memory considering that he’s not even two years old. At this point of his life he already knew so many things like numbers (he can count now from 1-30!),human body parts, alphabets, objects, and animal sounds. He can now construct two to three words like “open the door” although he’s still on bulol phase. And his still sociable just like before, wag mo nga lang patatawanin kasi mabibigo ka lang. He rarely smile to strangers although sumasama naman siya. Madali nga daw makidnap especially when he hears the magic word “bye!” because he loves going outside the house. Kung may Dora the Explorer, si Cyler ata ung nawawalang kapatid nya. LOL! Certified lakwatsero ang bagets! Oh well kanino pa ba magmamana? Hihi We told Docky that Cyler is musically inclined too. We always hear him singing or humming even without the music. Doc Vienne didn’t require Cyler to go on a toddler school since he’s developmental milestones are really fast. But she suggested that if we want Cyler to develop more his music skills then we can enroll him to a toddler music class when he reach two. So we are planning to enroll him in either Gymboree or Kindermusic maybe after his 2nd Birthday, we are still undecided though. Both toddler school are really really good (based on my fellow moms review) that’s why it’s kinda hard for us to decide. But we’ll see.

Who knew that something so simple could be so much fun for the little ones? My little Mr. Curious guy get so amazed and giddy everytime he hears the sounds of the animals. Last month, he learned how to mimic the sounds of the animals. His favorite among all the animal sounds? The growling sound of the Bear– RAWR!

Doc Vienne kept on telling to us that we are on the right track because despite of our hectic schedule still we we’re able to teach our toddler. Well technically, it’s not only us who taught him those things. Like the alphabets he learned that from watching Brainy Baby, he learned counting from watching Charlie and the Numbers, he learned the animal sounds from a particular app which I don’t remember the name already, BUT we constantly teaching him how to say those words over and over again until he get it right. See it’s not only us who influence’s our child, TV and gadgets can really influence your child too. Nowadays, modern technology becomes your parenting partner (agree mommies?), whether we like it or not, children of today are going to be involved with technology. Gadget aims to help entertain our toddlers especially while you’re doing household chores or work, and it also helps your child’s developmental milestones but I’m not saying that Television and gadgets are a good source of learning, still everything has to be on moderation. Too much use of gadgets can isolate your child from the real world. I’m no expert in parenting but I’m saying this based on my own and real experience. I bet every parents can relate to me.

Our pedia always tell us that the more we talk to our child, the more they learn. So for those mommies who keep on asking me what’s secret and how did my toddler learn those things? My answer– constant communication with your child is the number one key to your childs milestones. And also make learning a fun time for your toddler. So make it a habit, talk to your child even though he/she is not yet talking. Just say anything and be constant, you’ll be surprise one day your baby is mimicking what you’re saying. Remember, parents are the first and most enduring educators of their children. 🙂


10 thoughts on “Toddler’s Speech and Developmental Milestones

  1. hi mommy sha!!! mejo nabubuhay ulit ako!!! galing ni cyler! hanggang 30 na!!! hehehe 🙂 my Pao is sooo tamad when it comes to alphabets and numbers pero pag animal sounds na master na nya…. latest fave nya e ang orangutan! haha….

    • Hi Charm! My goodness! How are you?! Namiss kita and Pao-pao! How’s baby #2?! Wow nakakatuwa naman at talagang orangutan ang fave nya ah, very rare yan! But that’s good at least he knows how to communicate. Two thumbs up for Baby Pao! I’m excited to the arrival of your Baby #2! Keep safe!

  2. 1 to 30 na, wow! That’s what our pedia told us too, it’s not a requirement for us to enroll Gwen in a toddler school. But we’re still considering this summer it for her social skills naman. Wala kasi malapit na Kindermusic or Gymboree branch dito sa Caloocan eh.

    • Yes, he recently learned to count from 1-30 and we feel grateful about it. We try to teach him little by little as in baby steps lang muna. Baka kasi pag nag aral na mainis na sya kasi alam na nya ung ituturo ng teacher sakanya. Haha! They say we can already teach him how to read at this early age because he can distinguish letters already, he can spell banana without looking! But we’re working on it!

      We’re from Caloocan too, Badet! Pero medyo boundary pa kami ng Manila near R. papa lang kami. So most probably baka Gymboree Makati namin sya i-enroll para magkakasama sila nila Lucas. 🙂

  3. Cyler must be a child prodigy, my daughter can’t even count 1-10 yet and she’s almost 2. But your right I need to communicate with her more. thanx for such an interesting post. Cyler is so cute naman! 🙂

    • Thanks, Abby! Good to know that you find this post useful! Oh i’m pretty sure your daughter will learn how to count just keep on teaching her especially while playing. 🙂

  4. Correct, gadgets helps us mommies in teaching our kids. Just don’t introduce him to Youtube yet 🙂
    There’s a trial class in Gymboree. In case magustuhan niyo, gow! Have also heard the Kindermusik is ok, too. Kaya lng kamusta naman ang layo namin. Hehe.
    Kisses to Cyler 🙂

    • So far wala pa naman sya sa point ng youtube. Haha! Hanggang apps lang mga educational and fun apps. We’ll try Gymbo, since andun na din naman si Liapot at si Lucas para kagulo ang mga bagets! Hahaha!

      Hug and Kisses to Akira and you!

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