Learning the Art of Trantums

Cyler is not a cry baby, he rarely cry and when he does it’s for the strangest reason. I can still remember the day when he was born, he didn’t cry at all. The pedia and other nurse’s inside the operating room tried to make him cry but he didn’t, oh he cried just a little and that’s it! We always have a quiet and peaceful night with him because he never cry, although we still suffer from those sleepless night. Cj and I feel grateful because we never experience those hundred decibels shriek from our baby. So when he cries we just let him cry because it seldom happens and besides it’s good for his lungs too.

Until one day, our toddler discovered the art of tantrums. I know he’s about to enter the terrible two’s but hey does it really have to be like that? I mean those tantrums, is it really a part of growing up just like the saying goes? Yes, I think so because it’s happening now and then. I am actually not prepared, at first I really don’t know how to handle it because I’m not used to those drama, for 18 months of not experiencing it do you think I’m ready?! Of course I must, that’s part of motherhood! But I must admit that I am having a hard time dealing with it although it seldom happens. It only happens when he’s really tired and he couldn’t sleep or when someone borrows his toy.

Last night when I was asking(surfing) my very reliable source namely Mr. Google I’ve read at some random parenting site that we(parents) should always calm down(even if it’s hard) when times are stressful so that your toddler will do the same. This one really works for us because every time he throw tantrums I let him cry to his heart’s content and when he’s done crying I always say “sorry, sweetie” then I kiss and hug him after, the best part of it– he used to say sorry too. I guess that’s the best part of our drama. Sometimes we just have to weather the storm until he calm down. And when we couldn’t stop him from wailing we let him play his iPad or sing a song to distract him and viola! He’s back to his normal self. I guess tantrums is their way of showing their emotion to us so let us respect their feelings. As much as possible, we avoid harsh discipline– like shouting especially saying “No” because it only make tantrums worse. Cyler hates the word “No”, he really hates it! When he hear that word he automatically sit on the floor and started wailing. That’s why as much as possible we try to avoid that word.

We’re still on the process of teaching him the value of sharing. He still cries when someone borrows his toy especially his iPad. But we keep on telling him that it’s good to share things with other kids. Maybe for now he couldn’t understand those things but I do believe that sooner or later he’ll get the hang of it. Just one baby step at a time. These things are really new to me and I believe that I’m just learning the art of tantrums too. I know I’m not alone in this journey because every child throw tantrums at some point. Agree mommies?

How about you? How do you handle this kind of situation? Any parenting advice, Mommies and Daddies?


4 thoughts on “Learning the Art of Trantums

    • That’s true, Je! Especially toddlers kasi they really don’t know how to express their feelings at this stage. Naku ready kana talagang maging Mommy! 🙂

      Spa for babies sounds so interesting! San yan, Je?

  1. Lia is so madrama din these days. Mama is usually the one to the rescue. But me, I’m a tough-lover usually and I really just let her cry. Then after a while I will invite her for a hug and everything is back to normal. I am not sure if that’s the best way but it works well for us 🙂

    • I guess it’s really part of growing up! And yes that’s what I do too, I let him cry to his heart content and when he’s done I give him a hug too. And I used to say sorry, tapos sya din he used to say sorry din. Si Cj most of the time ung to the rescue pag nag umpisa ng mag-drama si Cyler. Ako ung mahigpit when it comes to disciplining our child.

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