The Voice

Cyler loves to sing A LOT. I guess he got my passion to music, when I was younger I was a former member of our school and church music ministry. I love to sing in front of many people… but that was before… ngayon kasi hanggang banyo nalang ako kumakanta.

Anyhoo, Cyler’s current favorite song is “Sit Down”. I sang this song to him last Saturday and to my surprise he immediately memorized the song. He get the rhythm right although he has his own lyrics(as usual) but I still find it cute though! I guess I’m having a singer/composer son in the future! LOL!

Here’s his own version of “Sit Down”, medyo remix nga lang. Haha!

For better understanding, here’s the translation of his own lyrics:
Sit down, Sit Down
Sit down, sit down
Sit down, sit down
Is a bo-boat(you’re rocking the boat)
Owkeeeeiiiiiiiiiii! (This is the birit part)

Kailangan talaga bumirit sa dulo pang finale para PAK na PAK!

Anyare anak? Bakit biglang naging Josh Groban sa dulo? Ay remix nga pala. Churi! Churi! :p

P. S.
Mars, mukang pwdeng mag duet si Cyler at Liapot. Watchuthink?! 🙂


4 thoughts on “The Voice

    • Nakakaloka kung bumirit diba? Hahaha! Ganyan sya parati ndi pwdeng hindi bibirit! Hahaha!

      I wonder pag nag duet sila ni Lia kumanta! Can’t Imagine ang taas ng decibels! Hahaha!

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