Weekend with my Toddler

Hi friends, how’s your week?! Mine was really stressful, talked about you know…work. I feel like I already abandon this little place of mine. Thank God it’s weekend already! Don’t you just love weekends?! WE sooo love weekend! Kung pwde lang everyday is weekend eh noh. So while baking (yes I am currently baking now), let me just share a quick weekend recap with my toddler.

Last weekend, Cyler and I were left in the house, Cj was on a Company outing. So it’s just me and my toddler, Cyler is a very hyper-active-toddler so I had to make sure that he won’t get bored or else…..you probably know what’s next.

In the morning, I had an order and baked cupcakes for Christening. My BIL, Kuya Francis delivered it to our clients.

Purple and pink themed cupcakes with 3D shoes topper

Thank goodness Mama was still in the house so I was able to baked in the morning. He left the house in the afternoon and so this time kami nalang talaga ng bagets. So what did we do? We eat, sleep, play, eat, play, eat, play.

And we did lotsa photo op! My toddler is like a sponge, he absorbs everything– he imitates whatever I say or do! Even my facial expression in front of the camera.

See, he’s really my copycat. He knows now how to do silly pose in front of the camera (just like his cray-cray mom), which I find really funny. We spent our weekend with lots of laughter! He is the reason why I so love weekends. Oh how I wish it’s always weekend, pwede bang palit nalang ang weekdays at weekends?! Kung pwede lang sana noh.

Here’s a little note I made for you, sweetie.


Dearest Cyler,

You’re no longer an infant now and you want to do things on your own, my little Mr. Independent. You don’t know how much you make Mommy and Daddy happy with the littlest thing you do. You, Daddy, and God are my #1 stress reliever! You don’t know how happy I am when I’m with you, if only I could stop the time and be with you always. I will never get tired of taking good care of you, chasing you, feeding you, giving you a bath, cuddling you, brushing your teeth, and teaching you. I will always be you’re number 1 fan! I love you to the moon and back!

– Mommy



Wala ng tatalo pa kapag kasama ko ang taong pinaka-mamahal ko! 🙂


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