Ultimate Fri-DATE!

My family seldom go out during Friday, well technically Cj and I used to go out on a Friday night, sometimes we tag along our friends. But this time we tagged along Cyler and Isang (my sibling) with us. It’s Cyler’s monthly check-up with Doc Vienne, it supposed to be on Saturday but since we have orders and delivery on Saturday (coz my orders usually falls on weekends) we moved it on Friday. I took a half-day leave at work since Cyler’s check-up is at 3pm. They fetched me in my office at Paseo, then off we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic at Paseo de Magallanes. Docky doesn’t have clinic at St. Lukes, Global during Friday btw. We arrived very early at Paseo de Magallanes so Cj and Isang decided to dine at Brother’s Burger first. And they we’re so lucky because Brother’s big burger was on 50% then! Brothers Burger is one of our favorite whenever we crave for burgers. Have you tried their hot bites? I tell yah it’s the best, it’s an uber-crispy chicken with teriyaki sauce, the chicken is uber crispy in the outside but really tender in the inside not to mention the yummy teriyaki sauce. It is actually a perfect combi and definitely a must try baby!

After eating, off we went to Doc Vienne’s clinic. Cyler was playing (like there’s no tomorrow) while waiting for Docky, he surely miss the play area inside the clinic. I can’t remember when was the last time we went here, we usually go to St. Lukes, Global for his monthly check-up kasi.

He was the most talkative kid inside the clinic, he kept on singing, humming, and talking while playing. Finally after few minutes of waiting Dra. Vienne arrived. Cyler was so giddy when he saw his favorite pedia in the whole-wide-world! Everything went out very well. He gained weight especially height, his height now is 2 ft. and 10 inches. Naku sana talaga hindi nya manahin ang height ng nanay nya! LOL! Anyhoo, he made pasikat to Docky the entire time. He kept on talking and singing to Docky and was very cooperative. He didn’t even cry when Doc Vienne gave his vaccine shot, what a brave little guy says Dra. He says “Oh no!” when he saw the injection but he didn’t cry at all. Docky suggested that we should enroll Cyler in Kindermusik to enhance his passion and skills in music because he heard Cyler singing and humming the entire time. She says that Cyler is a very smart and active little guy especially on his age. Cj and I were so glad about it.

Spot the kalbo! Ay si MamyPoko din pala kalbo! LOL!

After his check-up we went back to Makati, we went to Glorietta for his haircut and meet our friends. He had his haircut at Cuts for Tots(as usual), well actually I am eyeing a new toddler salon for Cyler t’was recommended by Je but since atat na atat na ang Tatay nya na pagupitan ang bagets we decided to brought him at Cuts for Tots instead. He was behave the whole session, most of the kids were crying their lungs out inside the salon, Cyler is the only one who didn’t cry at all. He just kept on pulling out the razor from the barbero because he was bothered by the sound. And did I mention that Cyler is kalbo already? Yes, he is now kalbo, not really kalbo just semi-kalbo (tumawad pa eh noh?). His father insisted it, so don’t give me a why-did-you-do-that look. Hehe It looks good on him, he looks like a errrrr…newborn baby (?) on his new haircut! 🙂

Side kwento: There was a brat little boy inside the toddler salon and he kept on pushing Cyler. He kept on saying “No!” to Cyler because he doesn’t want to share the toy with Cyler, so Cyler got this kawawa look. The parents we’re there pero NR, they we’re sitting right behind the brat kid. I got pissed off so I poked the kid, no just kidding I didn’t do that, I told the kid “you should share the toys with other kids”, nilakasan ko para marinig nung mga magulang nung bata. But to my surprised (my gulay!) NR pa din ang parents ng bagets! So kinuha ko nalang si Cyler at nilayo dun sa bata. Hay. How in the world is that?! And how could the parents take that?! My goodness! They left the salon like there’s nothing rude happen. Hay. Hay. Hay.

Anyhoo, after the haircut we waited for our friends and we had dinner together. We ate at Red Kimono in Glorietta. One of our friend, Biboy just came back from Japan and we forgot that he’s already sick and tired of eating Japanese food. Hahaha! Eh naman kasi di naman nagsasalita, pag upo namin bigla nalang bumanat “namiss ko Japanese food ah!” and we were all laughing at him! Sorry naman, bawi bawi nalang next time teh! Oh and he gave us pasalubong from Japan! Thank you, BHEboy (that’s how we spell his name, pang asar lang namin sakanya. Hehe)!

From L-to-R: Mich, BHEboy, Jim, Isang, Me, and Cyler’s head. Cj took the photo so he’s not included in the photo

Our night was filled with nothing but laughter and joy! Oh how I miss these guys so much! I guess this is one of the best Fri-Date ever! I had my friends and family altogether! And I couldn’t be any happier than that. 🙂

How about you, how do you spend your Friday? 🙂


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