Sunday Recap

Weekend, weekend, weekend why I love you so? How come Monday is so close to Sunday yet so far from Saturday?! Can somebody explain why? Weekend is so precious for us, especially for us working parents because that’s the only time where we can spend our whole day with our child. The feeling is weird when it’s weekend it feels like I’m always celebrating my 1st Birthday! The excitement, giddiness, and happiness is different– in short wagas ang feeling pag weekend! Siksik, liglig, at umaapaw ang kaligayahan!

We love staying at home every Sunday, it’s the time when we do our household chores and just bum around the whole day! We love waking up late on weekends too (we’re not a morning peepz you know) and we love staying in our tiny little room and just play there the entire day. Last Sunday was quite different though. While my toddler is still sleeping, I took the chance to prepare his brekky (even though I’m still sleepy). I cooked pancakes in the morning and he liked it! He kept on saying “yum!” while he’s eating. Oh those precious words from my picky eater I seldom hear that! I bet he really liked it. Yay! 🙂

Come afternoon, off we went to S&R, The Fort together with my in-laws. I can’t remember when was the last time we went out together (that was ages ago I think). Our toddler was really happy to be with his Lola and Lolo as well his Tito Francis and Tita Ninang. We went to S&R, The Fort since they’re on sale. We actually don’t have any plans on going there because I don’t want to waste my time falling in line just to get buy1 take1 and great discounts, of course I’m kidding who doesn’t like buy1 take1 and great discounts?! My gulay! That sent chills to my spine! It’s my SIL who requested for it, so gorabels na din kami! Sale eh! Sayang! Choosy pa ba kami?! LOL!

Here’s our little driver who kept on shouting the whole ride!He kept on saying bee-bee(beep-beep) and stop while riding in the push cart! He’s shouting not because of tantrums but because he felt like he’s driving a real car. Pero kalmado na siya that time, napagod eh!

Don’t you just love Nutella?! OH-EM-GEEEE! And look at the price!

Almost everything was on sale and buy1 take1 (kaya nga sale eh!), well some products are not especially diapers. SOB. We made sure that we purchased everything we need especially ung mga naka-wholesale… talked about you know… hoarding. Nabuhay nanaman ang natutulog kong shoppingerang kaluluwa! Kaloka!

Lumaglag ang panga namin (literally) nung bayaran na, guess how much our bill…5k? Nope! 6k? Nope! 7k or 8k?! Definitely…not! Oh siya siret na… it’s 11,000++ pesosesoses! My goodness! I guess good for six months or more na yung pinamili namin. Akala ko pang bahay lang bibilhin namin, hindi naman nila ko sinabihan na magtatayo na kami ng sari-sari store agad agad! My gosh! Wala ng bilihan uli ‘to. PROMISE! PEKSMAN! Itaga natin yan…uhmmmm…sa papel?! Tapos punitin natin ung papel! LOL!

After paying the bill I bought some ice-cream…. pangpa-kalma! Hingang malalim! Wew!

White caramel chuvaness flavored ice-cream, it cost Php69 petot only. Pwde na pang-kalma. Hehe

Did I mention that this is so delish?! It is! The white caramel really goes well with the chocolate bits. The chocolate taste exactly like reese, my favorite! O baka naman reese nga sya?! Not sure wala nako sa ulirat nyan eh. Haha! Oh basta yummy sya! I swear! Try it!

New kicks on the block!

Look at Cyler’s new kicks! It absolutely rocks! I so love it! Pwede ko na nga actually hiramin sakanya muka namang magka-size lang kami ng paa ng anak ko. 🙂

After that wala-na-bang-bukas shopping, Cyler played and enjoyed the little grasses at the sidewalk. I told yah, he really loves nature!

He kept on saying “Mommy, gwin (green) grass!”. No, sweetie it’s yellow. Chos! After hoarding, off we went home. Wala ng datung! Chos! Nag drive-thru nalang kami after since it’s getting dark already.

These are some of our grocery shopping, I know puro pampabata! Hehe

Here’s me and my son off to Zzzzz land.

We we’re about to sleep when hubs entered the room and suddenly Cyler got so giddy and..

…they started playing the iPad. Akala ko it’s bedtime na…anyare?

And there, that’s how our weekend goes! Sana weekend na ulit! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Sunday Recap

      • Hahaha! Actually, okay naman ung mga deals kasi mostly wholesale so pang matagalan na talaga. Yun nga lang pricey lalo na ung mga imported products. Muntik nakong himatayin sa bill namin eh. Haha! Pero madami talaga kaming nabili, as in madami. Pang matagalan aabot pa ata ng December 2016 yun. Chos!

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