All Things Made with TLC At The Wagon Shop

You know what, one of my frustrations in life is being creative. Lahat ng kaartehan sa mundo sinalo ko except for one thing– being creative. Tulog ata ako nun or nagtutulog-tulugan lang ako ng nagsabog si Lord ng creative juices. I’ve always wanted to be someone who was able to do craft because I’m not really good in it. I’m trying kaso parating FAIL! Epic fail that is. Cj would always laugh at me whenever I try to sew my clothes, ganun ako ka-fail sa bagay na yan. Most especially when I try making hand crafts dyan ako super sablay I tell you. I’d rather buy ready made than doing it all by myself. Tamad na wala pang creativity– that’s me when it comes to craft. That’s why I really admire those people who are really good in making crafts.

One of the people that I really admire the most when it comes to handmade craft is Pepper, she and her sister are really good in it! Pepper is the mom behind the blog “Days in a Wagon” like me she also shares her momventures thru her blog. Also, she is the brain and beauty behind “The Wagon Shop“. I really admire this lady because she already wear so many hats but still on top of that, still she was able to manage her business and her family at the same time. She is definitely a super Mom! Kung pwede lang sabitan ng crown si Pepper, ginawa ko na! And did I mention that aside from being talented she’s also very pretty?! She really is! I was star struck at her when I saw her last February in our grand playdate. I told her that she’s really beautiful but she’s very humble and still deny the fact that she’s pretty. She is such a very down to earth person.

The Wagon Shop

We did had a little Q&A portion and I am so honored to share it with y’all.

1.) What inspired you to start your business?

“Our passion and big love for handmade things inspired me and my big sister to come up with an online shop where all things are carefully hand crafted. Handmade things have so much character in them and are usually one of a kind.”

2.) Encouraging words for the readers who would like to start or improve their business.

“Utilize each and every talent that you have. Success will not happen overnight that’s a fact. It will take time and you have to believe in your product — improve what has to be improved and give it your all. Not everyone is a fan of handmade things or crafts but there are people out there who “nerd” about the same things as you do — And they are your niche. Use every tool you have to help spread the word about your business. The internet is a big help but the good ol’ fashioned “word of mouth” is still the most powerful tool so make sure you give your clients good, quality, well crafted items and your off to a good start.”

These are some of my favorites products from The Wagon Shop that really caught my attention, such an eye-candy!

(All photos and description was taken from The Wagon Shop)

Craft Felt Silverware Utensil Holder

Make your plate setting perfect with this charmingly handmade, handcrafted, hand stitched craft felt Silverware Utensil Holder.

Mini Owl Loot Pouch

This pouch is perfect for Harry Potter themed birthday party or just plain owl themed party.

handmade toopsie dolls

This handmade toopsie doll are adorable, unique, and most especially non-toxic, perfect for every little girl!

Send a little note to your loveone with these beautiful and unique handmade owl greeting cards!

These handmade confetti owl photo holder is definitely my favorite! It reminds me of my childhood memories. Perfect wall decor at your home!

My real doodle are kids fun, artsy, and carefree drawings rendered in cloth making them three dimensional and — HUGGABLE!

And there goes my favorite! Actually, I love all their handmade crafts! It’s cool and most especially unique! There are lots of handmade crafts waiting for you at The Wagon Shop, feel free to visit their site and check out all their items! I’m pretty sure you will love it too just like I do! And let us not forget what Pepper says to us “Utilize each and every talent that you have“, it’s God’s gift to us so cherish and nourish it. And don’t forget to share your talent and blessings with other people! Thanks again, Pepper for sponsoring one of the prizes for my upcoming giveaway! I really appreciate it, I really really do! Thanks again! Oh and special thanks to Erl for giving me the ideas on sponsoring! Thank you so much ladies!

Oh and if you haven’t seen the prizes for my upcoming giveaway you can check it here! And I have a good news to share! There are still more prizes coming in our way, I’ll post it these coming days! So stay tuned!

Visit The Wagon Shop:



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