KMS Cooks: Jazz Up Your Pancake

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend? I hope everybody had a blast like I did! Did you notice that it’s Holy week already, ang bilis ng panahon noh? Hindi pa nga ako nakaka-move on sa Christmas at New Year eh. I swear! Did anyone of you (especially those reader in the other side of this planet) know that here in our country Holy Week is the most important holiday because majority of population is devout Catholics (that includes me!). Well, I’m actually Born-Again Christian but when I got married and transferred here in Manila I started attending mass in Catholic Church. It’s not a big deal though because I only believe in God– the one up there of course.

Anyhoo, going back to the main topic. Last Saturday, I cooked pancake(again and again) for brekky but this time I made it extra special. I added special twist in our pancakes. Pancake is one of my favorite breakfast that’s why I never get tired of eating it! That’s how I love it. And one of the things I love about cooking pancakes is the fact that you can put anything on it. I always try not to use the usual pancake syrup because it gives me the umay factor. So I checked what’s available in our pantry and I saw a bottle of nutella and ripe mangoes so I had this light bulb moment and decided to add nutella (yum!) and mangoes(my ultimate favorite fruit!) in my pancake, for Cyler I only added mango.

And this is how it turned out!

(insert ShaLaLa song here please!)

It’s really really yuuuummy! Mas yummy kesa kay Coco Martin! LOL! But that’s true! And who doesn’t love nutella and mangoes? My goodness! It was heaven! It taste almost like my favorite crepe at Cafe Breton. When I tasted it, I asked myself this… “Bakit ngayon ko lang naisip ‘to?”. I should’ve tried this before! Anyway, it’s better than never, right? You can add anything you want on your pancake, you can add any kind of fruits or nuts. Your choice. I’ve heard some people add veggies on their pancakes but I haven’t try it. But then again it’s always your choice. Add anything that will make you happy. Remember it’s your brekky so cook whatever makes you happy! Always start your day in a happy way because once you started your day right everything follows!

Have a great and happy week ahead! 🙂

Here’s a little trivia about mango:
Did you know that the national fruit here in the Philippine is mango? And one of the best and tastiest mango in the world is the Philippine mango. Yes it is! Just sharing. 🙂

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