1st Family Beach Trip at Canyon Cove

Warning: This post is photo HEAVY!

And let the photos do the talking. Teehee! 🙂

The most requested semi-bikini shot! LOL!

Meet Mrs. Talikod-genic!

Need I say more?

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Bag of Beans Pinoy Toppings

Breakfast Sampler

Blueberry Cheesecake

My Voyz!

The only girl in the family, Mom-ME!

Here it is, the 1st part of my Birthday celebration(s)! Last month, Cj and I planned to have a family getaway on my birthday. Our initial plan was to have a staycation, thing is when we compared the price of the Hotels here in the metro and in the province we realized that it’s almost the same. So we decided to go out-of-town instead. The first thing that comes to our mind was a beach trip since it’s summer and since my toddler loves the water so much. If he can only stay in the water for the entire day, I tell you he will! So it has been decided that we will going to have an out-of-town trip, a beach trip that is!

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Another Year Gone By

Howdy! How’s your entire week?! Mine was pretty hectic and tiring but it was great! I had a long week birthday celebration with my family and friends. Last Saturday, I attended the Blog Inspired workshop (I’ll share it another post) hosted by Martine and three other inspiring woman. I inspired and learned a lot! That day was full of life and new beginnings for my blog! And I can’t wait to share it with y’all!  On Sunday, we went out for a birthday dinner with my family and on Monday the three of us(Cj, Cyler, and I) went to a beach trip which I will share in another post too. It was fun and memorable! Oh but I miss this little space of mine, this blog has been in hiatus for quite some time now. And it feels SO great to be back! I miss reading blogs too! I think tonight I need to do a lot of catch up!
Anyway, I celebrated my birthday last Sunday and sorry if I kept on bombarding you my birthday celebrations photo in the social site. I just can’t help it because I just want to share my happiness to other people. My birthday was filled with lots of unforgettable and happy moments with my friends and family.

The Birthday girl, yes that’s me!

On Sunday night we all went out for a birthday dinner. It wasn’t my birthday treat though, it’s my CIL’s, Jus treat for me and his father. How thoughtful right? All of us were invited– when I say “all” it means isang barangay talaga kami! Ang saya lang because It’s been awhile since we went out together. We dine at Shakey’s, SM North Edsa. But before we went to the resto, we met one of my Blogversary winner’s at Trinoma.

Here she is, her name is Judith. Together with her is her unico hijo. It was nice meeting my readers in person! It was super fun and bitin at the same time. But we had a little quick chikahan.

After that, off we went to Shakey’s. Everyone was there! I told yah, isang barangay kami that time! Now define LOOOONG table! LOL! Muntik na naming ipa-closed yung resto nahiya lang kami. Teehee! 😛

Meet the Montegrejo Clan!

Happy birthday to us, Tito Sid!

With my loves!

My in-laws!

And of course hindi mawawala ang “mandatory” birthday girl pose! At kailangan hawak talaga ang cake!  😛

I purchased that skirt from Divi for only…. (drumroll please!) Php150 petot! Fab find, right?! 🙂

The love of my life!

Everyone was full and happy most especially the birthday girl, of course. I feel very blessed for having them all and it feels great to spent this wonderful and special day with the whole family. I didn’t wish for any material things this year (well except the house and lot. Hehe), I feel contented on what I have right now– a healthy and happy family that brings never-ending joy to my life! Well I already have my two loving boys who is so patient with me, who loves me to the moon and back, who never fails to make me feel so happy, and always there for me. Now tell me, do I need more? Believe it or not that’s all I ever wanted for my birthday. I only wish that may the Lord God continue to bless, support, and guide us in every step our lives. And I wish nothing but happiness for each and everyone. 🙂

Thanks again, Jus for the bonggang bonggang birthday dinner treat for me and your Papa Sid! Binusog mo kaming lahat! May the Lord blessed you a hundredfold! And also a big thank you for all the birthday greetings and well wishes for me! I really appreciate it. I really really do. Thank you for all the love and for the gift of real and true friendship. Love y’all to bits! You make my life worth living for! 🙂

And the winners are….

I know you’ve been waiting for this day! Ako din! So this is it! Before I announce the winners let’s make a little chika muna about the giveaway. At first I really thought that only a few people (like 20 people?) will join the giveaway and I was surprised because I’ve got 1027 entries which is surprising by the way. And my post about the giveaway got the most number of comments, I’ve got a total of 56 comments! WOW! But I also hope that you leave comment in my other post too (even if it’s not a giveaway) because I want and would love to hear your thoughts always. This giveaway is actually for my loyal readers who spend their precious time visiting and reading my post everyday. I just want to encourage everybody to take time to leave comments so I can hear out your voices too because I love and I get so inspired every time I read comments from my beloved readers. So there just so you know. 🙂

Anyway, I don’t want to thrill you to death so here it is! Eto na talaga hindi ko na patatagalin pa…

Here are the winners!

Drumroll please!

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I am Inspired to Blog because…

….I am once a confuse and weary newbie Mommy, so through this blog I want to help other Mommies out there who are also struggling and seeking for piece of advices. And I want to inspire them in my own little way. I’m not a good writer and I wish not to be admired by anyone, I just want them to feel that their not alone in this journey called motherhood. I’m blogging because I want to tell the whole world that one of the greatest gift from God is our family. A gift that we have to cherish and love unconditionally.

I came from a broken family, I admit that having a broken family wasn’t easy. It never was. My parents were separated from each other when I was 7 years old. The day when my parents got separated was the darkest and saddest day of my life. It was very painful, but I have to accept it because I had no choice then. I didn’t know what’s going on then but I felt really really bad. And you know what? It’s really hard to live without your parents behind you. It’s like walking with your eyes closed, you never know what will happen and where will it take you. When I grew up I promised myself that I won’t let it happen in my own family. Not even in a glimpse. Life is indeed unfair, but despite of that, I tried to be strong and be optimistic in every aspect of my life. I never asked God why did it happen to us because I know and I do believe that He has purposed for me and my family. My faith becomes my strength. Whenever I recall my childhood, I see a happy little girl, who loves to laugh and joke around all the time though deep inside, her situation in life really breaks her heart. At an early age I learned how to be independent and stand for myself. I also experienced being judged by other people because of my family background. That’s how cruel life can be, but instead of putting myself down I tried to think the other way around. My faith is unbreakable. Nothing, and no one can bring me down.

I started reading blogs when I became a Mom to Cyler because I don’t have any parents to look up to and I don’t know where to seek parenting advices. Just reading other blogs makes me feel that I’m not alone in this journey called motherhood. In return, I started this blog to share my own life experiences to other people and document my family’s precious memories. Yes, I grew up in a broken family but it never became a hindrance for me, it made me stronger and appreciate life even more instead.

I’m inspired to blog because I want to share all the things that I learned from my past, from being a child, a Mom, and a wife. Being a mother is the biggest challenge we(moms) had to deal with (but it’s still the best job in the world!) that’s why this little space was created to help you get through it. Another reasons why I’m so inspired to blog? I met all the wonderful people in the world– fellow bloggers, Mommies, and most especially readers. Motherhood brought out the best in me and it’s so indescribably fulfilling being a mom. Watching my child grow and learn on his own is indeed priceless and inspires me to blog even more.There are a lot things that I learned from being a mother. Countless even. If I dictate it here one by one, ay naku mauumay kayo! :p


And most especially I’m inspired to blog because of my son, Cyler. I want him to remember all the happy, silly, crazy, and great things that we did together. Those are the things that I never experienced when I was a child and I want my son to feel that he’s always loved and nurture by us, his Mommy and Daddy. Something that he will treasure forever…. in his heart. 🙂

And before I end up this post I just want all of you to remember this: you will only live once so make the most out of it….with your family. Spend it wisely and don’t ever take them for granted. 🙂

Shopping Spells

I salute all Work-At-Home-Moms because aside from being a home-maker on top of that still they manage to earn extra money for their family. Taking good care of your kids and doing household chores at the same time is no joke , it needs a lot of patience, time, and energy. It can be exhausting at some time. So just imagine how these women manage their time, effort, and energy.

Today, I will feature a WAHMderful mom and a dear friend of mine. Her name is Erlaine, she also shares her adventure (and misadventures) of being a mom on her wonderful blog Glamma Momma. She’s also a certified momprenuer and a full time Mom to Kelsea. Erl graduated as an engineer and worked as an analyst programmer for 4.5 years. She’s an analyst programmer but deep inside of her, she’s a salesperson. While working she also sells pillows, organic soaps, hand-made bracelets and even cellphone load to her officemates, that’s how business minded she is.

She also said that when she’s in high school, she would buy packs of imported chocolate and sell them retail to her classmates. She also tried selling bracelets back then and her earnings were used to buy pocketbooks because that what she loves to read. So you can really see how business minded she is. All her profit went straight to her savings which later on were used for their wedding and down payment for their home. When she became a mom, her desire to be an entreprenuer grew even more. So she said goodbye to the corporate world and worked on her husband’s business and later on she decided to put up her online shop. Then she became a mompreneur way back in 2008. And Shopping Spells was born.

See how her determination and diligence brought her to success. That’s why I really admire and salute this woman. Giving up your career is really difficult but she made it. Well I hope someday I can do the same thing too. I’m in the process now and I’m doing it one baby step at a time. 🙂

Shopping spells used to sell the following:

Passport Holder

This fab and fashionable passport holder is perfect for all jet setters! It’s a must have, baby!

And if you’re kinda OC and you want all your things organize, now this bag organizer is definitely for you! It’s not only fab it’s very useful too! Say goodbye to your messy bag and hello to clutter-free bag! 🙂

Bag Organizer

And who can resist these fashionable Glamma Momma shirts?! My goodness! This is a perfect gift to every moms out there! Buy and give it to your Mom this coming Mother’s Day! They will surely love it! 🙂

They also sell printed coin purse, cute pen holder, fab external hard drive case, printed flats wallets, etc! Visit their FB page for more info.

And here’s Erl’ words of encouragement to those who would like to become an entrepreneur:


Not all of us are born with a silver spoon and can easily put up a business. So for those who would like to start a business, start small but dream big. Take one step at a time. Take risks and face all the challenges that come your way. Know what inspires you and do what you love. This will lead you to your dreams.

I’m just also starting as an entrepreneur and still needs to go along way to meet my dreams. So I’m open to suggestions and criticisms when it comes to my products and managing my small business because I believe there is always room for improvement.


I hope she inspired you in her own little way, just like what she did to me. Erl is a picture of an inspiring and courageous woman who’s willing to do everything for the sake of her family. Hat’s off to you, Erl and to all WAHMderful moms out there! 🙂

For those who haven’t joined my 1st giveaway , you still have 5 more days to go to join and win cool prizes from Shopping Spells! Kikay Mommy Sha’s 1st Giveaway!

Visit Shopping Spells:

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/shoppingspellsbyerlaine
Multiply: shoppingspells.multiply.com/

Cyler’s List of Words at 23 Months

Cyler is becoming more talkative than ever! As in everrrrrr! I wonder kung kanino sya nagmana ng kadaldalan? La…la…la…. (Sabay tago). 🙂

Now he’s the one who’s teaching us some new words! Talk about baliktad ang mundo, you know! Last night while we were playing inside our room he opened his ipad and taught us some new words. Yes, baliktad na ngayon…kami na ang tinuturuan nya! NKKLK! He felt like he’s talking like a grown up. Oh my little baby, please take it easy. Easy. Easy. Okay? 🙂

Here’s Teacher Cyler, he’ll teach you his newly discovered words today….new words… at least for him. 🙂

List of Spoken Words:

• Ba-rrer (butter)
• Ca-wage (cabbage)
• Kek (cake)
• Candy
• Cawot (carrot)
• Ca-flawa (Cauliflower)
• Ce-bebe (Celery)
• Cheese
• Chewi (Cherry)
• Choc-let (Chocolate)
• Ciwanto (Cilantro)
• Coki (Coffee)
• Cookie
• Com (Corn)
• Cu-cum-ba (Cucumber)
• Egg
• Fwuts (Fruits)
• Greps (Grapes)
• Jewi (Jelly)
• As-cream (Ice cream)
• Juice

Well done, Teacher Cyler! He’s definitely the cutest Teacher everrrr! Oh well, you can’t blame me.. I’m the mother! Teehee!

Hmmmm… I wonder what’s his next lesson? 🙂

My Latest Sweet Creations

Hello everyone! How’s your weekend so far?! I hope you’re all having a great great weekend, like I do! Anyhoo, just want to share some of my newest creations (or obsession!) to y’all. Lately, I’ve been very busy baking cake! Yes, you read it right! It’s cake not cupcake. Whenever we’re in my hometown I always take the chance to bake cake since we have an oven there. For those people who keep on asking if I used to attend baking classes– the answer is NO. And yes, I’m a self-taught baker. And proud to be. I guess the only thing that drives me into baking is my passion and love in baking. If I’m not a programmer, I guess I am a full-time baker now. When I bake I make sure that I put my heart and soul in it. They say when you create something with love it always turns out right because it comes from the heart. If you think you never grow on what you’re doing then there must be something wrong or lacking, it must be LOVE and PASSION!

So far, I tried baking two different flavor cakes! The first one was chocolate cake. I baked this for my Lola 40days. So far so good. And we super love the chocolate ganache frosting! At first I was skeptical, I thought it wouldn’t turn out right because it looks so dull. It doesn’t look so appealing to our eyes too, but when I started decorating it ayun na– BOOM! Finally, it looks like a cake! Muka namang cake diba? Hehe

In fairness, they say it taste a lot better than Red Ribbon and Goldilocks! Achuchuchuuuu!….OKAY! Naniniwala nako! LOL!

The second one was butternut caramel cake! My favoriteeeee! I super kaduper love caramel, as in! I love caramel than chocolate. I tried cooking caramel before but it was failed. Epic fail. It turned into yema instead. Ganun ka-fail! Last Holy Week when we we’re in our house in Antipolo, I gave it a second chance and tried cooking caramel again. This time t’was success! YAHOOO! The cake itself is butternut flavor while the frosting is caramel buttercream. I guess it was a perfect combination, light and sweet! Don’t you just love caramel?! I doooo, really really do! *drool*

We didn’t eat the cake, I told my Tita Nanin to bring it to the church instead. She was thinking of bringing pandesal in the church so I told her to bring the cake instead of buying the usual pandesal. At least my dessert na sila. Maybe you are thinking why do you have to bring food in the church? In Born-Again churches we used to have breakfast altogether after the Easter Sunday Service, so everyone used to bring food, potluck that is. And in fairness, when she got home lalagyan nalang ang natira! And good news— wala naman nasiraan ng tiyan. LOL!

And since we didn’t taste the cake, I made a mini-version of it— cupcake! So that’s the birth of butternut cupcake with caramel buttercream frosting in Sweet Treats! And I realized instead of focusing on design I’d better focus on the taste. Nowadays, people tend to buy cupcakes because of its design and when they tasted it they get so disappointed because of the taste. So from now on, I will focus more on the taste instead of focusing on the designs. Yeah, I know designs are cool but having a perfect tasting cupcake is way way better than having a cool designs! 🙂

In addition to that, today I added another new delectable flavor in Sweet Treats!

Ladies, gays, and gentlemen presenting the new flavor in town….

(insert Kiyomi song here! HAHAHA!)

Apple Cinnamon cupcake with Cinnamon cream-cheese frosting!

I can actually eat the cupcake alone even without the frosting. The cupcake itself is really tasty, fluffy, and flavorful! I’m not saying this because I’m the one who baked it, I just want to tell the truth and nothing but the truth. Even my mother-in-law said that it was really yummy and tasty. I bet not to disagree! My MIL knows best! LOL! My toddler loves it too! And my friends too! It taste even more better together with the frosting. So if you want a free taste you can drop by at our house… NOW! There’s still 2 more cupcakes left in the refrigerator! Hehe

FYI: I’m not selling the cakes, I don’t think I’m capable enough to sell it. For now, it’s for my family and friends only. Oh and if you haven’t seen our official FB page please take time to visit and check all my sweet creations. Just click here.

Happy blessed Sunday! 🙂

A Lovely Sunday Afternoon at Ayala Triangle

Dearest Cyler,

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon when your Daddy decided to take us in the park. As usual, you felt so giddy and excited about it. Your smile never fail to put a smile on our face. Just seeing you happy makes me happy too. Those smile are priceless. You run, we run. As I watch you run and laugh endlessly, I can’t help but get teary. I know someday you’ll be opting to live on your own and I hope when that time comes and when you read this post you remember all the happy things that we did together. Always remember that Daddy and Mommy are doing their best to make you happy. All the time. Sorry for those times when we have to say No because we don’t want to spoil you and all we ever wanted is to discipline you. It’s for your own good, sweetie. Someday when you have your own child, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. We don’t want to give you all the things in the world, all we wanted is for you to be happy all the time, become a better person, and become God fearing. Remember that those trees, plants, grasses, and air that you breathe are gift from God. And don’t ever forget that God gave me you. Without Him, wala ka rin sakin. Anak, from this day forward I promise to become a better Mom to you (always) and allow me to serve you until my last breath. I know I was born to be your Mom and it’s my lifetime commitment with you. Thanks for teaching me how to love unconditionally and for showing me the real meaning of life. Mommy was born to love and nurture you. I love you from infinity and beyond!

Love lots,

Loreland Farm Resort

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We spent our Holy Week in my hometown, Antipolo. And one of the things that we did during the long weekend was to celebrate my sibling’s graduation at Loreland Farm Resort. T’was my Graduation treat for her and it’s actually a pre-grad celebration. It was also unplanned, talk about biglaang lakad, you know. One thing I love about biglaang lakad? Natutuloy parati at bawal ang excuses! Agree? 🙂

My youngest brother(who is btw a certified pa-girl!), Kevin and my cousin, Rex.

Kung sila ba ang mowdels ng resort na’to tutuloy pa rin ba kau?! Chos!

We arrived at 9am-ish and as expected the resort was jam-packed already! Anyway, it’s not a big deal because we were there to have fun and not to count the number of people. We prepared tilapia, chicken bbq, tuna pasta (in red sauce), cupcakes, and lots of junk food!

Would you believe sa tinagal tagal kong nakatira sa Antipolo it is actually my first time to go here? Yes, it’s my first time to go here (paulit-ulit?) to think na sampung tumbling at kembot lang yan from our house. Weird? IKR! 🙂

Loreland Farm Resort is 15-20 minutes drive from Antipolo Cathedral Church and from our house. The resort is quite old but well maintained (in fairness). They also have zipline, restaurant, food stalls, mini-playground, chapel, sports and recreations, and spa inside the resort. Hindi ka mauubusan ng gagawin unless super dami talaga ng tao. They also have lots of swimming pools not to mention kiddie pools! Yes, mas madaming kiddie pools kesa sa adult pool so expect warmer water in the swimming pools…if you know what I mean. They also have many cottages kaya perfect sya kung isang barangay pa kau! This resort is perfect for any kind of family gatherings because of it’s ample space. We booked the Kubo and it only cost Php700 petot only. The entrance fee cost Php160/head during daytime and Php180/head during nightime, children 3ft and below is free of charge. They also have rooms if you wish to stay overnight. And they also have an overlooking view where you can see Laguna Bay from the resort.

I’ve heard 7Ft is their deepest pool (todo na yan!), most of the pools are 4-5ft only kaya naman ang saya saya namin magkakapatid especially Cyler! Ang dami namin pwedeng lakaran! HAHAHA! Ang hirap maging pandakekok eh noh! And you know what?! I already forgot how to swim kaya lakad mode lang lola ninyo. NKKLK! Ewan ko ang weird noh pati pala swimming skills nakakalimutan! LOL! O baka ako lang yun? Hahaha! Anyway, we did enjoy! Super! 🙂

Our “kung kaya ni Mister, kaya ni misis” pose!

Meet Mama and my siblings! We are BIG family and I love it! Our eldest sister wasn’t there though, she’s currently working in Saudi so we’re not complete in this impromptu family picture.

From L-to-R: Sacha (5th), Kevin (6th), Ate Annie (2nd to the eldest), Mama (ang pinaka bata sa lahat! Batang isip! hehe), Isang (4th), and I (3rd)!

And here’s my blissful child who loves the water SO MUCH!

ligalig na ligalig sa tubig!

Anak family picture din pag may time. Sensya na ayaw paawat sa tubig eh! Teehee!

Me: Hon, naiisip mo ba ang naiisip ko?
Cj: NR!

Oh what FUN! I really miss my family so much! It’s been awhile since we hung out together, I hope next time kumpleto na kami. Ate Donna, if your reading this post… uwi uwi din pag may time, OKAY?! :p

Still there’s no other place like “home”. 🙂

Loreland Farm Resort
Address: Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City
Telephone Nos.: 696-0101 to 03
Mobile Nos.: 0917-8352000 / 0908-8734220 / 0932-8857351
Fax No.: 696-0106
Email add: inquiry@loreland.com.ph

Easter Egg Hunt 2013

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Sounds like a late post, right? Well actually, it’s not. Late lang talaga yung Easter event, but it’s better than never, ayt? Cyler’s godfather, Biboy invited us to join their company’s Easter Egg Hunt last Sunday, April 6. And since I don’t have any order and Cj don’t have work so walang keme-keme gorabels agad kami! It’s Cyler’s 1st ever Easter event, so Mommy and Daddy was sooooo excited about it! Mas excited pa kami sa bagets as usual! Cyler didn’t know where we’re going but he’s always giddy and excited every time he rides the car, he’s very outgoing like his parents. His face never fail to lighten up every time we go out. Talaga namang certified lakwatsero ang bagets! Oh well, san pa ba magmamana noh? Hehe

The event was held at Philippine Army Clubhouse in Mckinley, The Fort. The decor was such an eye-candy especially the balloons! Kaya naman hindi pa nag-start ung program naubos na lahat ng decor ng mga kiddos! LOL! The place was a bit hot maybe because of the number of attendees.

They’ve got Jollibee as the party host, so as expected Jollibee mascot was there too. They also prepared lots of prizes and giveaways for the kiddos. They also prepared some balloon twisting, coloring, and face painting. They also had puppet show which is annoying by the way, even the kids got bored watching it. And also the kids, yaya’s, and other parents started getting the eggs even though the host is not giving yet the go signal to start egg hunting. So ang ending wala kaming nakuha! Hahaha! Better luck next time, sweetie!

They also prepared sweets buffet and food stall for kids and kids at heart so that we can have some snack while the program is on-going. And they had buffet for the grown ups and Jollibee food for the kiddos.

Cyler enjoyed coloring, too bad the coloring contest was ended already when we arrived. He enjoyed it a lot to the point wherein he doesn’t want to leave that table anymore.

Oh and here’s what I wore that day. Segue segue din pag may time! LOL

Pa-girl ako that day!

And here’s my boys!

One of the things he enjoyed the most? Playing and running inside the venue! That’s he’s forte! It seems like there was a riot inside the venue, all kids we’re running all around while we, the guardians are so busy chasing them! Even the party committee weren’t able to control the crowd. Haha! T’was a pretty mess! And another memorable experience for my toddler. Making memories as a family is what we enjoyed the most. 🙂

Thanks again, Ninong Biboy for inviting us! 🙂

Handmade Classic Hairpieces by M+K=a

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Don’t you just love handmade crafts?! I do. Thing is, I don’t have the talent and patience in doing it. That’s why I really admire those people who are really good in making handmade crafts. One of my fellow mompreneur friend, Em recently opened her online store to the public.  She used to sell handmade classic hairpieces for little girls. She’s the mom behind the blog Akira and Everything nice, like me she used to share her momventures too. She is also a good friend of mine, I met her through blogging. She’s a full-time MOM (hat’s off to all full-time Mommy!) with Akira and wifey with Fafa Khan. I really admire this lady because aside from being a full-time Mom and wifey, still she manage to put up her online business. This Momma is really good inside and out, I tell you. And has a great sense of humor! She’s very talented not to mention artistic, you can actually see it in most of her handmade hairpieces.

M+K = a  is the name of her online shop, pang international lang ang name ng shop noh?! Name palang bongga na!

Here’s some words of wisdom and encouragement from this superwoman that will surely inspire all of you.

What inspired you to start a business?
One reason why I started designing headbands for little girls was because my daughter wasn’t a fan of girl-y accessories. I had this idea that maybe, if her favorite cartoon character (which isn’t easy to find, by the way) would be made as an accessory, she might wanna try wearing one.
The decision to sell my hair accessories and accept made to order cartoon felt headbands came in later after a few of my friends saw my potential and convinced me to sell my creations.

Encouraging words for the readers who would like to start or improve their business.
Find your passion and always give your 101% best in every craft that you do. If you are good at something, people will acknowledge it. Try to be creative in so many ways. Know that people from all walks of life, can teach you something. Learn from them.

Here’s some of her art work (yes, for me handmade crafts is a form of artwork as long as it involves love and dedication)


Pinwheels bows





Yogabba gabba

Sesame Street

Isn’t it the cutest?! It is! From girly stuff to character felt, see how good she is?! I told yah, she’s very artistic. She can customized hairpieces for your little girls. If Cyler’s a girl, I bet everyday akong o-order sa kanya! I swear! This is a perfect gift for your daughter, niece, goddaughter, little sister, or even to your neighbor’s little girl! This is something that every little girl should have. If you want to check all their cute and fab hairpieces you can visit their Facebook Page here. I’m pretty sure you will fall inlove in all her designs like I did!

Oh and thanks again Em for being one my sponsor in my 1st ever giveaway. If you haven’t join the giveaway, just click here  and join! You can win lotsa cool prizes for you and your kids! Just follow the instructions in rafflecopter. 🙂