Handmade Classic Hairpieces by M+K=a

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Don’t you just love handmade crafts?! I do. Thing is, I don’t have the talent and patience in doing it. That’s why I really admire those people who are really good in making handmade crafts. One of my fellow mompreneur friend, Em recently opened her online store to the public.  She used to sell handmade classic hairpieces for little girls. She’s the mom behind the blog Akira and Everything nice, like me she used to share her momventures too. She is also a good friend of mine, I met her through blogging. She’s a full-time MOM (hat’s off to all full-time Mommy!) with Akira and wifey with Fafa Khan. I really admire this lady because aside from being a full-time Mom and wifey, still she manage to put up her online business. This Momma is really good inside and out, I tell you. And has a great sense of humor! She’s very talented not to mention artistic, you can actually see it in most of her handmade hairpieces.

M+K = a  is the name of her online shop, pang international lang ang name ng shop noh?! Name palang bongga na!

Here’s some words of wisdom and encouragement from this superwoman that will surely inspire all of you.

What inspired you to start a business?
One reason why I started designing headbands for little girls was because my daughter wasn’t a fan of girl-y accessories. I had this idea that maybe, if her favorite cartoon character (which isn’t easy to find, by the way) would be made as an accessory, she might wanna try wearing one.
The decision to sell my hair accessories and accept made to order cartoon felt headbands came in later after a few of my friends saw my potential and convinced me to sell my creations.

Encouraging words for the readers who would like to start or improve their business.
Find your passion and always give your 101% best in every craft that you do. If you are good at something, people will acknowledge it. Try to be creative in so many ways. Know that people from all walks of life, can teach you something. Learn from them.

Here’s some of her art work (yes, for me handmade crafts is a form of artwork as long as it involves love and dedication)


Pinwheels bows





Yogabba gabba

Sesame Street

Isn’t it the cutest?! It is! From girly stuff to character felt, see how good she is?! I told yah, she’s very artistic. She can customized hairpieces for your little girls. If Cyler’s a girl, I bet everyday akong o-order sa kanya! I swear! This is a perfect gift for your daughter, niece, goddaughter, little sister, or even to your neighbor’s little girl! This is something that every little girl should have. If you want to check all their cute and fab hairpieces you can visit their Facebook Page here. I’m pretty sure you will fall inlove in all her designs like I did!

Oh and thanks again Em for being one my sponsor in my 1st ever giveaway. If you haven’t join the giveaway, just click here  and join! You can win lotsa cool prizes for you and your kids! Just follow the instructions in rafflecopter. 🙂

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