Loreland Farm Resort

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We spent our Holy Week in my hometown, Antipolo. And one of the things that we did during the long weekend was to celebrate my sibling’s graduation at Loreland Farm Resort. T’was my Graduation treat for her and it’s actually a pre-grad celebration. It was also unplanned, talk about biglaang lakad, you know. One thing I love about biglaang lakad? Natutuloy parati at bawal ang excuses! Agree? 🙂

My youngest brother(who is btw a certified pa-girl!), Kevin and my cousin, Rex.

Kung sila ba ang mowdels ng resort na’to tutuloy pa rin ba kau?! Chos!

We arrived at 9am-ish and as expected the resort was jam-packed already! Anyway, it’s not a big deal because we were there to have fun and not to count the number of people. We prepared tilapia, chicken bbq, tuna pasta (in red sauce), cupcakes, and lots of junk food!

Would you believe sa tinagal tagal kong nakatira sa Antipolo it is actually my first time to go here? Yes, it’s my first time to go here (paulit-ulit?) to think na sampung tumbling at kembot lang yan from our house. Weird? IKR! 🙂

Loreland Farm Resort is 15-20 minutes drive from Antipolo Cathedral Church and from our house. The resort is quite old but well maintained (in fairness). They also have zipline, restaurant, food stalls, mini-playground, chapel, sports and recreations, and spa inside the resort. Hindi ka mauubusan ng gagawin unless super dami talaga ng tao. They also have lots of swimming pools not to mention kiddie pools! Yes, mas madaming kiddie pools kesa sa adult pool so expect warmer water in the swimming pools…if you know what I mean. They also have many cottages kaya perfect sya kung isang barangay pa kau! This resort is perfect for any kind of family gatherings because of it’s ample space. We booked the Kubo and it only cost Php700 petot only. The entrance fee cost Php160/head during daytime and Php180/head during nightime, children 3ft and below is free of charge. They also have rooms if you wish to stay overnight. And they also have an overlooking view where you can see Laguna Bay from the resort.

I’ve heard 7Ft is their deepest pool (todo na yan!), most of the pools are 4-5ft only kaya naman ang saya saya namin magkakapatid especially Cyler! Ang dami namin pwedeng lakaran! HAHAHA! Ang hirap maging pandakekok eh noh! And you know what?! I already forgot how to swim kaya lakad mode lang lola ninyo. NKKLK! Ewan ko ang weird noh pati pala swimming skills nakakalimutan! LOL! O baka ako lang yun? Hahaha! Anyway, we did enjoy! Super! 🙂

Our “kung kaya ni Mister, kaya ni misis” pose!

Meet Mama and my siblings! We are BIG family and I love it! Our eldest sister wasn’t there though, she’s currently working in Saudi so we’re not complete in this impromptu family picture.

From L-to-R: Sacha (5th), Kevin (6th), Ate Annie (2nd to the eldest), Mama (ang pinaka bata sa lahat! Batang isip! hehe), Isang (4th), and I (3rd)!

And here’s my blissful child who loves the water SO MUCH!

ligalig na ligalig sa tubig!

Anak family picture din pag may time. Sensya na ayaw paawat sa tubig eh! Teehee!

Me: Hon, naiisip mo ba ang naiisip ko?
Cj: NR!

Oh what FUN! I really miss my family so much! It’s been awhile since we hung out together, I hope next time kumpleto na kami. Ate Donna, if your reading this post… uwi uwi din pag may time, OKAY?! :p

Still there’s no other place like “home”. 🙂

Loreland Farm Resort
Address: Sitio Loreland, Barangay San Roque, Antipolo City
Telephone Nos.: 696-0101 to 03
Mobile Nos.: 0917-8352000 / 0908-8734220 / 0932-8857351
Fax No.: 696-0106
Email add: inquiry@loreland.com.ph

4 thoughts on “Loreland Farm Resort

  1. Grabe lang na first time mo makapunta. Haha! From Cainta ako pero nakailang balik na ako dyan. Favorite resort yata yan ng pamilya ko for reunions. Lol!

    • Ang weird right?! To think I live here in Antipolo for 23 years! My goodness! Pero the place is really good and you’re right perfect siya for family gatherings. 🙂

      Thanks for dropping btw! 🙂

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