A Lovely Sunday Afternoon at Ayala Triangle

Dearest Cyler,

It was a lovely Sunday afternoon when your Daddy decided to take us in the park. As usual, you felt so giddy and excited about it. Your smile never fail to put a smile on our face. Just seeing you happy makes me happy too. Those smile are priceless. You run, we run. As I watch you run and laugh endlessly, I can’t help but get teary. I know someday you’ll be opting to live on your own and I hope when that time comes and when you read this post you remember all the happy things that we did together. Always remember that Daddy and Mommy are doing their best to make you happy. All the time. Sorry for those times when we have to say No because we don’t want to spoil you and all we ever wanted is to discipline you. It’s for your own good, sweetie. Someday when you have your own child, you’ll understand what I’m trying to say. We don’t want to give you all the things in the world, all we wanted is for you to be happy all the time, become a better person, and become God fearing. Remember that those trees, plants, grasses, and air that you breathe are gift from God. And don’t ever forget that God gave me you. Without Him, wala ka rin sakin. Anak, from this day forward I promise to become a better Mom to you (always) and allow me to serve you until my last breath. I know I was born to be your Mom and it’s my lifetime commitment with you. Thanks for teaching me how to love unconditionally and for showing me the real meaning of life. Mommy was born to love and nurture you. I love you from infinity and beyond!

Love lots,

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