Cyler’s List of Words at 23 Months

Cyler is becoming more talkative than ever! As in everrrrrr! I wonder kung kanino sya nagmana ng kadaldalan? La…la…la…. (Sabay tago). 🙂

Now he’s the one who’s teaching us some new words! Talk about baliktad ang mundo, you know! Last night while we were playing inside our room he opened his ipad and taught us some new words. Yes, baliktad na ngayon…kami na ang tinuturuan nya! NKKLK! He felt like he’s talking like a grown up. Oh my little baby, please take it easy. Easy. Easy. Okay? 🙂

Here’s Teacher Cyler, he’ll teach you his newly discovered words today….new words… at least for him. 🙂

List of Spoken Words:

• Ba-rrer (butter)
• Ca-wage (cabbage)
• Kek (cake)
• Candy
• Cawot (carrot)
• Ca-flawa (Cauliflower)
• Ce-bebe (Celery)
• Cheese
• Chewi (Cherry)
• Choc-let (Chocolate)
• Ciwanto (Cilantro)
• Coki (Coffee)
• Cookie
• Com (Corn)
• Cu-cum-ba (Cucumber)
• Egg
• Fwuts (Fruits)
• Greps (Grapes)
• Jewi (Jelly)
• As-cream (Ice cream)
• Juice

Well done, Teacher Cyler! He’s definitely the cutest Teacher everrrr! Oh well, you can’t blame me.. I’m the mother! Teehee!

Hmmmm… I wonder what’s his next lesson? 🙂


8 thoughts on “Cyler’s List of Words at 23 Months

  1. kyot! kyot! kyot! :))
    super like mommy sha!! haha
    parang gusto kona tuloy padaliin ng husto ang panahon. para makapag salita na din c bebe girl ko! haha :p
    am so looking forward to that day! yihah!! haha :))
    ur kiddo is berrrrryyyy cuuuttteeeee!!

    • Thank you, Sarah! Naku take it easy, wag magmadali, just cherish each and every moment with your baby girl. Pag naging toddler na yan, sasabihin mo din “sana baby nalang ulit sya”. I swear!

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