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I salute all Work-At-Home-Moms because aside from being a home-maker on top of that still they manage to earn extra money for their family. Taking good care of your kids and doing household chores at the same time is no joke , it needs a lot of patience, time, and energy. It can be exhausting at some time. So just imagine how these women manage their time, effort, and energy.

Today, I will feature a WAHMderful mom and a dear friend of mine. Her name is Erlaine, she also shares her adventure (and misadventures) of being a mom on her wonderful blog Glamma Momma. She’s also a certified momprenuer and a full time Mom to Kelsea. Erl graduated as an engineer and worked as an analyst programmer for 4.5 years. She’s an analyst programmer but deep inside of her, she’s a salesperson. While working she also sells pillows, organic soaps, hand-made bracelets and even cellphone load to her officemates, that’s how business minded she is.

She also said that when she’s in high school, she would buy packs of imported chocolate and sell them retail to her classmates. She also tried selling bracelets back then and her earnings were used to buy pocketbooks because that what she loves to read. So you can really see how business minded she is. All her profit went straight to her savings which later on were used for their wedding and down payment for their home. When she became a mom, her desire to be an entreprenuer grew even more. So she said goodbye to the corporate world and worked on her husband’s business and later on she decided to put up her online shop. Then she became a mompreneur way back in 2008. And Shopping Spells was born.

See how her determination and diligence brought her to success. That’s why I really admire and salute this woman. Giving up your career is really difficult but she made it. Well I hope someday I can do the same thing too. I’m in the process now and I’m doing it one baby step at a time. 🙂

Shopping spells used to sell the following:

Passport Holder

This fab and fashionable passport holder is perfect for all jet setters! It’s a must have, baby!

And if you’re kinda OC and you want all your things organize, now this bag organizer is definitely for you! It’s not only fab it’s very useful too! Say goodbye to your messy bag and hello to clutter-free bag! 🙂

Bag Organizer

And who can resist these fashionable Glamma Momma shirts?! My goodness! This is a perfect gift to every moms out there! Buy and give it to your Mom this coming Mother’s Day! They will surely love it! 🙂

They also sell printed coin purse, cute pen holder, fab external hard drive case, printed flats wallets, etc! Visit their FB page for more info.

And here’s Erl’ words of encouragement to those who would like to become an entrepreneur:


Not all of us are born with a silver spoon and can easily put up a business. So for those who would like to start a business, start small but dream big. Take one step at a time. Take risks and face all the challenges that come your way. Know what inspires you and do what you love. This will lead you to your dreams.

I’m just also starting as an entrepreneur and still needs to go along way to meet my dreams. So I’m open to suggestions and criticisms when it comes to my products and managing my small business because I believe there is always room for improvement.


I hope she inspired you in her own little way, just like what she did to me. Erl is a picture of an inspiring and courageous woman who’s willing to do everything for the sake of her family. Hat’s off to you, Erl and to all WAHMderful moms out there! 🙂

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Visit Shopping Spells:


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