I am Inspired to Blog because…

….I am once a confuse and weary newbie Mommy, so through this blog I want to help other Mommies out there who are also struggling and seeking for piece of advices. And I want to inspire them in my own little way. I’m not a good writer and I wish not to be admired by anyone, I just want them to feel that their not alone in this journey called motherhood. I’m blogging because I want to tell the whole world that one of the greatest gift from God is our family. A gift that we have to cherish and love unconditionally.

I came from a broken family, I admit that having a broken family wasn’t easy. It never was. My parents were separated from each other when I was 7 years old. The day when my parents got separated was the darkest and saddest day of my life. It was very painful, but I have to accept it because I had no choice then. I didn’t know what’s going on then but I felt really really bad. And you know what? It’s really hard to live without your parents behind you. It’s like walking with your eyes closed, you never know what will happen and where will it take you. When I grew up I promised myself that I won’t let it happen in my own family. Not even in a glimpse. Life is indeed unfair, but despite of that, I tried to be strong and be optimistic in every aspect of my life. I never asked God why did it happen to us because I know and I do believe that He has purposed for me and my family. My faith becomes my strength. Whenever I recall my childhood, I see a happy little girl, who loves to laugh and joke around all the time though deep inside, her situation in life really breaks her heart. At an early age I learned how to be independent and stand for myself. I also experienced being judged by other people because of my family background. That’s how cruel life can be, but instead of putting myself down I tried to think the other way around. My faith is unbreakable. Nothing, and no one can bring me down.

I started reading blogs when I became a Mom to Cyler because I don’t have any parents to look up to and I don’t know where to seek parenting advices. Just reading other blogs makes me feel that I’m not alone in this journey called motherhood. In return, I started this blog to share my own life experiences to other people and document my family’s precious memories. Yes, I grew up in a broken family but it never became a hindrance for me, it made me stronger and appreciate life even more instead.

I’m inspired to blog because I want to share all the things that I learned from my past, from being a child, a Mom, and a wife. Being a mother is the biggest challenge we(moms) had to deal with (but it’s still the best job in the world!) that’s why this little space was created to help you get through it. Another reasons why I’m so inspired to blog? I met all the wonderful people in the world– fellow bloggers, Mommies, and most especially readers. Motherhood brought out the best in me and it’s so indescribably fulfilling being a mom. Watching my child grow and learn on his own is indeed priceless and inspires me to blog even more.There are a lot things that I learned from being a mother. Countless even. If I dictate it here one by one, ay naku mauumay kayo! :p


And most especially I’m inspired to blog because of my son, Cyler. I want him to remember all the happy, silly, crazy, and great things that we did together. Those are the things that I never experienced when I was a child and I want my son to feel that he’s always loved and nurture by us, his Mommy and Daddy. Something that he will treasure forever…. in his heart. 🙂

And before I end up this post I just want all of you to remember this: you will only live once so make the most out of it….with your family. Spend it wisely and don’t ever take them for granted. 🙂

Please share your thoughts, I'd love to hear from you!

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