Bag of Beans Pinoy Toppings

Breakfast Sampler

Blueberry Cheesecake

My Voyz!

The only girl in the family, Mom-ME!

Here it is, the 1st part of my Birthday celebration(s)! Last month, Cj and I planned to have a family getaway on my birthday. Our initial plan was to have a staycation, thing is when we compared the price of the Hotels here in the metro and in the province we realized that it’s almost the same. So we decided to go out-of-town instead. The first thing that comes to our mind was a beach trip since it’s summer and since my toddler loves the water so much. If he can only stay in the water for the entire day, I tell you he will! So it has been decided that we will going to have an out-of-town trip, a beach trip that is!

We left the house around 11am and we were in hurry, of course. I know it was really late, problem is we’re not a morning person so it’s really hard for us to wake up early (#PalusotNumber1). Before we went to the beach resort we decided to dine at Tagaytay since we were all starving. While on our way I remembered that there is a newly opened branch of Bag of Beans near Tagaytay Rotonda so I told my husband, Cj that we will have our lunch there. He agreed immediately because he’s also starving then so we decided to have our lunch at Bag of Beans. We’ve been in Tagaytay countless times but it’s  actually our first time to dine here. In fairness, the food was really good although we found it a bit pricey nga lang. You know naman may husband, he’s really nuknukan ng kuripot! As in! Anyway, we ordered breakfast sampler that consist of  2 eggs, bacon strips, 2 pork sausage links, ham, hash browns, and 2 buttermilk pancakes plus two extra-rice! HAHA! Sensya na daming gutom eh! LOL! I love their ham and pancakes! Cj liked the pork sausage links, as a matter of fact he can’t get over with it. He kept on asking what’s the brand of the pork sausage links. Geez! May balak atang magbenta ng lonnganisa!  And also when I posted the photo of Bag of Beans in my instagram everybody was telling me to order cheesecakes! And so I gave it a try! Sino ba naman ako para tumanggi?! CHOS! Deep inside of me gustong gusto ko talaga i-try! Teehee! 🙂

And in fairness, I super kaduper liked the cheesecake! Just having the thought of it makes me really…drool! The cheesecake cost Php150/slice which I think is very reasonable, you can choose between strawberry and blueberry flavor. The cheesecake serve as my birthday cake also(Kuripot mode: ON)! I guess it taste way better than a cake! Achuchuu… pangpalubag loob! LOL! We brought the cheesecake in the hotel. When we arrived at beach resort the cheesecake didn’t look so appetizing anymore but it was still yummy and creamy though. So keribels na din! My only problem in the resto was the number of flies joining us while we’re eating! The staff put some candle in our table to keep flies away from our food, problem is it was too windy that day so the candle light was gone and the flies kept on flying in our table. My gulaynesss!

Anyway, we will definitely go back here! Next time, we will try their other dishes and we’ll try to visit their main branch as well! 🙂

I’ll share our first ever family beach trip on my next post so wait for my bikini shot! Chos! Kidding aside. 🙂


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