1st Family Beach Trip at Canyon Cove

Warning: This post is photo HEAVY!

And let the photos do the talking. Teehee! πŸ™‚

The most requested semi-bikini shot! LOL!

Meet Mrs. Talikod-genic!

Need I say more?

Of course!

My goodness we did a lot of photo ops in the beach and I only chose the few ones that I like the most. Few ones pa yan ah! Anyhoo, we’ve been planning for this beach trip since last year but because of our insane and super-labong schedule it has never been push through. Finally, this time around natuloy din! Talk about biglaang beach trip. Three weeks before my birthday I saw this deal at Metrodeal, the deal was really cheap and I found the place really good plus I read a lot of rave reviews about Canyon Cove and so I told my husband to purchased the deal. After purchasing the deal, we tried to call for our reservation but nobody’s answering the phone so we emailed them instead. (Thank you, Em for suggesting that!) And surprisingly, they answered back immediately. Our target date was April 21-22 (my birthdays!) unfortunately the resort was fully booked on April 21, so we didn’t have any choice but to moved the date. So we booked April 22-23 instead which is still okay because 22 is still my birthday. I actually have two birthdays April 21 and 22, it was a long story so let’s just forget about it. LOL!

Fast forward April 22, we had our first family beach trip! YAY! When we arrived at the beach resort I was really impressed at their amenities. It was really nice and so totyal! I was also expecting a long line in the reception to my surprised we had a smooth and fast transaction, after showing the hard copy of the voucher I waited for about 5-10minutes and viola! We’re done! And one thing I like about their staff? They’re very polite and accommodating.

So let me tour you around our room.

We had a king size and day bed. (Em same as your room!) We love the bed so much! It was cool, soft, and comfy!

The voyz while inspecting the entire room. Ang OC masyado! πŸ˜›

They also have TV with cable, mini-refrigerator, and electric kettle.

The bathroom is nice but a bit dusty. But having a bath tub is a major points for me so bawi na rin! They also have free shampoo and soap that’s good for 4 person. And they also have blower inside the bathroom.

Goofing in the mirror!

After checking the entire place we rested(while the toddler kept on running, dialing the telephone, and playing non-stop) for about 1 hour and after that we’re ready to swim, swim, swim! Cyler was WOW-ed when he saw the swimming pool and the beach in our veranda. As usual, our driver(a.k.a Daddy Cj) was not in the mood to swim so I accompanied my super kaduper excited toddler in the water. And guess what?! We stayed there for two hours! We started at 5pm and we finished at 7pm-ish! Pwersahan pa yun! But it’s totally fine as long I see him happy and having so much fun.

First we tried the beach and he did liked it! He surely did! He didn’t mind at all kahit maalat ang tubig at masakit sa eyes! Oh and he loves playing in the sand as a matter of fact he bathed in it! Kahit magkanda-puwing puwing na sya! Haha!

After that, we decided to transfer in the pool. He was walking in the pool all by himself the entire time and he didn’t ask for any help from Mommy. But I said “No!” and I insisted! As expected, he didn’t want to leave the water anymore. My gulay! Hmmm.. I wonder what’s with the water?!

One of the highlights of our stay there was when Cyler met a new friend. His name is Ashton who is also a very active toddler. He liked Cyler so much and he kept on calling his name the whole time. It was soooo cute! πŸ™‚

As expected, we had a hard time convincing our little merman to get out of the water. Finally, after so many attempts he gave in! Akalain mo yun! Akala ko dun na kami matutulog sa pool eh! Whew!

We capped of our night with a warm bubble bath. We stayed there for one hour! Akala ko naka-get over na ang bagets sa pool hindi pa din pala. HAHA! So we just enjoyed the moment and we had the time our life. πŸ™‚

After the warm bubble bath, the little merman fell asleep in no time. The Daddy went outside to buy some food since our toddler was sleeping already. We didn’t buy the food inside the resort because we found it too pricey (pansit bihon for 200++? Omegad!) plus they don’t allow rice meals inside the room, so we decided to just bought some food at the nearest fast food resto. I tell you, andaming kainan malapit sa resort! Wag ka nga lang magpapahuli sakanila because they don’t allow outside foods and drinks.

So we had our dinner inside our room. We even tried to drink beer unfortunately our toddler suddenly woke up so we forgot to drink the beer and we ended up snoozing instead. Wenk! So there, that’s how our 1st day goes– fun, cool, fantabulous, full of life, and memorable! Watch out for our Day 2 in my next post! Thanks again, Em for the tips! I owe you a lot!

Canyon Cove Resort
Far East Road, Piloto Wawa
Nasugbu, Batangas

Phone Number: +632.908.1111

Email: canyoncoveres@gmail.com


12 thoughts on “1st Family Beach Trip at Canyon Cove

  1. No worries, Sha! Anytime πŸ™‚

    Ang gwapo ni Cyler dun sa mirror shot na nakatingin πŸ™‚
    Ang sexy mo, nakakainis ka! πŸ™‚

    • Hahaha! Thanks, sis! Isa ka din true friend nagsasabi ka ng totoo! Chos!

      Yes, super nice talaga nung place! We love the pool and the beach! Another points for me is that the beach is in front of the hotel so no need to walk ng napaka-haba just to get in the beach. Isang tumbling lang andun kana! Super bait pa ng mga staff, ang rant ko lang talaga is their food pero aside from that wala na. Check Metrodeal baka andun pa ung deal nila. πŸ™‚

  2. Yay!! I wanna go there as well. Super mura nung deal?? πŸ™‚ (Dun talaga nag-twinkle yung eyes ko). How much??

    P.S.: Cyler is soooo gwapo. πŸ™‚ I’m inggit!!!

    • Hello there, Aubrey! 2,999 lang ung deal na nakuha namin. Ang mura talaga! Ung regular room rate cost around 5k++, kaya naman di na nagpa-tumpik tumpik pa at binili agad namin ung deal! Hahaha! Talk about frugality… you know. LOL!

      Thanks, Tita Aubrey! πŸ™‚

  3. hi sisi,
    just read ur blog ang cute and very infotve ha…
    mind if I ask so tips privately thru mail?

    rakel (rak.org@gmail.com)

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