Look It’s About Me: Personalized StoryBooks and Gifts

When I was a small kid I always had this dream of being the protagonist in my own story. I remember when we were young, my siblings and I used to had this “make-believe” play wherein all of us are the main character of the story. And you know what? I always play the mother role especially when we were playing bahay-bahayan. Even when I was a kid I love being a Mom na talaga, that’s why I do believe that motherhood is my calling in life. I was really born to become a Mom and nurture my family, that’s my purpose in life.

Anyhoo, back to the main topic…. so when I found this personalized storybook online I got so giddy and excited about it because I know for sure that my little bookworm will surely like it. My fellow mom bloggers kept on posting in IG about the book and I got so curious and I was really amazed. It never came across my mind that you (or even me!) can be the protagonist or main character in the book. Kasi most of the time when you buy a book the whole story was already there but you’re not part of the character. That’s why this personalized story book sounds really cool, unique, and so amazing for me. Would it be great if your child becomes the star of their own tale?! Of course! Lahat ng tao gusto maging bida kahit sa book lang. 🙂

Look It’s About Me believes that children’s stories are a kind of magic that’s why they created these books to captivate your child’s imagination. When I found their online site I immediately placed my order because I wanted to give this book to Cyler on his 2nd birthday. The book cost Php1,200 (USD 28.99) but I got mine for Php1,080 pesos only because of their Mother’s Day Promo. So hurry up and go buy now to avail their promo! After placing my order, I received a confirmation email and I deposited my payment at BDO. In less than 10 days it was done and ready for pick up. They can also deliver it right to your doorsteps if you want to. I decided to pick it up since my office is just few blocks away from their office. But I asked hubby to pick up the book instead. The photo above is the book that they created for my little bookworm, Cyler.

Here’s some of my favorite pages in the book:

The name of his cousin's were also included! :)

And of course Mommy, Daddy, Lolo, Lola, as well as Tito & Tita are part of the story too!

I can’t wait to give this book to Cyler on his 2nd birthday! He will surely love this! This is definitely the perfect gift for your kids, I must say. This is something that they can keep forever and show to their future kids or grandchildren. Isn’t it nice that once in your life you becomes the star in your own tale?! It surely is!

Btw, they customized gift wrappers, placemats, and wall art too. For more info visit their website: http://www.lookitsaboutme.com


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