3 Summer Must-Haves Make Up!

Let’s talk about muk-up today! I actually wanted to post the things that I learned from the Blog:Inspired workshop but I’m still collecting my thoughts, I guess a make-up review is the best warm up for my dead sleeping brain cells. It’s been a long time since I posted something related to kikay stuff(you can read it here and here), make up review to be exact. I bet you all know that I am really kikay (inside and out!), it runs in our blood. And it’s pretty obvious in the name of my blog. Teehee! Anyway, two weeks ago, I went makeup shopping together with these three fabulous Mommies, Maqui, Ate Maggie, and Erl and we discovered new cosmetics. Ate Maggie and I helped Maqui and Erl to choose the right make-up for them but we ended up buying for ourselves too! HAHA! Oh well, what do you expect? I’m a sucker of good cosmetics! Anyhoo,choosing the right cosmetics during summer is a bit challenging especially when keeping your make-up looking fresh and pretty. I know usong-uso ang mud slide pag summer that’s why I come up to this idea of sharing my newly discovered cosmetics to y’all. These make-ups are perfect for summer, it’s a must-have baby!

  • Elf Flawless Eyeshadow
  • Fashion 21 loose powder
  • BYS Blusher (coral)

1. Elf Flawless Eyeshadow

Natural or tan colors are in during summer that’s why this shades of eye shadow is perfect during this season! Would you believe that this eye shadow only cost….Php199 petot?! Yes, it’s really cheap but the quality is really good. This coordinated shadows allows you to go bold or natural as you want. If you want to achieve a natural and fresh look this one is definitely for you! And also this is perfect for beginners because it has an easy 4-step application guide that will surely help you. This will surely gives you a professionally contoured and define eye, I’ve tried using this (see picture below) and this is how it looks like. I just added color gold eye-shadow to make the look more bolder.

That’s me, hindi lang halata. ๐Ÿ˜›

I go for bolder look here because I attended a wedding but you can achieve a natural look by applying eyeshadow in light shades. I also read before that we should avoid using eye cream on our lids (most especially during this season) because it can break down makeup, use an eye primer instead. I love using eye shadows especially on special occasions because it improves my eye shape and it gives me a more fab look. Agree?! Remember that applying eye shadow always depends on the look that you want to achieve– go bold or natural. Deep colors are good but they can look heavy during summer.

2. Fashion 21 loose powder

I discovered this cosmetic through the help of my favorite cousin, Ate Maggie. For me using loose powder is perfect for summer because it doesn’t give you the sticky feeling especially when the weather is so humid. It’s very light on the face and it’s like you’re just using a baby powder and it keeps your skin oily free. And also it’s not cake-y compared to foundation or compact powder. Lightly dust your face with loose powder after applying your favorite BB cream. And viola! You’re good to go! And you know what’s good in this loose powder?! It’s way cheaper compare to other loose powder and it only cost Php175 petot! Kaloka ang presyo mga teh! Too good to be true, but it’s true! This is perfect for all frugalicious ladies(like me!) out there!

3. BYS Blusher (coral)

When it comes to blush on there’s only two different brands that I’m using, the one from The Face Shop and the one from Benefit, other than that wala na talaga I never tried using any blush on. Ever. Until I discovered this blush on from BYS, my love for TFS and Benefit suddenly change. May bago nakong love! It was love-at-first-apply mga ate! All of us (Maqui, Ate Maggie, Me, and Erl) tried the blush on during our muk-up shopping spree and boy did we liked it! And guess what?! Maloloka kayo sa price…. it cost Php230++ only! Now how good is that?! It’s way way cheaper than the other brand that I’m using plus the quality is really good! Yeah, we’re hoarding make-ups that day but it didn’t hurt our wallet that much.

Btw, this is how I look while using Fashion 21 loose powder and BYS blusher.

Ang lakas maka-fresh ng loose powder at blush on na itech! That photo was taken during our vacation at Canyon Cove, surprisingly it gave me the natural and fresh look even though the weather was too hot. I love how the blush on gives me that natural sheer look. Do you notice the difference between the two photo? The 1st look is bolder, the 2nd one is natural look. A bonggang hair is a major major plus! It will make you look more fab!

These three summer make-up is definitely a must-have and it will surely give you the glow that you want to achieve this summer! Plus it won’t hurt your budget that much. For those ladies (especially mommies) who always feel guilty when they buy something for themselves, here’s a pieces of advice from yours truly kikay mommy– buying something especially kikay stuff (at least once in a while) like make-ups for yourself won’t make you a bad momma at all, after all you’re still a girl (if you get my drift), and I tell you it help build your self-confidence(and alindog!) too especially when your feeling loshang already. Just bear in mind that everybody deserves a treat and so as you!

Before I end this post, just want to pointed this out, these reviews are based on my personal experience with the cosmetics, your experience may be different from mine. Just so you know. And also the above two photos has NO FILTER meaning it’s not edited, both photo was taken using my phone’s camera only.:)


8 thoughts on “3 Summer Must-Haves Make Up!

    • Haha! Thanks, Mars! Alam mo namang nasa dugo natin ang pagiging “mowdel”. Chos!

      Lip balm lang gamit ko dun, walang lipstick! Natural color lips lang. Teehee! ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Thank you, cuz! Pero sympre mas maganda kapa rin! ๐Ÿ™‚

      Super duper like ko tlga yang loose powder at blush on lakas maka-fresh! Super timing talaga ung muk-up shopping natin nun! Perfect for summah! ๐Ÿ™‚

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