Blog Inspired: Knowing And Redefining Our Purpose in Blogging

Photo grabbed from Martine de Luna of Dainty Mom

Alright, so here it is! This post has been sitting on my drafts for two weeks now, finally I have gathered my inner thoughts (gumagana na rin ang mga brain cells ko!) and I think this is the best and right time to post this. Let’s all start our week with a very inspiring post and a grateful heart. Last April 20, 2013, Saturday I attended the Blog Inspired workshop hosted by these four very inspiring and powerful women: Martine de Luna of DaintyMom, Toni Tiu of Wifely Steps, Jayme Gatbonton of OptiMommy, and Michelle Padrelanan of Beyond Silver and Gold. I’ve been waiting for this workshop ever since I started blogging because I’m still in the phase wherein blogging isn’t so clear to me, newbie blogger that is. We all know that in this generation, everyone can create blogs in just one click and become a “blogger” in an instant, BUT not everyone knows their real purpose in blogging.I notice that most bloggers now are just blogging for the sake of earning money through advertorials (which I admit, I am one of them…before) and because they want to be popular, I can’t blame them because everyone needs money for living and wants to be recognize. I used to be like that too… but that was before. As time goes by, I found my real purpose in blogging and this workshop helps me a lot in redefining and improving my purpose in blogging.

Photo grabbed from Martine

These lovely ladies here are not just my online (and offline) friends, they’re my sisters! 🙂

Here’s the essential things that I learned from the workshop and it really helps me a lot. I hope it helps you too.

1. Build your Foundation
Most of the time we were always rushing to reach the top and we tend to forget our real purpose in blogging, so we ended up regretting and getting disappointed at the end. Bear in mind that it’s more important to build something strong rather than building it high and at the end it will easily fall. Just take it one baby step at a time. Like you, I also started this blog with nothing. I don’t have any readers or subscribers but I just continue writing (kahit sablay) until I captured someone’s heart. And from then everything follows. I was surprise because I didn’t know that I am actually inspiring a lot of people even in some part of this planet. And then I started receiving emails and messages from other people saying that I’m one of their inspirations as a Mother. And it really touches my heart, that’s why I become more inspired to write. One of my boss says that she’s a reader of my blog and she always tell me that she feels really happy everytime she reads my blog, and I feel grateful about it. Who would’ve thought that I will inspire a lot of people through this blog? I admit that I’m not a good writer but when I write something I make sure that I put my heart on it– passion and love are my only key. If you’re planning to create a blog or you’re a newbie blogger (like me) just take it easy and take one little step at a time, build a strong foundation for your blog and that foundations starts within you.

2. Define Your Purpose in Blogging
I started this blog because I initially wanted to document my child’s milestones and my family’s memories, just in case I feel lonely or when the time comes wherein I can no longer remember everything, at least I have something that I can look at. Before, I was also focus on the number of my daily viewers until I lose my confident with my posts because I felt like nobody’s reading it, then I realized that I created this blog not because of popularity but to inspire other people. I redefine my purpose in blogging and I stop looking at the numbers of my viewers. At first I never intended to use my blog to help other people most especially mommies, but as time goes by I realized that I should use this blog to reach out and inspire other people. So from then I found my real purpose in blogging and that is to use my passion in baking, kakikayan, talking (since I’m bad in writing), and most especially my love for my family to inspire and motivate other people so that they live satisfied, happy, contented, feel blessed on what they have, and find their real purpose in life. Like me, you must also know your real purpose in blogging. Is it for earning or inspiring? Write something that you are really passionate with. All of us are created unique by God so don’t be a copycat, make you’re own statement and find your real purpose in blogging. That is something na hahanap hanapin ng mga readers mo, your authenticity and the uniqueness of your blog. Finding your purpose is like walking with your eyes wide open and you know where to go. Look for your inspiration, it will help you define your real purpose in blogging. Me, I found my inspiration with my family that’s why I created this blog to help other parents especially the working parents (like me) on raising their family despite of their very demanding career. Our purpose doesn’t come in a snap, it takes time. So don’t hurry, take your time.

“Use your blog as a catalyst to live your best life” – Holly Becker

“Prioritize inspiring, not earning” – Michelle Padrelanan

3. Be Yourself and Believe in Yourself
This is such a strong word, I know. Remember the saying– you must love yourself first and everything else will fall into line? Blogging is also a journey, it must start with yourself and not with anybody else.

“We are all meant to shine, as children do” -Mariane Williamson

Always believe in yourself and use your life purpose. Again, don’t be a copycat,we were born unique. Being a copycat will make you look more unprofessional and it will ruin your self-confidence. I am also a victim of those copycat (not once but twice!) and I know how it feels when somebody steals your own identity. And to tell you the truth, I am very disappointed with them. Sometimes it’s okay to be inspired by someone but do not copy every detailed of their life to the point wherein you copy almost everything they do, especially the things that they write. That’s plagiarism and that’s against the law. Aminin natin, usong uso yan ngayon. Bear in mind that nobody loves copycat. And also, your reader knows if your post is sincere or your just being plastik (sorry for the term). BE YOURSELF and BELIEVE IN YOURSELF. Make sure that all your post are worth your readers precious time and it must be something na babalik-balikan nila. And also when you copy someone’s idea don’t forget to acknowledge the site or the blogger. That’s very important in blogging, be professional. And remember that we are here to inspire people and not to over step one another. Be inspired by your “now” and “aha” moments and be yourself.

4. Connection
Strong connection is very important in blogging. If you want to introduce yourself to others and stay connected, you must reach out. Try visiting other blogs and leave comments so that they will know you better. Join blog communities or group, I tell you it’s a big help. They will motivate and help you a lot. Before I became a blogger I’m also a reader and lurker like everyone else. But when I started this blog I learned how to reach out although I’m really mahiyain. Walang masama if you introduce yourself, at least you give it a try.

And also target your readers heart, if you don’t hook your readers, you will loose them forever. Always give your readers something to look forward to. For example, offer unique features, give a little giveaways, show and tell your stories that come’s from your heart. Your heartfelt stories are very powerful compared to the one that copy from google. Be more realistic and creative. And also use the language that you are comfortable with, the language that you are using depends on your target readers. Personally, I only use simple words most of the time because I’m not as good as Shakespear when it comes to writing and sometimes I used taglish pag hindi ko na keri at dumudugo na talaga ang ilong ko (gaya ngayon! Teehee!). For me it’s better to make things simple than making your post complicated. Ikaw lang ang mahihirapan and the same time maguguluhan lang ung reader mo. I am 100% sure na maiintidihan at magugustuhan pa rin yan ng readers mo as long as it comes from the heart. I have readers from the other side of the planet but still they always understand what I’m trying to say. And also find a tribe that sync with your purpose. The connection always begins within you and not with anybody else. Again, start within yourself. Build a strong connection, not just connection connection but “real friendship” with your fellow bloggers and readers. And don’t forget to thank them. I’m really grateful because I gained a lot of real and true friends through blogging, also through this blog I found a great group who supports me (my sissies!) all the time, and it feels so good to be surrounded with good and positive people. Now, that’s what I call strong connection. 🙂

We are SISTER’s!

I hope these pieces of advices from these four inspiring ladies inspired you the way it inspired me. This workshop is so empowering and inspiring! I’m looking forward on working again and connecting with all these ladies real soon. Thanks again Martine, Jayme, Toni, and Michelle for inspiring all of us! I appreciate all your time, efforts, and devotion for this workshop, it helped us a lot! I’m more excited now for my blog and I have so many exciting plans for it and I want all of you to become part it! I believe that we can all do it because we got each others back, don’t we? 🙂

How about you? What’s your purpose in blogging? Any tips and suggestions? Please share your thoughts I’d love to hear from you!

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