Missing Him So Much!

Oh my, it’s only Tuesday and there are three more days to go before the weekend, I miss my little boy already! I miss his never ending “Oh no!” and his never ending laughters! And even the songs that he loves to sing over and over again, and all the kisses and cuddling! I miss all his lambing! I miss everything about him!

Mommies did you ever feel this kind of longing even if you always see your kids most of the time? Parang kulang parati ang oras to be with them noh especially when you’re working. Is it just my hormones that I have this longing for my son at this moment? Or it’s just that I really miss him? Sorry for the drama but I just miss my son so much! I miss him so badly, I’m still at work now and I have so many things to do, so many project deadlines, my goodness! So little time too many things to do! Oh God, I miss my son so badly!

Just wanna share his video that I keep on watching while I’m working because I miss him so badly. This little boy never fail to amuse and surprise me.

Is it 7pm already? Not yet? Oh boy! I wanna go home and be with my baby! 😦

I hope he’s still awake when we get home. 😦


6 thoughts on “Missing Him So Much!

  1. Hi It is always nice to touch bases with fellow Pinay Mommy blogger like me. Been here from Google, my first time here but I know it wont be the last.

    Like you I am also a Working Mom and a blogging Pinay Momma as well. I totally understand your woes, even na malalaki na ang aking mga kiddos mahirap pa din ang mapawalay sa kanila, how much more pag baby parang may separation anxiety parati – one of the downside of being a working Mom.

    Keep on blogging and inspiring others thru your stories and thru your blog.

    Its me Cielo of Brown Pinay

    • Yes, I must agree there is always separation anxiety talaga when you leave your kids at home while we are working, even though you know they’re safe. I’m thankful because I know I’m not alone. Thanks for kind words, yes let us use our blog to inspire people and not to over step one another.

      Happy Mother’s day, Cielo! Hope you’re having a great day with your family, enjoy our special day! 🙂

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