What Keeping Me Busy These Days

Hello, hello! How’s everybody here?! I miss all of you already especially this little space of mine. Hay grabe! My goodness! Let’s do some catch up muna ah before I go to bed namiss ko na kayo eh kahit ako di ninyo ko namiss…chos! I didn’t notice that it’s been a week since I visited my blog! Super kaduper busy ng lola ninyo the whole week! As in! Kayod marino lang ang peg! Oh well, I bet most of the time people are really busy but I guess I’m 100x busier this week compare to the previous week. And you know what? Today, I went home at around 2:45AM from work…imagine?! My gulay! We have a project deadline that we have to meet and we’re so ngaragers na talaga to the highest level. Well, ang ending hindi pa rin namin tapos due to so many conflicts! I’m getting home late this past few days because of this project! Anyway, let’s change topic ang sakit sa ulo pag work ang topic eh noh? Baka ma-stress lang din kayo. Well aside from all the stress of course andyan pa rin ang nagbibigay ng happiness sa buhay ko– my friends and most especially my two baby boys (Cj and Cyler!). Even though I used to go home really late Cyler patiently waits for me until I get home and were inseparable once I enter our doorstep. And I’m back to myself once I see my son and my husband. Garantisadong tanggal ang mga ka-stressan ko sa buhay! They bring a never-ending joy to my life!

And of course, pag gising pa ang bagets I’d rather choose be with him than to write a post. So that’s why I’m really having a hard time to write a post during weekdays. During weekends naman, fully booked din ang schedule namin and pag nasa house lang kami I make sure that he’s sleeping already when I blog because he will surely drag me out of the computer. That’s why most of time I write a post while I’m on my way to work using my mobile, so I have my reason for my wrong grammar and spelling. LOL!

And also aside from getting busy with my work I also have a very demanding sideline which keeps me busier than everrr! Last week, I had an order for Mother’s day so I baked and customized the cupcake designs just for this special occasion. And here’s my finish product.

I finished doing that around 2 in the morning and was so groggy when I came to the office the next day. Now tell me, who has time?

Then last Sunday (that’s Mother’s day) we went to Laguna and rented a private resort together with my relatives. And boy oh boy did we have the most wonderful time ever! I’ll share it another post too because it really deserves to be remember and treasure forever. 🙂

That’s Cyler’s signatured pose… the “aaaahhhhhh” pose!

And also this week it’s my first time to attend an event hosted by Wyeth Philippines. They sent two invites for two different events last week, sad to say I had to decline the other one due to schedule conflicts and time restraints. But I attended the other event last Wednesday, May 15, 2013 and I’m very grateful to become part of it. I’m sooo excited to share what happened on the said event. It was a very productive day for me! If I will describe that day in one word that would be “starstruck”! Find out why on my next post!

For me, one of the perks of blogging is the chance to get invited with this kind of event. Aside from getting expose, you also have the chance to meet a lot of great people and it gives you more confidence.

Do you notice anything here in the picture? Hihi

After the event I went to my favorite face spa and pampered myself like there’s no tomorrow, I just needed to shooo away all the stress in my body. In fairness, malakas makabalik ng alindog ang facial, massage, mani, at pedi! Try ninyo din! Then I had dinner with my college friends. I haven’t seen this faces for such a long time! And seeing them makes me feel so young again, lakas maka-kolehiyala eh. CHOS! Diba it’s so nice to see your long-lost friends for once in a while. And super saya balik-balikan yung mga memories that you all spent together during college days. Yung hardship, trials, and memories of friendship. They are also my kumare’s, btw. Both of them are Cyler’s godmother. Hehe

That’s Marla, Earleen, and yours truly, Ate Sharon! 🙂

I’ve been craving for Ramen since last week that why we decided to try this newly opened MU Noodle Bar at Glorietta. I love the coziness and modern look of the resto although their menu are so limited!

In fairness, the food is really good! WE love their Ramen so muchooo! This ramen is good for 2-3 persons already and it only cost Php260. Ang sulit diba?

This gyoza is so delish tooo! The fried rice is also good but nothing really special. But they’re very generous to their servings which is a plus for me not to mention ang mura pa! I actually like every food that we ate here. Well, aside from the food it’s the company that I really enjoyed the most with my friends. We are inseparable when we’re together. Ganun ka-strong ung friendship namin.

And today, we went to a birthday party. T’was Lia’s 2nd birthday, btw Lia is the daughter of the pretty and fab mom, Mars of PlanetMarsy. Most of my mom blogger friends was also there and it was nice to see those happy faces again. We made chika kahit sa konting oras lang, but most of the time we were busy chasing our kids. You know naman basta kiddie party…riot eto! But it was really fun! Cyler had fun so much! He dance together with the Jollibee mascots! And he kept on jumping and dancing all throughout the party, so pagoda ang beauty ko kanina. Pero pag di ko na keri Cj and I take turns naman.

Look at my pose at the lower left photo… epic diba?! HAHAHAHA!

Ang kukulit diba? Well, the truth is mas makukulit pa talaga kami sa mga anak namin, ika nga nila mana-mana lang yan. Hihi

Those ladies are Maqui, Peachy, Em, Mars, Maggie, Fleur, and Sieggy. Aimee and Dew asan na kayo?!

You can check their blog sites at the lower left side widget of my blog. They’re all cool moms, I tell yah!

We also went to Robinson Magnolia before and after the party to buy some stuff for Cyler’s upcoming birthday party, though it’ll just a simple celebration here in our house. Actually, our initial plan was to go to SM Aura,The Fort after the party together with Em and Ate Maggie, however my driver insisted to go back at Robinson Magnolia instead so our SM Aura didn’t push through. Next time na tau um-aura mga mother ah! 🙂

We love Robinson, Magnolia! It’s relatively unpopulated unlike the other malls and I love the interior of the mall, parang Ayala Malls lang ang peg! It’s our first time to be here and in fairness we really liked it. They’ve got lots of restaurant’s too and class A boutique!

And there that’s how my whole week goes! And that’s not all because there’s still tomorrow. It revolves around my family and friends. Oh and before I knew it, it’s already 12:15AM na pala, so gotta go sago! Have a good night everyone! Sweet Dreams! Don’t forget to pray before you go to bed.


I’ll try my best to get back in my blogging spirit. AJA! Please stay tuned because I have a lot of exciting things to share! 🙂


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