A Birthday Letter to Cyler

Dearest Cyler,

Exactly two years ago, I gave birth to a bouncing baby boy namely Cyrus Schuyler. Cliche as it may sound but having you, son in my life makes me feel that I’m the richest and happiest Mommy on earth! It’s the kind feeling that I don’t wanna let go, not even in a glimpse. I felt overwhelmed with love, and it felt like it was spilling over. So proud to be the mom of this little boy and I wouldn’t trade it for any other title. Do you know that you are the reason why I appreciate your Lola more? Yes, its all because of you– you showed me and taught me the real meaning of motherhood. Our life (your Dad and I) has been change ever since you were born, anak. We become more selfless and responsible because of you. Before you came into my life, I am once a happy-go-lucky who don’t really care about the future and the world, and now I worry too much about your future. Mom and Dad are working hard so we could secure your future and so that you don’t have to worry about us when we grow old. Did I just say growing old? I can’t believe you’re two years old now! As I write this I’m just staring at you while you’re sleeping and I can’t believe how much you’ve change. You looks like a big boy now! Before you were just a little boy who only knows how sleep, eat, and poop. And now you’re a very demanding and independent toddler who loves to do things on his own. Sometimes you’re hardheaded and you just want to do things on your own. And last Saturday, you attended your first toddler class! Now it’s all about school and never-ending-play-dates! I’m having a bitter-sweet feeling now because it’s happening far too quickly.

Last Sunday, we did an advance celebration of your 2nd birthday and I’m not sure if you knew that it’s your birthday party. But you kept on singing the birthday song when you saw your birthday cake, yes you really love to sings A LOT! Again, for the Nth time… how time flies! My goodness! I know I’m not the first mother to have been swept right off my feet by the sheer joy and passion of motherhood. There’s no amount of description could ever say what kind of joy you have brought into my life, it was pure and sheer joy. This love I have for you, it’s hard to describe, yet easy to feel. It is an unconditional love– once it grips you and hold your heart , your life is transform forever.

As I write this post I’m struggling intensely with putting all these wonderful feelings into words– it’s just a ball of emotions, perceptions, thoughts and feelings. Let this song tells what I feel for you, sweetie. Alright, so what else can I say, anak? I just want you to become God-fearing and be the person you want to be when you grow up. And when you decided to go off and spread your wings and become independent I want you to remember all the happiest and craziest things that we did together. When the time comes that you fall and your heartbroken don’t forget to look back where you left me, because I’m just standing there waiting for you. I’ll tap your back (and poke your head!) and give you a power hug. And I’ll simply tell you “sabi naman sayo sasaktan ka lang nun eh, makulit ka eh! Konyatan kita dyan eh!”. 🙂

Now you’re wide awake and I guess it’s time to end this post because we have lots of surprises for you today, remember it’s your special day– your BIRTHday! We will celebrate this special day like it’s your 1st Birthday!

HAPPY, HAPPY 2nd BIRTHDAY, CYLER!!!! I love you to the moon and back!


8 thoughts on “A Birthday Letter to Cyler

  1. Happy 2nd birthday Cyler!!! time flies talaga for our babies 🙂 Ansarap daw the cupcakes and I agree I super love the frosting sis! till next ha

    • Thank you, Tita Pie! -Cyler

      Glad you all liked it! Yay! Nice meeting you in person! Next time join our playdates ah! Would love to meet your little boy too! – Mommy 🙂

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