Booksale: Our Happy Place!

Last Month, we went to our happy place– at the Booksale! Of course! It may sound boring for other people but for us this is definitely our happy place whenever we’re in the mall. That’s the first thing na hinahanap ko talaga once we enter the mall. Sad to say that Booksale are mostly located at SM Malls, wala pa sila sa Ayala Malls. And the nearest Booksale to our place is the one in SM San Lazaro lang. Anyway, last month we purchased another set of books for Cyler! Talk about book hoarding.. you know. Hihi

This time my target is to find and collect books from the Top 100 Classical Children Books of All Time. Medyo nakakahilo and really tiring because you need to have a keen eye and check every book shelves just to get a good books but it’s definitely worth it. I read on Maqui’s post before that most of the Classical books are placed in the lower bookshelves and it’s true! I found most of the classical books in the lower shelves! Thanks for the tip, Maquibels!

Luckily, I was able to purchase 11 books and it only cost Php600++! Not bad for 11 books, right?! And 4 out of 11 books are included on the Top 100 Classical Children Books of All Time! Hooray! Hop on Pop by Dr. Seuss, Olivia, Guess How Much I Love You, and How I Became a Pirate are included on the list. Cyler’s top favorites are these books: How Do Dinosaurs Clean Their Room, That Yucky Thing, Walter The Baker, and Blankie!

And while I’m sorting all his books I noticed our HUGE collection of Dr. Seuss books! Andami na pala noh?! Oh I guess we really need a bookshelf! Watchuthink? Hmm…

We also have Dr. Seuss pocket books version. The Tooth Book and There’s a Wocket in my Pocket are Cyler’s favorite!

Oh and look at these! I didn’t realize that we’ve collected 11 books already from the Top 100 Classical Children books. YAY! 89 books to go! LOL! Andami ko pa palang kakaining bigas bago ko to makumpleto! Hahaha! Kalurks!

Now these books are all about the Big D… Dinosaurs! Isn’t it cute?! Cyler loves all these Dinoasaurs books and so do I!

We purchased all these books from Booksale! Boy oh boy, Booksale is love. These books has so many good benefits with my toddler. He learned most of his words from the books. And reading books is one of our favorite bonding too. I find it so relaxing to read books with my son although I’m not really a bookworm. I only learned to love books when Cyler came into my life. And I’m very happy because he really loves books more than I do! And he really really do! 🙂


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