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Hi guys, if you will notice you can’t view my photos in most of my posts due to some technical or bandwidth issues with photobucket. Uggggh. Still figuring out how will I resolve it. Will update you once it’s working fine already. For the mean time just enjoy reading my posts without the pictures, I know it’s kinda boring. Okay, it looks boring without photos. So please bear with me. Pinky swear I’ll fix it soon! You know naman how busy I am this weekend. We need to go home pa in my hometown, Antipolo for my Tito’s burial. 😦

But don’t worry, I’ll be fine. Everything will be okay! I’m good. We’re all good. 🙂

So there just so you know. Thank you!

*Mwuah! Mwuah! Tsup! Tsup!*


I’m Sad But I Must Be Happy

Honestly, I feel really really sad and devastated today because my Tito passed away this morning. My entire family are grieving for the loss of our beloved familymember. Four months have passed since my Lola died and this time….. it’s my Tito. Tito Aaron is the eldest brother of my mom, my godfather, and my favorite Tito among all my Auncle’s. He died due to heart-attack, my cousin-in-law told me that my Tito was very strong and cheerful this morning, he’s doing his usual routine pa nga daw. Nagtanim pa daw sa garden nya at nagbunot ng mga damo then he suddenly collapsed. Natakbo sa hospital but it was too late, the doctor can’t revive him anymore. In just one snap, I loss another loved one. I feel like another part of me has gone.

I’m very close to my Tito because he stand as our father to me and my siblings when my parents got separated. He’s one of the funniest yet super kulit man I know. He took care of us like his own children. We love him so much. And that’s why I’m so devastated when my mom told me about the bad news. Nakakapanghina. Sobra.

To tell you the truth, hindi pako nakaka move on from the death of Mommy(my lola) and now I feel like I’m falling apart. I just wanna cry to my heart content. I feel so empty, Oh God give me the strength that I need. I just want to break down and cry. But I know the Lord has purpose, so Lord please take control.

Since I’m sharing my sadness to all of you, I would like to take this opportunity to share this wonderful song to you. Whenever I feel lonely and sad I just listen to this song over and over and I feel alright again.

Here I am waiting, abide in me, I pray
Here I am longing for You
Hide me in Your love, bring me to my knees
May I know Jesus more and more

Come live in me all my life, take over
Come breathe in me, I will rise on eagle’s wings
Come live in me all my life, take over
Come breathe in me, I will rise on eagle’s wings

Here I am waiting, abide in me, I pray
Here I am longing for You
Hide me in Your love, bring me to my knees
May I know Jesus more and more

Come live in me all my life, take over
Come breathe in me, I will rise on eagle’s wings
Come live in me all my life, take over
Come breathe in me, I will rise on eagle’s wings

Come live in me all my life, take over
Come breathe in me, I will rise on eagle’s wings
I will rise on eagle’s wings, I will rise on eagle’s wings
I will rise on eagle’s wings, I will rise on eagle’s wings

I will rise on eagle’s wings,I will rise on eagle’s wings
On eagle’s wings


I know goodbye is not the right word to say, I’ve said this before when my Lola died and I will say it again, till we meet again Tito Aaron. We will miss each and every part of you. I know you’re in a happy place now and I’m very happy for you too. You know I do, although I feel like I’m dying inside. I know we will overcome all these trials by God’s grace and in God’s perfect time. I leave everything to you oh Lord.

Please pray for me and my entire family.

Welcome To Terrific Twos, Cyler!

This is how we celebrate your 2nd birthday, anak. Daddy and Mommy decided to bring you at the Mall of Asia since you’re a certified mall rat (like us) and since you love to play a lot. And guest what?! We brought you at Jollibee and you ate your favorite food– jolly spaghetti! Yes, that’s your favorite food at this moment and I guess you got that from your Daddy. You’re the jolliest kid (ever!) whenever you eat jolly spaghetti! And boy oh boy, you had a happy and jolly time at Jollibee! And also, we went to one of your happy place– play area! We made sure that you will have so much fun on that special day because it’s your day. Your 2nd birthday to be exact. It was indeed a day filled with nothing but sheer JOY. You’re the happiest kid on earth then, I can see it in your eyes and thru your actions.

Let these photos do the talking. 🙂

HAPPY 2nd Birthday, anak!

Hello there, Jollibee! I’m Cyler!

If I can only stop the clock and enjoy each and every moment with you, ay naku anak I surely will! Look at you, Cyler you grow so fast! Seeing you growing is a bitter-sweet feeling for Mommy. I wish I can cuddle you like a little baby forever but I know this is too much to ask for.

And look at yourself here, you are so independent! You’re a baby no more(and it makes me wanna cry!). Glad to see that you enjoyed every little space in this play area. You climbed, you crawled, you jumped, you slide, and played non-stop on your own like there’s no tomorrow! You were full of energy and power to play all day long. You did everything that made you happy and giddy. And I couldn’t be any happier than that. Just seeing you happy makes me feel more happier, anak. 🙂

You also gained new friends when you were playing here. And look what you’re doing here…you and your new friend enjoyed throwing out the balls! Yikes!

Too fast, too curious!

Oh and you also tried riding in the car and train! You didn’t have so much fun with the car but you had a blast riding in the train and you had the time of your life!

I am the proudest and happiest Mommy on earth for having the sweetest son like you, Cyler. I wouldn’t trade this title for any title in this world.

And if I will describe this day in one word that would be….ecstatic. Truly, happiness comes from small things. Oh well, what else can I say to you? Welcome to the Terrific twos! Let’s create a more wonderful and meaningful memories together! Bear in mind that you will always be my baby boy kahit pumuti na ang mga buhok mo! We love you so much! Happy 2nd Birthday again! *mwuuuah!*

To The Man

….of steel who loves my son unconditionally, Happy Father’s Day Hon! You’re doing a great job, dear! Like what I always tell you, you’re really a good father to Cyler because despite of your demanding career still you always find time to give us a quality time. Your son is very lucky to have you as his father.

And even before we got married, I already knew that you will become a good father to our family because I can see how much you value your family. And boy I was right!

I remember one time, your officemate, our kumpare told me that he really admire your dedication to our family. Naks! Totoo yan at walang halong eklavoo, Hon. Hindi ko na sinabi sau baka lumaki ang ulo mo eh. Hahaha! But that’s true though. See they admire you for being what you are! Hindi mo lang alam. Hehe 🙂

They say the best thing a Father can do to their kids is to love their mother and that deserves another two thumbs up because you’re doing a great job, Hon! Although sometimes hindi maiiwasan yung pagtatalo but still at the end of the day it’s always been me and you. 🙂

Thank you for the unconditional love you are giving us. And thanks for being the best Father and best friend to our son, Cyler.

And thank you because you never get tired of taking good care of us no
matter what happen and because you never get tired of washing our clothes and Cyler’s milk bottles even when you’re really tired from work. And I never hear any complain from you. Thank you so much Daddy! You’re a real super hero and real man because tough men do houseworks!

Thank you for all the corny jokes that never fails to make us LOL all the time. Alam mo naman kahit corny pinag tya-tyagaan ko yan! Ganyan kita ka-love! LOL! And thank you for just being there always. Okay na sakin yung assurance na andyan ka parati samin ng anak mo. 🙂

Thank you for the long patience you have given to Cyler (&mommy) and for waking up in the middle of the night para magtimpla ng gatas ng anak mo kahit wala ka pang tulog . Thank you so much Hon for giving your best to us.

One thing that I really admire with Cj is that he’s not a spoiler type of Dad, he doesn’t spoil Cyler through materials things. But he will give all the love in the world for his son. And no material things can ever replace that.

Again, Happy Happy Father’s Day, Hon and to all the super Dad’s out there!

We love you Daddy so muchooo!

My A-Z

….is definitely none other than my family!!!!! 🙂
Pang Ms. Universe lang ang sagot noh? But that’s true though. Anyway, akala ko yan lang yung question na sasagutan ko Em, andami pala. HAHAHA!

Anyway, this is a cool and great idea to bring back the old school blogging. It’s like your answering a slam book too! Lakas maka-highschool! And it’s super fun!

A. Attached or Single?Attached. Forever and ever.

B. Best Friend? God, Cj, Cyler, Aryana, Katey, and Jessa! Ang konti noh?!

C. Cake or pie? Cake!!!!!…sometimes pie! 😛

D. Day of choice? Weekend together with my two vitamin C– Cj and Cyler!

E. Essential Item?Mobile phone, gel eyeliner, alcohol, and bb cream! Hindi na sya item, item (S) na!

F. Favorite color?Blue because I don’t wanna be forever blue. CHOZ!

G. Gummy bears or worms? Gummy bears!

H. Hometown? Sa hi-hi-hinuluguan Taktak-tak! ANTIPOLO, CITY!

I. Favorite Indulgence?Magpa-mani, pedi, and facial (pag may time!).

J. January or July? July kasi malapit na ang “BER” season pag tungtong ng July! 🙂

K. Kids? Cyler, my little singer in the making! 🙂

L. Life isn’t complete without? These two F… Family and Friends!

M. Marriage date? 11.11.10

N. Number of brothers/sisters? 4 sisters and 1 brother (who is now a certified pa-sister!LOL!)

O. Oranges or Apples.Apples without the skin (same tau Em!)

P. Phobias? TEBULATS! I super duper hate worms! *faint*

Q. Quotes? “There is always time for everything”

R. Reasons to smile? Counting my blessings because God gave me a very loving, crazy, and supportive husband and a very kindhearted and sometimes hard-headed child, Cyler despite of my shortcomings.

S. Season of choice? Oo nga pwede bang Christmas na din? Kasi eto lang ung season na pwedeng mag leave ng bonggang bongga and spend more quality time with my boys!

T. Tag 5 People. Abby, Badet, Pia, Dew and Faye.

U. Unknown fact about me?I love attending bible studies most especially when I was younger. Pwede bang gumawa tau ng prayer group natin, Em? 🙂

V. Vegetable?everything except cooked carrots and okra!

W. Worst habit? Sleeping with an empty tummy at night. Kaya ako payat! LOL!

Y. Your favorite food? Anything basta pasado sa panlasa ko! di naman ako choosyness! 🙂
Z. Zodiac sign? Taurus
To the 5 ladies I tagged here, it’s your turn to answer these! Bawal ang KJ, okay?! Let’s have some fun. 🙂

Cyler’s Super Duper 2nd Birthday: Rounding Up the Details and DIY’s

Here’s my promise to all of you– the details and DIY’s on Cyler’s 2nd birthday celebration. This post has been sitting on my drafts since last Monday. Uggh! Anyway, I guess this is the most exciting part of being a Mom, preparing for our kids birthday party. I bet all Mommies or party planner’s can relate to this. Like what I mentioned in my previous post we only had 1 day preparation for his birthday so we didn’t have enough time to go to Divisoria anymore like what we did on his 1st birthday. So what did we do? We maximized our time and bought all the stuff we needed in just 1 day! So just imagine ang level ng pagod namin that day… to the highest level! But it’s definitely worth it!

So let’s start with the theme, shall we?

We based the theme on this personalized book that we purchased at Look! It’s All About Me. Cyler’s Super Duper Birthday Party book is all about preparing a very special celebration for Cyler’s birthday! In the book Cyler had a whimsical and colorful kind of birthday party (but we stick to blue and green themed color in real life)! That book is supposed to be our guest book too but we forgot to asked all our visitors to write their messages for Cyler in the book because we were too busy then! My bad, sorry blame my momnesia!

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Cyler at Kindermusik (Part Deux)

Cj, Cyler, and I are always excited about Kindermusik because it’s so much fun! Our day in Kindermusik is something that we look forward to every Saturday and I think this is our favorite part of our weekend. It is also our favorite form of bonding as a family because in Kindermusik they are encouraging every parents to take part in every activity and that double the fun and excitement!

Last Saturday was really different from our last session, it’s different because this time Cyler was participating very well. He already know what to do in every activity and he’s well-behaved. Yay! I think he’s getting used to it. And another good thing is that he knows how to share already! Now that deserves another Yay! Hindi na ng aagaw ang bagets, very good!

As usual, he was jumping and dancing when we entered the room because that’s how excited and giddy he is! But when Teacher Jeannie entered the room suddenly his mood change 360 degrees.

Asus! Pa-shy type! 😛

He sat down and started listening attentively to Teacher Jeannie. 🙂

And when Teacher Jeannie told the kids to sat on their Mommy and Daddy’s lap, surprisingly Cyler sat effortlessly on his Daddy’s lap. Unlike his 1st day in KM, ayaw nya talaga umupo samin and all he wanted to do was to jump or sit in front of Teacher Jeannie.

The first activity that they did was pretend play. They dance to the tune of Hine Rakevet and pretend like they were a real train, they wore the train costume that we did two weeks ago. Pretend play encourages your child to use her imagination — it’s not just fun, but builds learning skills too! Pretend play is especially beneficial to children’s learning (read it here). Your child also builds self-esteem when he discovers he can be anything just by pretending! 🙂

It’s Cyler the Train! Choo! Choo!

Special thanks to Daddy Cj for making this super cute train costume! Yung next assignment ni Cyler ikaw na uling bahala ah, alam mo namang wala akong alam sa art (well except ka-ART-ehan!). Hihi #ExcusesExcuses

They also used different music instrument like egg shaker, sticks, and drums for their activities.

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Cyler’s 2nd Birthday Party: The Celebration

Thank God for the weekend! Finally I will be able to share this wonderful celebration we had for Cyler’s 2nd Birthday. We decided to have a simple celebration for Cyler since it’s his 2nd birthday already. But then again this celebration happens once a year, so no matter how busy we are, we made sure that this celebration will be special and memorable. We wanted the party to be very simple as much as possible. What’s really important for us is to gather our whole family and friends. Hindi importante ang bonggang celebration, ang importante sama-sama. 🙂

Let us all greet the Birthday Celebrant a super duper happy birthday, Cyrus Schuyler!

Here’s a little trivia about the birthday boy’s name.

His 1st name Cyrus is a Greek origin and the meaning of Cyrus is “Lord”, while his 2nd name Schuyler (Skyler– that’s how you pronounce his 2nd name) means Sky! So basically his whole name means God/Lord in the sky. 🙂

The birthday boy, Cyler!

Special thanks to his Ninang Tenten and Tito Francis for sponsoring his birthday outfit!

So the first question is: how did we come up to the theme? Well, we based the theme on the personalized book that we bought for his 2nd birthday. The book is all about Cyler’s Birthday celebration so it didn’t give us a hard time to think about the party details. It’s anything whimsical, magical, and colorful that’s why the title of the book is “Cyler’s Super Duper Birthday Party“. Actually, our initial plan was to have The Very Hungry Caterpillar theme however we didn’t have enough time to prepare, mejo ma-detailed masyado yung theme na yun eh. So we chose our 2nd plan instead. This was an advance celebration for Cyler because we wanted to celebrate his birthday on the exact day of our fiesta here in our place so this is actually a joint celebration.

That’s for me coz it’s my birthday!

Here’s how we decorated the entire house, I’ll make another post for the details and DIY. 🙂

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Weekend Recap and Weekdays Rant

How come it’s weekdays again? Pwede bang magpalit nalang ang weekend at weekdays? Kahit one month lang, pleaseeee!

Anyway, last weekend I’ve had the time of my life with my family and today it’s back to reality again. Hay. It’s not that I’m complaining or what, don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I feel blessed and grateful because I have a stable job and income…it’s just that I always feel guilty whenever I go to work and leave my darling Cyler at home. Parating may kurot (ng very very slight!) sa damdamin eh, right mommies? I miss my son so badly, I wish I can be with him 24 hours 7 days a week!

Anyway, forget about the loneliness and guilty-ness let’s move on to the brighter side.

Last Friday night, I went to Glorietta for the midnight sale madness (that sent chills to my spine!) and when I saw Fluer’s post in Instagram I immediately asked her if we can meet there and she said yes! And so we met in the middle of chaos! Andaming tao sa mall at that time, oh well what do I expect? Midnight sale yun daba? Sabi ko nga eh! 😛

Me, Neva of ManilaMommy, and the mother of all mother’s, Mommy Fleur!

That is Neva of Manila Mommy and Fluer of Mommy Fleur, I bet you already know these two ladies. Naman! They already made THE name in Blogosphere and they’re one of the most famous mom blogger’s here in our country. As a matter of fact, I’m one of their avid reader’s too! These two fab momma’s are my bloggers peg! I’m just their avid reader before and now I can’t believe that we were already friends (please tell me if I’m just dreaming lang ah! Hehe). These two ladies are super kwela and down to earth. They’re very friendly too, as in! I didn’t expect na ganun din pala ka-kwela si Neva. She looks so serious kasi with her post. Anyhoo, t’was nice meeting you in person, Neva and t’was nice seeing you again, Mutherness! Looking forward on seeing you ladies again! Let’s push the playdate ah! 🙂

On Saturday morning, we went to St. Lukes, The Fort for Cyler’s check up with Dra. Vienne.

I took this photo when Cyler was crying. I found it too cute when I saw him crying because he seldom cries and when he do it’s for the strangest reason. I forgot what’s the reason why he cried in this photo pero basta I like his kawawa face, it’s so cute! Isn’t it?

Oh it’s crying time again…

And look at this photo, we were on our way to the hospital here. Cyler look like a big boy here already. Were like siblings noh? Hay. Time flies really fast. Hindi nako magtataka kung pati height ko maabutan na rin nya. *sniff sniff*

When we arrived at the clinic Cyler excitedly went to his favorite spot at Doc Vienne’s clinic. He was given a vaccine shot then and he didn’t cry at all. Watta brave little guy says Doc Vienne.

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Cyler’s 1st Day at Kindermusik

….was so exciting and so much fun! I didn’t expect that it would be so much fun for us (Cj and I) and Cyler. Tiring? Yep! Super! But definitely worth it! Each and every activities that we did on that day helped Cyler a lot as well us his parents(that’s us!). Kindermusik ROCKS!

Kindermusik is the world’s leading music and movement program for parents and their children, ages newborn to 7 years old.

Kindermusik offers a world of discovery and adventure in each class. Their main goal is to improve and develop your child’s language skills, literacy, problem-solving, self-esteem, social skills, and musicality.

Kindermusik has different branches (you can check it here), we enrolled Cyler at The Fort branch. His class is every Saturday afternoon which is very convenient for us since we’re not a morning person.

So how did we discovered Kindermusik? Through the help of my fellow mom bloggers. After debating with my husband and after reading so many rave reviews about Kindermusik it has been decided that we will enroll Cyler to Kindermusik. Inantay talaga naming mag 2 years old ang bagets para ma-appreciate na nya talaga lahat ng gagawin nya dun. I’m pretty sure that he will enjoy Kindermusik because Cyler is musically inclined talaga. And boy I was right because he did enjoy his first class A LOT! His 1st day in class was a big hit to Cyler. He surely had a great time! Ganun nya ka-love ang music! And I guess we made a right decision on that part.

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Mother’s Day Celebration!

Yep! I know what your thinking (I can read your mind!… Of course that’s a joke!) this is a super kaduper late post! My gulay! What took me so long?! Dalawang K lang yan… Katamaran at Kabusyhan! I supposed to write this yesterday, but I was dead tired already so borlogs agad after playing with Cyler. As a matter of fact naunahan ko pa sya matulog. LOL! Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post (read it here, baby!) that this celebration needs to be remembered because this day was a special day for me and my family. T’was so memorable, exciting, and super fun!

We rented a private resort in Pansol, Calamba Laguna last Mother’s Day and the best part of this celebration?! T’was my SIL, Tenten and CIL’s mother’s day treat for the whole family! Ang bonggels diba?! Ganyan sila ka-sweet and generous samin! Sana next Mother’s day mag level up… Boracay naman sana! Todohin na dapat ang pagiging generous 1 beses lang naman sa isang taon, why not diba?! LOL! The bad news is… I forgot the name of this private resort! HAHAHA! Sa sobrang delayed ng post nato nakalimutan ko na rin pati name ng resort… blame my MOMnesia! Don’t worry I’ll ask my SIL tomorrow kung anong name ng resort then I update this post.

The facilities of the said resort is so-so meaning pwede na for a simple family trip (if you’re not so OC). Libre naman ‘to kaya magre-reklamo paba ko?! LOL! And as long as the water in the swimming pool is clean, I’m fine with that! Well, you all know how Cyler loves the water diba? That’s why I’m really OC when it comes to swimming pool. In fairness, kakapalit palang ng water sa pool when we arrived at the resort kaya pinagpahinga ko lang ng mga 20mins si Cyler then swimming na agad. Agad-agad! Day tour lang kasi kami kaya time is gold!

The house consists of two bedrooms with bathrooms. There’s no TV, the bathrooms isn’t that clean, and the aircon looks like kopong-kopong pero medyo lumalamig naman. Sorry for the rants, oh well we were there to have fun so dedma nalang! Anyway, we stayed in the pool most of the time so hindi talaga nagamit masyado ung room. They also have refrigerator and gas stove so we cooked most of our food there.They have videoke too, kaya buhay na buhay ang dugo ko that time! Di ninyo po natatanong nasa lahi talaga namin ang mga “songer”, di lang halata. LOL!

This post is quite photo-heavy so get ready baka di ninyo kayanin ang mga 2pc shots ko!… CHOS! Isang malaking CHOS! No, but seriously each photo has lots of happy and fun memories that’s why I wanted to share most of the photos with you. 🙂

with Daddy

Anak, maghunus dili ka may bukas pa! 🙂

Ligayang ligaya ang bagets!

Anong tawag sa pose na yan, anak? 😛

Oh and while I’m writing this post he’s here lying on my lap while trying to turn off the laptop. HAHA! Okay, sige bilisan na natin! Sleepy na daw sya..pati ako kaya kung ano-ano ng nasasabi ko! 😛

We took turns in accompanying Cyler at the water kasi ayaw ng umalis ng bagets sa pool (as usual!)! Good thing kasama ang buong barangay so inisa-isa sila ni Cyler. Hehe

with Tito Jus

We played non-stop in the water like there’s no tomorrow!

It rained for half an hour and we allowed Cyler to experience bathing in the rain. That’s his 1st time to experience bathing in the rain! And boy did he have so much fun!

We all had a good good time! It was indeed a fun family bonding and a special Mother’s day celebration.

Daddy and Cyler trying out the slide!

It was Cyler’s 1st time to slide and he loved it! He was giggling and so giddy the whole time while I’m having a heart attacked! My heart skipped a bit because he tried it not once, not twice, but thrice! My gulay, anak! Oh well what do I expect? He’s a boy. Fine. I rest my case.

And wait there’s more!

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