Cyler’s 1st Day at Kindermusik

….was so exciting and so much fun! I didn’t expect that it would be so much fun for us (Cj and I) and Cyler. Tiring? Yep! Super! But definitely worth it! Each and every activities that we did on that day helped Cyler a lot as well us his parents(that’s us!). Kindermusik ROCKS!

Kindermusik is the world’s leading music and movement program for parents and their children, ages newborn to 7 years old.

Kindermusik offers a world of discovery and adventure in each class. Their main goal is to improve and develop your child’s language skills, literacy, problem-solving, self-esteem, social skills, and musicality.

Kindermusik has different branches (you can check it here), we enrolled Cyler at The Fort branch. His class is every Saturday afternoon which is very convenient for us since we’re not a morning person.

So how did we discovered Kindermusik? Through the help of my fellow mom bloggers. After debating with my husband and after reading so many rave reviews about Kindermusik it has been decided that we will enroll Cyler to Kindermusik. Inantay talaga naming mag 2 years old ang bagets para ma-appreciate na nya talaga lahat ng gagawin nya dun. I’m pretty sure that he will enjoy Kindermusik because Cyler is musically inclined talaga. And boy I was right because he did enjoy his first class A LOT! His 1st day in class was a big hit to Cyler. He surely had a great time! Ganun nya ka-love ang music! And I guess we made a right decision on that part.

Before they begin the class, they gave us 15 minutes grace period to allow both parents and children to settle in to their studio environment.

In fairness, muka namang naka-pag settle na tong bagets eh noh? He was jumping and jumping and jumping like there’s no tomorrow! And then the other children followed. And the riot begun! Teacher Jeannie says that it’s a good sign because it only means that the kids are getting comfy and feeling at home already. 🙂

They also gave pillows to every children and ang ending nag tulog-tulugan ang mga bagets! Pasimuno kasi tong si Cyler eh! :p

We started the class by introducing ourselves and our kids to one another. Teacher Jeannie started singing and asked every parents to sing too so that the kids will follow. And it really works, the children surprisingly behaved! Well, except for Cyler and these other little guys here. Hehe

While the kids are sitting on their parent’s lap, Cyler chose to sit in front of Teacher Jeannie. They were singing and playing egg shaker here.

Here’s Cyler together with Tita Jeannie. He really likes Teacher Jeannie!

Now this is Cyler’s favorite part– the choo choo train! We formed a big circle and we moved round and round like a choo choo train! It was fun and tiring at the same time. Naubos ata energy ko sa activity nato at nahilo ng bonggang bongga kakaikot! :p

They also played the hula-hoop which they enjoyed the most.

Teacher Jeannie instructed the parents to let the kids passed inside the hula-hoop.

This activity will teach the children to build their trust, self-esteem, and most importantly self-confidence by passing the hula-hoop all by themselves.

After this activity, they dim the lights and gave us a blanket. We put the kids inside the blanket and started swinging them like they were a newborn baby. We sang Twinkle Twinkle as we lullaby our kids. I guess this is the most relaxing part for the kids and yet the most tiring part for us, parents. Haha! Ang bigat eh! Partida dalawa na kami ni Cj nyan. Hehe

And then they started story telling, by this point the kids were really tired and starving already. Some kids are drinking their milk at this point. Mejo may topak na din ang bagets namin so Cj carried him on his arms (to avoid any violent reactions. If you know what I mean) while listening to Teacher Jeannie’s story. Zane the Train is the book that they read to the kids.

Then after the story telling, finally it’s break time! They prepared healthy snack for all the kids. Yay!

Cyler ate the whole pack of biscuits, andami na talagang gutom ng bagets kaya may shopak na. Hihi

Before they ended up the class, the kids went under that big colorful thingy (sorry, I forgot kung anong tawag dyan. Ano nga ba ‘to?)! They went gaga playing under that big-colorful-thingy. And by this time, punong puno nanaman ng energy ang mga bagets! Nakapag recharge na sila ng bongga after the break.

Aside from all the learning, one of the benefits of enrolling my son to this class is the chance of gaining more friends and improving his social skills with other kids. I mentioned in most of my posts that Cyler is not fond of playing with other kids on his same age and that’s one of the main reason why we enrolled him at Kindermusik. I guess, that’s the only low point of being the only kid in the house. Mas gusto nyang makipag interact sa matatanda kesa sa bata. Well, I hope by the time that he end his sessions here in Kindermusik mag-improve na yun. Oh baka kailangan na talaga nya ng baby brother or sister?! Watchuthink? CHOS!

In fairness, he interacted naman with other kids at that time. Ayaw nga lang nyang mag-share which is totally understandable says Teacher Jeannie. Wala kasi siyang kahati at kaagaw sa bahay kaya ganun. That’s why we are here to teach him the value of sharing with other kids. Now that’s another important thing that we need to teach him. He MUST learn that sharing is caring.

And before we go home they gave us Zane the Train book and arts materials that we can use at home. Their giving out teaching materials to encourage every parents to continue teaching their kids even at home. And they also have a downloadable application that includes all the music that we used in the class. And now Cyler was able to memorize all the songs that we used last week!

Cyler did enjoy his first class at Kindermusik and we couldn’t wait for his next class! Unfortunately, they suspended the class yesterday because of the Serendra explosion. Anyway, that 45 minutes of fun and excitement is definitely worth every time and penny!

Kindermusik rocks! 🙂

Visit Kindermusik site for more info:


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