Mother’s Day Celebration!

Yep! I know what your thinking (I can read your mind!… Of course that’s a joke!) this is a super kaduper late post! My gulay! What took me so long?! Dalawang K lang yan… Katamaran at Kabusyhan! I supposed to write this yesterday, but I was dead tired already so borlogs agad after playing with Cyler. As a matter of fact naunahan ko pa sya matulog. LOL! Anyway, I mentioned in my previous post (read it here, baby!) that this celebration needs to be remembered because this day was a special day for me and my family. T’was so memorable, exciting, and super fun!

We rented a private resort in Pansol, Calamba Laguna last Mother’s Day and the best part of this celebration?! T’was my SIL, Tenten and CIL’s mother’s day treat for the whole family! Ang bonggels diba?! Ganyan sila ka-sweet and generous samin! Sana next Mother’s day mag level up… Boracay naman sana! Todohin na dapat ang pagiging generous 1 beses lang naman sa isang taon, why not diba?! LOL! The bad news is… I forgot the name of this private resort! HAHAHA! Sa sobrang delayed ng post nato nakalimutan ko na rin pati name ng resort… blame my MOMnesia! Don’t worry I’ll ask my SIL tomorrow kung anong name ng resort then I update this post.

The facilities of the said resort is so-so meaning pwede na for a simple family trip (if you’re not so OC). Libre naman ‘to kaya magre-reklamo paba ko?! LOL! And as long as the water in the swimming pool is clean, I’m fine with that! Well, you all know how Cyler loves the water diba? That’s why I’m really OC when it comes to swimming pool. In fairness, kakapalit palang ng water sa pool when we arrived at the resort kaya pinagpahinga ko lang ng mga 20mins si Cyler then swimming na agad. Agad-agad! Day tour lang kasi kami kaya time is gold!

The house consists of two bedrooms with bathrooms. There’s no TV, the bathrooms isn’t that clean, and the aircon looks like kopong-kopong pero medyo lumalamig naman. Sorry for the rants, oh well we were there to have fun so dedma nalang! Anyway, we stayed in the pool most of the time so hindi talaga nagamit masyado ung room. They also have refrigerator and gas stove so we cooked most of our food there.They have videoke too, kaya buhay na buhay ang dugo ko that time! Di ninyo po natatanong nasa lahi talaga namin ang mga “songer”, di lang halata. LOL!

This post is quite photo-heavy so get ready baka di ninyo kayanin ang mga 2pc shots ko!… CHOS! Isang malaking CHOS! No, but seriously each photo has lots of happy and fun memories that’s why I wanted to share most of the photos with you. 🙂

with Daddy

Anak, maghunus dili ka may bukas pa! 🙂

Ligayang ligaya ang bagets!

Anong tawag sa pose na yan, anak? 😛

Oh and while I’m writing this post he’s here lying on my lap while trying to turn off the laptop. HAHA! Okay, sige bilisan na natin! Sleepy na daw sya..pati ako kaya kung ano-ano ng nasasabi ko! 😛

We took turns in accompanying Cyler at the water kasi ayaw ng umalis ng bagets sa pool (as usual!)! Good thing kasama ang buong barangay so inisa-isa sila ni Cyler. Hehe

with Tito Jus

We played non-stop in the water like there’s no tomorrow!

It rained for half an hour and we allowed Cyler to experience bathing in the rain. That’s his 1st time to experience bathing in the rain! And boy did he have so much fun!

We all had a good good time! It was indeed a fun family bonding and a special Mother’s day celebration.

Daddy and Cyler trying out the slide!

It was Cyler’s 1st time to slide and he loved it! He was giggling and so giddy the whole time while I’m having a heart attacked! My heart skipped a bit because he tried it not once, not twice, but thrice! My gulay, anak! Oh well what do I expect? He’s a boy. Fine. I rest my case.

And wait there’s more!

Here’s my OOTD! Lakas mag-segue noh? IKR! 😛

Top from F&H, Skirt from Seventeen, sling bag from Ninewest, and Flipflops from Havaianas

And another more…. pero di na OOTD!

Here’s a group shot together with the whole family!

Kalmado kami nyan, hindi lang halata. Bawal kasi samin ang mahiyain. Teehee!

Sabi naman kasing kalma eh! Pasensya na tao lang…taong maliligalig! LOL!

And there that’s how we celebrated Mother’s Day! Simple but ROCK! 🙂


4 thoughts on “Mother’s Day Celebration!

  1. Kakatuwa naman mommysha…ok lang yun sabi nga nila di ba “Better late than never” ang saya ng family sa swimming lalo na si baby Cyler (ang cute ng name nya nickname?) kakatuwa din naman mag basa ng tulad sayo kasi no pretentious ikaw talaga yan & I love it! reading post like this makes me happy too kasi kita naman sa mga pictures mo…keep on sharing ur post coz love to read them…

    • Awwwww! Thank you, Myla! Baklang bakla lang noh? Hahaha! Nagmamadali ako kasi minamadali nako ni Cyler that time. Hehe

      Yup, nickname nya ung Cyler. Cyrus Schuyler ang real name nya. 🙂

  2. How nice to spend Mother’s day in this pink girly place, too bad they didn’t clean the bathroom well, I’m very particular with bathroom cleanliness when it comes to public places. You have a beautiful family Sha 🙂

    • You’re right pink girly place nga yung resort noh? I didn’t notice that! Hehe

      Anyway, I actually hate dirty bathrooms kaso I don’t have a choice that day, it was their treat. 🙂

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