Weekend Recap and Weekdays Rant

How come it’s weekdays again? Pwede bang magpalit nalang ang weekend at weekdays? Kahit one month lang, pleaseeee!

Anyway, last weekend I’ve had the time of my life with my family and today it’s back to reality again. Hay. It’s not that I’m complaining or what, don’t get me wrong, I love my job and I feel blessed and grateful because I have a stable job and income…it’s just that I always feel guilty whenever I go to work and leave my darling Cyler at home. Parating may kurot (ng very very slight!) sa damdamin eh, right mommies? I miss my son so badly, I wish I can be with him 24 hours 7 days a week!

Anyway, forget about the loneliness and guilty-ness let’s move on to the brighter side.

Last Friday night, I went to Glorietta for the midnight sale madness (that sent chills to my spine!) and when I saw Fluer’s post in Instagram I immediately asked her if we can meet there and she said yes! And so we met in the middle of chaos! Andaming tao sa mall at that time, oh well what do I expect? Midnight sale yun daba? Sabi ko nga eh! 😛

Me, Neva of ManilaMommy, and the mother of all mother’s, Mommy Fleur!

That is Neva of Manila Mommy and Fluer of Mommy Fleur, I bet you already know these two ladies. Naman! They already made THE name in Blogosphere and they’re one of the most famous mom blogger’s here in our country. As a matter of fact, I’m one of their avid reader’s too! These two fab momma’s are my bloggers peg! I’m just their avid reader before and now I can’t believe that we were already friends (please tell me if I’m just dreaming lang ah! Hehe). These two ladies are super kwela and down to earth. They’re very friendly too, as in! I didn’t expect na ganun din pala ka-kwela si Neva. She looks so serious kasi with her post. Anyhoo, t’was nice meeting you in person, Neva and t’was nice seeing you again, Mutherness! Looking forward on seeing you ladies again! Let’s push the playdate ah! 🙂

On Saturday morning, we went to St. Lukes, The Fort for Cyler’s check up with Dra. Vienne.

I took this photo when Cyler was crying. I found it too cute when I saw him crying because he seldom cries and when he do it’s for the strangest reason. I forgot what’s the reason why he cried in this photo pero basta I like his kawawa face, it’s so cute! Isn’t it?

Oh it’s crying time again…

And look at this photo, we were on our way to the hospital here. Cyler look like a big boy here already. Were like siblings noh? Hay. Time flies really fast. Hindi nako magtataka kung pati height ko maabutan na rin nya. *sniff sniff*

When we arrived at the clinic Cyler excitedly went to his favorite spot at Doc Vienne’s clinic. He was given a vaccine shot then and he didn’t cry at all. Watta brave little guy says Doc Vienne.

The check up went very well, he gained weight and he’s 5cm taller from the last time they checked his height, that was last January I think. Docky recommended a new toothpaste for Cyler which I will share in another post. And she was proud with Cyler’s milestones, she even watched Cyler’s video when he was singing the Alphabet song in different tune (you can watch the video here) and she was so proud of Cyler. She said that Cyler’s vocabulary and speech skills are really great. Yay!

And while Cyler doing his own thing on his favorite spot, Mommy went to her favorite spot too! In front of the mirror! Hahaha!

Top from GlammaMomma, skirt from Seventeen, Shoes from Crocs

And here’s my arm-candy that day! This Swarovski was from Mommy(my Lola) and our friendship bracelet (Calling Ate Maggie, Erl, and Maquibels! Remember this bracelet?!).

After the check up, we went to BHS to have lunch. We dine at Quiznos. They used to serve sandwiches. Imagine lunch namin sandwich?! #Himala

Yeah, you read it right we ate sandwiches for lunch. We were on diet mode kasi. Just kidding! Muka na nga akong malnourish magda-diet pako?! LOL! We just wanted to try something fresh and healthy. We wanted to try iHop sana kaso when we saw the line hindi na kami nag-attempt.

For Mommy!

For Daddy!

I ordered “The Traditional” sandwich it has ham, beef, lettuce, tomato, and cheese with mayo dressing (I think). I chose the rosemary-chuvaness-bread (sorry ung rosemary nalang ung natatandaan ko! haha!). You can actually choose between the three kinds of bread. This sandwich is big enough for me if you will consider my height. I liked the sandwich although the taste has nothing really special. On the other hand, Cj ordered the Chicken BBQ sandwich and he chose the italian white bread. It has chicken with bbq sauce, tons of lettuce and a bit of tomato. He’s not happy with his order because he’s a carnivore, he hates eating veggies or anything green and leafy. Uh oh! Anyway, kinain pa rin naman nya because he didn’t have the choice then which is good at least he ate something healthy that day. I love the bbq sauce though.

After that, off we went to Glorietta Mall. We shopped a little for Cyler but we didn’t buy him any toy. Just a two pair of polo from Gingersnap and a stroller. We just let him play the toy cars inside the toy store. And were good.

On Sunday, nag-swimming ang bagets on his new mini-pool. Thank you, Ninang Yhani for this birthday gift. Obviously, he really loved it! I’ll try next weekend kung kasya kaming dalawa sa mini-pool na yan! Hahaha!

Everything went well when suddenly something bad happened, Cyler accidentally slipped on the floor and he got boo boo! Ouch! Poor baby boy. This is not the first time that he got boo boo, bukol to be exact. Pang 5 bukol na ata nya ‘to! Hay bata nga naman! Oh well, that’s part of growing up they say. Hay.

After the drama, he saw this colorful pencil and notebook pad that he got from Lia’s Party and we started writing letters and shapes. Until he fall asleep.

We capped off the night by reading bedtime book before kissing him goodnight.

And there that’s how our weekend goes! Oh my, can’t wait for the next weekend! Sana Friday na!

Btw, I’ll post the details of Cyler’s 2nd bday party on my next post so watch out for that! For the mean time here’s the sneak peek muna. Teehee! 🙂

Have a happy and great week ahead, guys! 🙂

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