Cyler at Kindermusik (Part Deux)

Cj, Cyler, and I are always excited about Kindermusik because it’s so much fun! Our day in Kindermusik is something that we look forward to every Saturday and I think this is our favorite part of our weekend. It is also our favorite form of bonding as a family because in Kindermusik they are encouraging every parents to take part in every activity and that double the fun and excitement!

Last Saturday was really different from our last session, it’s different because this time Cyler was participating very well. He already know what to do in every activity and he’s well-behaved. Yay! I think he’s getting used to it. And another good thing is that he knows how to share already! Now that deserves another Yay! Hindi na ng aagaw ang bagets, very good!

As usual, he was jumping and dancing when we entered the room because that’s how excited and giddy he is! But when Teacher Jeannie entered the room suddenly his mood change 360 degrees.

Asus! Pa-shy type! πŸ˜›

He sat down and started listening attentively to Teacher Jeannie. πŸ™‚

And when Teacher Jeannie told the kids to sat on their Mommy and Daddy’s lap, surprisingly Cyler sat effortlessly on his Daddy’s lap. Unlike his 1st day in KM, ayaw nya talaga umupo samin and all he wanted to do was to jump or sit in front of Teacher Jeannie.

The first activity that they did was pretend play. They dance to the tune of Hine Rakevet and pretend like they were a real train, they wore the train costume that we did two weeks ago. Pretend play encourages your child to use her imagination β€” it’s not just fun, but builds learning skills too! Pretend play is especially beneficial to children’s learning (read it here). Your child also builds self-esteem when he discovers he can be anything just by pretending! πŸ™‚

It’s Cyler the Train! Choo! Choo!

Special thanks to Daddy Cj for making this super cute train costume! Yung next assignment ni Cyler ikaw na uling bahala ah, alam mo namang wala akong alam sa art (well except ka-ART-ehan!). Hihi #ExcusesExcuses

They also used different music instrument like egg shaker, sticks, and drums for their activities.

Playing egg shaker! Shake! Shake! Shake!

While playing sticks!

I think one of his favorite music instrument was the drum because that’s the newest instrument they used in this session.

Then they started playing hula-hoop!

I think every kids love this part of the activity most especially when they’re passing through the hula-hoop.

Spot Cyler here!

After the fun and tiring activity finally it’s time for the kids to cool down.

Duyan-duyan din pag may time!

And then they were gathered in front for story telling.

Teacher Jeannie sang and played the drum as she read the story. Here in KM music is the best form of learning.

Here’s Cyler and Daddy while listening to Teacher Jeanni’s story telling. πŸ™‚

And even before they finish reading the entire story, hindi na nakatiis ang bagets at naki-drum na din kay Teacher Jeannie. Teehee! And he was the finale of the story.

And then it’s break time! They served banana, 3pcs grapes, biscuits, peanut butter, and candy! He only ate the banana, biscuits, and grapes.

After 10 minutes break finally it’s time for– the flying-colorful-thingy parachute (Thanks, Aimee for reminding me!)! Remember that flying colorful parachute that I mentioned in my previous post about KM? That’s their finale and every kids loves it!

It goes up!

and down!

Oh what fun! We can’t wait for his next class!

5 thoughts on “Cyler at Kindermusik (Part Deux)

    • Ayown! Parachute nga! Thanks, Aimee for the info! I’ve been thinking kung anong tawag dyan. Too lazy to google it. Hahaha! #EngotMuch

      It’s super fun, kahit ako nate-temp ako minsan makisali sa gulo nila dun sa ilalim ng parachute! I wonder what’s the feeling. Hihi

      • Hahahaha! Naku, Em! Gustong gusto ko na din i-try yang parachute na yan ayaw lang talaga magpa-hawak ni Cyler. Mas mabilis pa sa kabayo kung tumakbo papunta dun sa parachute. Haha!

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