Cyler’s Super Duper 2nd Birthday: Rounding Up the Details and DIY’s

Here’s my promise to all of you– the details and DIY’s on Cyler’s 2nd birthday celebration. This post has been sitting on my drafts since last Monday. Uggh! Anyway, I guess this is the most exciting part of being a Mom, preparing for our kids birthday party. I bet all Mommies or party planner’s can relate to this. Like what I mentioned in my previous post we only had 1 day preparation for his birthday so we didn’t have enough time to go to Divisoria anymore like what we did on his 1st birthday. So what did we do? We maximized our time and bought all the stuff we needed in just 1 day! So just imagine ang level ng pagod namin that day… to the highest level! But it’s definitely worth it!

So let’s start with the theme, shall we?

We based the theme on this personalized book that we purchased at Look! It’s All About Me. Cyler’s Super Duper Birthday Party book is all about preparing a very special celebration for Cyler’s birthday! In the book Cyler had a whimsical and colorful kind of birthday party (but we stick to blue and green themed color in real life)! That book is supposed to be our guest book too but we forgot to asked all our visitors to write their messages for Cyler in the book because we were too busy then! My bad, sorry blame my momnesia!

Candy Buffet

Candy Buffet

We had oreo half-dunk in white chocolate (got this idea from Ate Maggie, thank you cuz!), jelly beans, chocolate nips, gummy worms, chocolate balls, cookies, and chocolate wafer stick dipped in white chocolate too! Bought all these sweets at the Supermarket.

And we also had hotdogs with marshmallow on stick, cheese curls, more marshmallows, and of course cupcakes!


We bought these chic and stylish lootbags from Paper Chic Studio. Paper Chic studio is an online store that sells eco-friendly and chic party supplies, you check their online site here. You will surely go gaga over their chick party supplies, I swear! Most especially to their washi tapes! Ay josko, it’s so cute not to mention addicting!

And as for the loots, we had assorted imported candies for the kids and we gave 1 dozen cupcakes per family. Since hindi na kami naka-gora sa Divi, itech nalang! Actually, those candies are my favorite! I asked my officemates who went in HongKong to buy me these sinfully delish chocolates for Cyler’s party and they did. I’m such a lucky mom-Me for having such a thoughtful officemates! Teehee! I purchased the Kitkat green-tea flavored chocolate from a random online shop. I don’t want to recommend the shop to y’all because I was not really happy with their service. They said my order will arrive in two weeks but then it was delayed for 1 1/2 weeks. Hay grabe! I paid so early pa naman. If you can recommend other local stores or online stores where I can buy those kitkat green-tea please do tell me because I super love that chocolate! And it was a big hit to every kids!

Paper Straws and Cups

I also purchased these chic paper cups and straws at Paper Chic Studio too. Purchased the paper cups when they were on sale last April and bought the paper straws at the MommyMundo Bazaar just few months ago.

I also purchased these chic cupcake paper cups from Paper Chic Studio too! I told yah you will surely love all their products!

Balloon and Decor

As for the balloons and other party decorations we bought these at Celebrations Party Central in Makati. I discovered Celebrations Party Central through Ate Maggie‘s post on her blog. Thank you cuz for all the party ideas! Since we ran out of time we decided to buy all our party essentials here at Celebrations Party Central.

We bought the lanterns, balloons, and birthday banner at CPC. They cost around Php50 and up. Divi is still cheaper if you will compare it but since we were running out of time we decided to buy all the stuff here. CPC is indeed a party saver! If you’re too lazy to go to Divisoria or you’re running out of time (like us!) then this is the great and right place for you! 🙂

Side Kwento: We were stuck in traffic when we were on our way to CPC, we really thought that we couldn’t make it because the store closes at 6pm and we were still at Buendia at around 5:50PM. We arrived there at around 6:15PM and the shop was closed already but thanks to Manong Guard and for the other staff of Celebrations Party Central for allowing us to get in kahit super duper late na kami. I know it’s really hassle to them but still they allowed us to come inside. And they greeted us with smile on their faces when we entered the room. So thank you for being so kind and polite to us! We will definitely come back again! 🙂


I used cloth washi tapes to glam up the utensils. I purchased these cool washi tapes at Celebrations party central too, it cost Php50/roll. Got this idea from my fellow mom blogger friend, Mommy Fleur. Thanks for sharing your idea, muther! And as for the bucket, I got this bucket from one of the event that I attended last month so I just reused it. 🙂

And there, that’s how simple it is! It really takes time to prepare and decorate but it’s definitely worth it! We really enjoyed decorating and preparing for my unico hijo’s 2nd birthday. And boy oh boy did we have the great party celebration’s ever! It was so much fun! I’m pretty sure you will also enjoy preparing and planning for your kids birthday too!

Visit their site for more details:

Celebrations Party Central

Paper Chic Studio


8 thoughts on “Cyler’s Super Duper 2nd Birthday: Rounding Up the Details and DIY’s

  1. You’re most welcome Cuz! Yey! You made half-dunk cookies! AY namiss ko yung marshmallow-hotdogs on a stick ha! Classic handa sa kids party right? It would’ve been perfect if we got the party materials in Divi but CPC is the next best option right? 🙂 Happy birthday again, Cyler!!!

    • Yes, super classic talaga ng hotdog on stick! It brings us back to our childhood memories and very traditional. Sayang talaga we don’t have time to go to Divi anymore mas madami pa sana kaming nabili. Anyway, there’s CPC naman to the rescue! And super thanks to your post about CPC! 🙂

  2. Thank you for sharing your ideas on the party preps, Sha! 🙂 love, love, love! Too bad we have a very small space, kaya pag may birthday, it’s either we eat out or out of town nlng 😦 ang saya saya pa nmn mag DIY no? 🙂

    • Okay lang yan Em, maliit lang din bahay namin! Just invite your relatives, keribels na yun. Di naman kailangan bongga, ang mahalaga sama-sama. 🙂

      And yes, super saya mag DIY! Iba ang self-fulfillment. 🙂

  3. Sha you didn’t tell me you needed kitkats for Cyler’s party. i would have happily carried them for you all the way from Japan! 😀 anyways, love all the colors in Cyler’s party. hope to see you guys very soon again.

    • Naka-order na kasi ako before ka umalis kaya di nako nagpabili, sabi kasi nung supplier mid-week daw darating na eh patapos na ung month di ko pa din nakukuha. Kalurks! Anyway, thank you Faye dibale next time papabili nako sau! Hihi

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