To The Man

….of steel who loves my son unconditionally, Happy Father’s Day Hon! You’re doing a great job, dear! Like what I always tell you, you’re really a good father to Cyler because despite of your demanding career still you always find time to give us a quality time. Your son is very lucky to have you as his father.

And even before we got married, I already knew that you will become a good father to our family because I can see how much you value your family. And boy I was right!

I remember one time, your officemate, our kumpare told me that he really admire your dedication to our family. Naks! Totoo yan at walang halong eklavoo, Hon. Hindi ko na sinabi sau baka lumaki ang ulo mo eh. Hahaha! But that’s true though. See they admire you for being what you are! Hindi mo lang alam. Hehe 🙂

They say the best thing a Father can do to their kids is to love their mother and that deserves another two thumbs up because you’re doing a great job, Hon! Although sometimes hindi maiiwasan yung pagtatalo but still at the end of the day it’s always been me and you. 🙂

Thank you for the unconditional love you are giving us. And thanks for being the best Father and best friend to our son, Cyler.

And thank you because you never get tired of taking good care of us no
matter what happen and because you never get tired of washing our clothes and Cyler’s milk bottles even when you’re really tired from work. And I never hear any complain from you. Thank you so much Daddy! You’re a real super hero and real man because tough men do houseworks!

Thank you for all the corny jokes that never fails to make us LOL all the time. Alam mo naman kahit corny pinag tya-tyagaan ko yan! Ganyan kita ka-love! LOL! And thank you for just being there always. Okay na sakin yung assurance na andyan ka parati samin ng anak mo. 🙂

Thank you for the long patience you have given to Cyler (&mommy) and for waking up in the middle of the night para magtimpla ng gatas ng anak mo kahit wala ka pang tulog . Thank you so much Hon for giving your best to us.

One thing that I really admire with Cj is that he’s not a spoiler type of Dad, he doesn’t spoil Cyler through materials things. But he will give all the love in the world for his son. And no material things can ever replace that.

Again, Happy Happy Father’s Day, Hon and to all the super Dad’s out there!

We love you Daddy so muchooo!

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